Rare Pictures of Hindu Yogis, Saints, Aghoris, ascetics from a German book (Post No.3346)

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Date: 12 November 2016


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Story on Counterfeit Coins


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Date: 26 October 2015

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My teacher at Setupati High School, Madurai (Tamil Nadu, India) taught us a simple thing. When you see a counterfeit coin or currency note, never ever circulate it. Destroy it because It produces a chain reaction of cheating:

  1. Someone gave me a fake coin and cheated me; I get angry and frustrated.
  2. But to revenge that cheater, I cunningly pass it on to another person in the darkness or when the other one was not alert. That way I also become a criminal by circuiting the false money.
  3. The person who received try the same thing. So one coin or fake currency creates hundreds of cheaters.

My teacher V G Srinivasan voluntarily took such fake coins or currency notes and cut them in to two and threw them into dust bin or drainage so that no one else could use it. Though he lost the money, he tried to create a better society. From the day I learnt it from him, I have been following it. In London coins of several countries change hands every day because of tourist traffic. Sometimes the coins which look like British coins come to my hand. Immediately I add them to my old coin collection. If I get counterfeit currency I destroy them.

When I read a story told by Swami Ramdas of Anandhashram, I am reminded of my teacher who is no more.


Nine  Counterfeit British-pound Coins

Here is the story:

A saint was earning his bread by stitching clothes. A person, who got a great quantity of cloth prepared into garments by this saint, used to pay him for the work in counterfeit coins. The saint was quietly accepting the bad coins although he knew them to be false.

One day the saint had to go out on some work, leaving his shop in charge of the servant. At that time, the patron came for getting the clothes made. And, as usual, he offered some bad coins. These the servant returned saying, “These are bad coins. Give me good ones.”

When the saint returned, his servant said, “A certain man from the town had come to deceive me by paying  counterfeit coins.”. The saint replied: “Why did you not take the false coins? He is always paying me such coins which I accept readily. I am burying them all underground. If I not accept them, you know, other people will be cheated by him.”

That is how saints serve the society.

(It does not mean that we have to keep quiet when a person continuously cheats some one or the society. We have legal ways to trap such people and punish them.)


Astrologers versus Saints

Appar alias Tirunavukkarasu

Written by London Swaminathan
Post No. 1093; dated 8th June 2014

Planets can’t influence the course of events in the presence of saints. It won’t affect even their devotees. We see the evil effects of malevolent planets are nullified when saints want to do something good. We have an anecdote to prove this in the life of one of the Saivite saints of Tamil Nadu. He lived in the seventh century.

Tiru Jnana Sambandhar, the miracle boy and a Great Saivite saint, was invited to Pandya country by the queen and the chief minister to cure the disease of the king. At that time the king was under the influence of Jains who were politically lenient and involved themselves in various non religious activities. The invitation was delivered to him when the minister and queen met Sambandhar at Thirumaraikkaadu in Choza territory. Senior most Tamil saint Appar was with him at that time. He knew very well the mischief of the politically lenient people. So he warned the boy saint.

Sambandhar started composing beautiful verses on Lord Siva from the age of three and he died at the age of sixteen. Since he was very young when the invitation came, Appar thought that it would be wise to warn him. But he was a divine child. Appar himself had suffered a lot under the Pallava King Mahendra Varman, who was also under the influence of Jains. Appar is known as Tirunavukkarasar.

Sambandhar who was considered an incarnation of Lord Subramanya, like Adi Sankara, told Appar, to stop worrying. He told him that the effects of nine planets won’t harm him. He sang a beautiful poem to nullify the effects of the evil planets. It is sung by lot of Tamils until today when they are undergoing some bad effects of malevolent planets.

Sekkizar who sang about all the Saivite saints in the tenth century recorded this anecdote in his poem as well. He said,
“Appar said out of concern
“Dear son!
There is no limit to the perfidy
of those wretched people;
I have something more to say;
The planetary aspects too are malevolent;
It is not proper for you
To agree to go there”.

Sambandhar replied:
“If it is true that the object we worship
Is the feet of our Lord,
No harm will approach us”.
Saying so, he contemplated
The fragrant blossoms –
The rosy feet of the Transcendent Being –
And expounded his credo
By the decad beginning with the words,
“The Partner of Her
With shoulders smooth like the bamboo”.
(In Tamil VeyuRu ThoLibagngan VidamuNda KanDan….)

Sambandhar’s actual prayer to Lord Siva went like this:

“Since the Partner of Her
With shoulders smooth like the bamboo,
He with the throat which swallowed the poison,
He who plays the Veena
And wears on His crown
The flawless moon and the Ganges
Since He has taken abode in my heart
The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury,
Jupiter, Venus, Saturn,
And the two snakes (Rahu and Ketu);
They all are unqualifiedly good, good indeed,
Wholly good are they to the devotees,
Exceedingly good they are!

Beginning with this verse he sang ten verses (decad) and went to the Pandya country. Though he had to face stiff opposition and competition from the Jains there, he won the fight at the end.


Saints versus Planets: A Story by Swami Ramdas
Following story is from “Stories as told by Swami Ramdas”:–

An itinerant saint came to a certain place along with his young disciple. The routine was that the disciple should go for alms (Bhiksha), and after collecting sufficient provisions come back to the Guru. Both would then cook food from the provisions thus secured and satisfy the hunger.

As usual, the disciple, who was yet a boy, started in the morning on his daily Bhiksha (going for alms). When he was passing through a lane he was called by an astrologer who sat on the Verandah of his house waiting for customers. Having had no customers till then and finding no work to do he asked the boy to sit by his side. Taking that moment as the basis, the astrologer studied the planets governing the life of the boy and found out that the boy, according to his reading, should die next day. The astrologer told this anticipated event to the boy.

The boy hearing the prediction of the astrologer was thoroughly frightened. He could not collect the Bhiksha for the day, but hurriedly went back to his Guru. With tears in his eyes he told his Master about the dire prediction of the astrologer. Then the guru calmly replied: “Look here my boy, nothing is going to happen to you tomorrow. You will be alright.” He kept the boy with him the whole day. On the following day the boy was asked to go for Bhiksha in the usual course. The boy again happened to go through the same lane in which the astrologer lived. The astrologer was astounded to find him alive contrary to his prediction. He called the boy, asked him who his Guru was, and expressed a wish to have his Darshan.

Nalvar copy
Four Great Saivite Saints.

Accordingly, led by the boy, the astrologer went to the saint whose disciple the boy was. The boy introduced the astrologer to his Guru. The saint looked at the astrologer and said, “You freighted my disciple unnecessarily. Do you think he will meet with any harm so long as he is under my protection? It was unwise of you to have upset the mind of the boy by saying that he would die yesterday”
Such is the power of the saints.