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Date: 22 December 2015

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In a town there was a thief. He used to go to ‘his work’ after worshipping in a temple praying for a good ‘harvest’. Every day he saw a big crowd listening to a saint. The saint was giving religious discourses. Sometimes he used to listen to it because of some jokes or stories told by the saint.


Suddenly wisdom dawned upon him. One day he visited the saint in the day time.

Thief: Guruji, Namaste!

Guru/saint: My son! Blessings! What brought you here?

Thief: I want to learn some Mantras. Please teach me some mantras.

Guru: Good. What do you do every day for living?

Thief: I am a thief. I have been doing it for the past thirty years.

Guru: What? You have been doing it for 30 years and you want to learn Mantras!

Thief: I want to shine in my life.

Guru: Since you boldly told me the truth that you are a thief, I see something good in you. So here is my Upadesa/teaching. From today onwards ‘Satyam Vada’ i.e. Speak the truth. This is enough for today.


Thief: Yes, Guruji! Thanks. I will follow it.

The same night he wanted to try his hand at the palace with the help of powerful mantra ‘Satyam Vada’.


At the dead of night, he went round the place with all the tools of his trade: Measuring thread, spade, chisel, ladder and hammer. At the same time the king came out of the palace to find the pulse of the country. Hindu kings always go out in disguise to know what the people think about his rule.


King: Hey! Who is it there?

Thief: I am a thief. Today I am going to rob the treasury.

King: Good. I come from outside. I need money. Can I help you? Just give me half of what you get.

Thief: Fine by me. Come on, let us climb the wall.

Since the king know his own palace, he took him straight to the treasury in the pitch darkness.

When they reached the treasury they came across a box. When they opened it they found three big, valuable ruby stones.

King: We are lucky. The very first found itself is valuable.

Thief: Right. Here is one for you and one for me. Let us leave the third stone for the owner.

King: I am surprised. We came to steal. Why do you leave one for the owner/King?

Thief: Look, man. I told you that I would give you half of what I get. If I take the second stone it would not be 50 – 50. If you take the second stone, then again it wouldn’t be half – half. But that is not the only reason. The owner of the stones will be happy to find at least one of his valuables is left out.

The king appreciated his opinion and both of them left the place. The king followed the thief without him knowing. King found out where exactly he lived in the town.



Next day the royal court began its daily session.

King: An important announcement! Spies told me that there was one robbery in the treasury. Did the finance minister who is in charge of treasury know it?

Finance Minister: Oh, King! None of us knew about the theft. We had even our ministerial meeting earlier in the day. I will quickly run to the treasury and give you a report.

When the finance minister went there he saw two gems were stolen and one left out. Greediness blinded him and he took one and put it in his inside pocket.


He came straight to the king and reported:

FM: King! Our spies are very efficient and correct. Three valuable gems- all rubies—were missing.

King: Are you sure that all the three gems missing? Nothing was left by the thief?

F M : Which foolish thief in the world will leave one gem?

King: Right. I have got one more bit of information. Guards, Go and get this man from this address. Don’t harm him.


The king gave the thief’s address to the royal guards who fetched him in no time.

Thief (shivering): Namaste, Maharaj.

King: What did you do last night?

Thief: I came to your palace with another thief and took two gems from your treasury. I kept one and gave the other to my partner. There was one more gem and I left it for the owner.

King: That is right. I was your partner last night. I came in disguise. Now the third gem is missing. FM, put it on the table at once.

FM: King, how dare you accuse me of theft? I and my forefathers have been serving you for generations.

King: If you don’t place it in front of me, I am going to order body search and your house search.

FM: Pardon me, King. My greediness blinded my eyes. He placed the ruby at the king’s feet.

As soon as he confessed, he was taken to the prison at the order of the king.


King: One more important announcement: This thief is appointed as the Finance Minister from today on wards. He is more truthful and more loyal to my kingdom than any one of you.

All the ministers congratulated the newly appointed FM.

The new FM went and met his Guru next day and told him what happened

In the past few days.

Guru: One Vedic command “Satyam Vada” is enough for you to shine in life. I will teach you more next week.