Learn weeping and you shall gain laughing (Post No 2767)

schooling in floods

May, 2016 Good Thoughts Calendar

Compiled by london swaminathan


Date: 29 April 2016


Post No. 2767


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31 Proverbs and Sayings on ‘Education’


Festivals in May: 1 May Day, 2 Bank Holiday in England; 9 Akshaya Trutyai; 21 Buddha Purnima, Vaikasi Visakam; 22 Kanchi Mahaswamikal Jayanthi; 31 Dattatreya Jayanti.


Auspicious Days: 2, 4, 9, 11, 12, 19, 26; Full Moon/Purnima- 21; New Moon/Amavasya- 6; Ekadasi Fasting Days: 3, 17


 school day project

May 1 Sunday


Even if a person of the lowest caste among the four castes is educated, the high caste person would salute (pay respects to) him; knowledgeable person is preferred than an aged person for the government job—Purananuru verse 183



May 2 Monday


 “A man who has faith may receive good learning even from a man who is lower, the ultimate law even from a man of the lowest castes, and a jewel of a woman even from a bad family”–2-239


May 3 Tuesday

“Ambrosia may be extracted even from poison,

And good advice even from a child,

Good behaviour even from enemy

And gold even from something impure “– Manu 2-240



May 4 Wednesday

“Women, jewels, learning, law, purification, good advice and various crafts may be acquired from anybody” – Manu 2-241


May 5 Thursday


“Though high born, an unlettered man is deemed lower than a learned man of lower birth. “—Tirukkural 409.

 bhadravati girls, Sai school

May 6 Friday

Property gained by education belongs to one to whom it was given – Manu 9-206


May 7 Saturday

Just a man who digs with a spade discovers wter, even so the obedient people discovers the learning that is in his guru / teacher.



May 8 Sunday

That wells in the sand abound with springs of water as one digs deep,

So with appropriate education, knowledge gets wider and deeper – Tirukkural 396


May 9 Monday

Learning or knowledge cannot be washed away by the floods; fire cannot burn it’ kings cannot take it away as taxes; even if you give it increases; difficult for thieves to steal t; easy to guard; that wealth is called education. When you have that wealth you don’t need to go around the world for money – Tamil Verse



May 10 Tuesday

Learning without practice is toxic – Canakya neeti


May 11Wednesday

The learned is not a foreigner anywhere – Panchatantra  2-56


May 12 Thursday

No kin (relations) like knowledge


May 13 Friday

Study well those books which are worth studying. Then, follow the right path  according to what you have learnt — Tirukkural 391


May 14 Saturday

Strength is no strength; knowledge is power supreme



May 15 Sunday

In this world human birth is rare; rarer still knowledge – Agni purana

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May 16 Monday

Education polishes good natures, and correcteth bad ones.


May 17 Tuesday

Learn not and know not


May 18 Wednesday

The best horse needs breaking, and the aptest child needs teaching.


May 19 Thursday

Letters and numbers are the two eyes of man – Tirukkural 392


May 20 Friday

Knowledge has bitter roots, but sweet fruits (refers to suffering involved in learning)


May 21 Saturday

Learn weeping and you shall gain laughing (refers to suffering involved in learning)



May 22 Sunday

There is no royal road to learning – Euclid 300 BCE (no easy way)


May 23 Monday

The nature of the learned is to cause delight in companionship and regret in separation Tirukkural 394


May 24 Tuesday

Soon learnt, soon forgotten


May 25 Wednesday

What we first learn, we best can

 mdu school

May 26 Thursday

That which is not bent at five, cannot be bent at fifty (Tamil Proverb)


May 27 Friday

Learning in one’s youth is engraving in stone


May 28 Saturday

Whoso learns young, forgets not when he is old.


May 29 Sunday

The learning that one has imbibed in this birth

Will stand him in good stead in the next seven births Tirukkural 398


May 30 Monday

In every art it is good to have a master.

 school tree

May 31 Tuesday

Learning is the lasting joyful wealth; all other material wealth are lost in time -Tirukkural 400