SEXUAL LOVE and BHAKTI/devotion are same!


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A girl or a boy who has fallen in love is in the same state of a devotee who has fallen in love with God. Hinduism allows to look at or treat god as a mother, father, servant, lover, friend, boss etc. Bharatiyar, the greatest of modern Tamil poets, has sung about Lord Krishna as a mother, friend, servant etc.


Eight ways of Enjoying a girl:-

A beautiful Sanskrit couplet/sloka explains the condition of a lover:-

Ashtaanga Maithunam

Smaranam kiirtanam kelihi prekshanam guhyabhaasanam

Sankalpo adhyavasaayas ca kriyaanishpattireva ca


Thinking of her, talking about her, playing with her, seeing her often, talking with her (ear to ear), thinking of the ways of enjoying her, taking steps towards this goal, sacrificing all the duties just for her are known as Ashtanga Maithunam—

–Vrdda vasishtar said.



Seventh century Tamil saint Appar alias Tirunavukkarasu also said the same thing about Bhakti/ devotion in his Thevaram verse. It is like a girl falling madly in love with a youth. Then she sees him everywhere and in everything. We have lot of such references in the Sangam Tamil literature as well.


“To begin with, she heard of His name;

She heard of His way of life;

Then she heard of His Town (Aroor);

Yet she became mad after Him;

She quit her mother and father that very day;

She forsook the mores of the worldly;

She became oblivious of herself; she became nameless;

The woman was oned with the feet of her Lover.”

–Appar/Tirunavukkarasar Thevaram, The Sixth Book, verse 258


Narada Bhakti Sutram and other Sanskrit texts also explain it beautifully: —

Sravanam: Hearing about God

Kirtanam: Reciting God’s name

Sramanam: Remembering him in everything he sees or hears

Padasevanam: Service of him as manifested in all beings

Arachanam: Worshipping him in images and holy places

Vandanam: Showing proper respect to all holy images, holy persons, symbols

Dasyam: Feeling as his servant

Sakhyam: Treating God as his intimate friend

Atma nivedanam: Surrendering oneself to Him.

sambandar appar meet

Therefore, Bhakti i.e devotion to God and Mad love after a girl or a boy are the same. The big difference is love towards God gives you permanent pleasure and no bad after effects; but love towards a girl or a boy gives you temporary pleasure with after effects or serious consequences!!!