God Feeds Toad in the Stone & Ant in the Box

Ramdas Shivaji

Written by London Swaminathan
Post No. 1118; Dated 19th June 2014.

There is a popular story about a conversation between Shiva and his wife Parvati. Shiva’s wife was annoyed at his idleness. Like every mother likes all her children to be fed well, she also asked Lord Shiva to go around the world and feed all the hungry creatures. Though she was the embodiment of love and kindness, she did not realise that Shiva was Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.


Lord Shiva simply smiled at her and told her that what he was he doing. Parvati was very suspicious about what Shiva said to her. Suddenly an idea crossed her mind. He went to the backyard and caught a few ants and put them in the box. That evening she raised the issue with her husband once again. She asked Shiva whether he provided food for every living being in the world. Siva said to her that was what he was doing all the day. Now Parvati smiled at him and took the box saying, “Oh, My Lord, you forgot a few poor little creatures. Look here I have caught some ants in the morning. You did not even come near this box. I carried it with me all through the day”. Shiva asked her to open the box. When she opened the box she was greatly surprised to see the ants were eating rice. She felt very much about her ignorance and realised the greatness of Lord Shiva.

Toad in the Rock
Shivaji was very proud of his victories. He thought he was the one protecting everyone in his kingdom. Though he was arrogant about his achievements he was always obedient to his Guru Samartha Ramdas. So Ramdas wanted to teach him a lesson.
Once he was building a fort for which he engaged thousands of workers. He was inspecting them and felt a certain amount of pride. Guru Ramadasa was by his side. Immediately he asked Sivaji to bring some workers to break one huge rock. Shivaji was wondering what the Guru was about.


(One of the nature’s wonders is that toads inside the rocks. Whenever some stones are rocks are cut, people see toads living inside them).

As commanded by his Guru, he brought some workers and asked them to break the rock. Inside the rock they saw water in the holes and frogs (toads) living happily. Pointing out to the frogs Guru asked, “Shivaji are you feeding and looking after these frogs as well? Hearing this Shivaji’s pride was humbled and at once he fell at the feet of his Guru and sought pardon for his conceit.

tad in rock