Interesting Horse Anecdotes (Post No.2931)

skinny horse

Compiled by london swaminathan

Date: 30 June 2016

Post No. 2931

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Abraham Lincoln, after a friendly contest of wits on the subject of horses, agreed to a horse trade with a certain judge, sealing the bargain by saying,

“Well, look here, Judge! I will tell you what I will do. I will make a horse trade with you, only it must be on these stipulations: neither party shall see the others horse until it is produced here in the courtyard of the hotel and both parties must trade horses. If either party backs out of the agreement, he does so under a forfeiture of twenty-five dollars.


It was agreed. Lincoln and the judge parted to find their animals. The news of the trade got around and quite a crowd collected to see the fun. Great was the laughter when the judge appeared with an incredible looking animal; skinny, blind and scarcely able to walk. But the laughter turned to uproarious shouts when Lincoln rode upon the scene with a carpenter’s saw horse on his shoulders. Putting the saw horse down, Lincoln surveyed the scene for a moment and spying, the judges horse, said with a note of disgust,

“Well, judge, this is the first time I ever got the worst of it in a horse trade”.

saw horse


Church Horse!

Henry Ward Beecher, the famous preacher, was once contemplating buying a horse. After looking over many of them, the owner of the stables finally burst out into praise of one particularly fine animal.


“Now here is a horse that is really sound. He can go any gait. He stands without hitching. Works any place you put him. Goes when you want him to and stops the minute you say Whoa. He is perfectly gentle, yet full of spirits. He has no bad traits, doesn’t kick, doesn’t bite. Comes when you call him and doe t run off when he sees something strange”.


With a wistful look in his eye, Mr.Beecher sighed, “if only that were a member of my church.”




Man turned into a Horse!

Two staunch friends of a life time, Moe and Abe, were walking down the street. They discussed every phase of life together from politics to personal affairs. They were discussing the hereafter and made one of those agreements that whichever should die first should communicate with the other if possible.


Little more than a year later Abe passed away. Moe was downcast and all but forgotten their agreement. It chanced that he was passing down the street one day when a sorrowful voice suddenly said, “Moe, Moe”. He paused and looked around. There was no one in sight. He thought it must have been an illusion. He was about to move on when once again the voice cried, Moe. He looked about once more. There was no living thing in sight except a horse hitched to an ice wagon. He stared at the animal and horse, to his astonishment, said, “Yes, Moe, it is me- Abe”.

“Abe, cried Moe in horror, a horse you come back?”

“Yes, Moe”.

“But Abe, what kind of a life it is it?”

“Oi, it is terrible, said the horse. All day long pulling a heavy wagon in the hot sun and the driver he beats me. He doesn’t give me water”.

“This is terrible, said Moe. I will speak to the man. I will tell him you are my friend. He should not treat you so”.

“Moe, Moe, said the horse in great alarm, don’t say nothing to him please! He finds out I can talk; he will make me yell Ice!”


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