Vedic Poet Medhathithi’s Quotations


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Rig Veda, the oldest religious scripture in the world, is full of mysteries. Even the foreign “scholars” who tried to translate the hymns very often added in the foot note, “the meaning is not clear”, “the meaning is obscure” etc. Some deliberately misinterpreted the hymns to suit their fanciful Aryan-Dravidian Race theories and sex fantasies. One must always read what Indian saints like Shankaracharya, Dayananda Saraswati, Sayana and Bhatta Baskara say about Vedas. We must respect our mother, father, Guru and what they have believed in the past thousands of years. The Vedic sages said they love to speak in mysterious language. Some hymns may be allegorical, some may be symbolic, some may be open statements and others may be in coded language.

The hymns 12 to 23 in the First Mandala are ascribed to sage Medhathithi, Son of Kanva. Following are some of the quotations from his hymns:

1.Fire kindles fire and so does poetry, youth and home life (RV 1-12-6 & 1-14-7)

2.The Valiant perishes not (1-18-4)

3.He is longing to send fortune to those who deserve (1-17-6)

4.The works of Gods are mysterious (1-18-6)

5.Not verily is there a God nor a man to know all your great wisdom and deeds. Supreme is your glory (1-19-2)

6.Noble causes on which wealth may be spent (1-17-6)
7.Fight against sin, ignorance, illness (1-18-2)

8.Ribhus: young and elderly (matured), who have truth in their thoughts and straightforwardness in their actions (1-20-4)

9. Asvins: Beautiful combination of honey and truth (1-22-3)
(This reminds us of Truth and Beauty sung by Keats and Sweetness and Light sung by Mathew Arnold; also Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram by Hindi poet Jai Shankar Prasad, great poet of Bengal Rabindranath Tagore; and in the recent days propagated by Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

Source: Rig Veda- A Scientific and Intellectual Analysis of the Hymns by Dr J.K.Trikha.

four vedas

Manu even went to the extent of saying Vedas contain that was needed in the past, and for present and future. We have to wait for a great intellectual –a new Adi Shankara– to tell us what is going to happen in future with the help of the Vedas.


40 Important Quotations from the Atharva Veda!


Compiled by london swaminathan
Post No. 1016; Dated 2nd May 2014.

(Vedas are four: Rik, Yajur, Sama and Athrva. The Fourth Veda Atharva Veda is divided into 20 books (Kanda). Atharva Veda consists of approximately 750 hymns and they have around 6000 verses. I have already given the important quotation from the Atharva Veda in Tamil)

1.May the earth be peaceful,
May the atmosphere be peaceful,
May the medicinal herbs be peaceful
May all shining objects be peaceful,
May all the enlightened persons be peaceful
May all the actions be peaceful. By these peace
May we alleviate that which is terrific here
That which is cruel here,
That which is sin here,
That has been calmed, that is auspicious.
Let all be gracious unto us. AV 19-9-14

(Pruthivi shanty…………………………… AV 19-9-14)

2.May we see a hundred autumns
May we live a hundred autumns
May we acquire knowledge up to a hundred autumns
May we go on advancing forward to a hundred autumns
May we thrive a hundred autumns
May we exist for a hundred autumns
May we remain pure a hundred autumns
And let us remain even more than a hundred autumns
A v 19—67
(Pasyema saradas satam………………….. 19-67 AV)

3.May our mother-father (parents) live happily, well be it with the cows, men and all the world, many happy fortune, grave and favour ever accompany us and may we enjoy sun light for a very long period AV 1-31-4
(Svasti matra uta pitre………………………. AV1/31/4)


4.One hundred fortunes have born all together with the birth of the body of the mortal (man) (upon which he has right by birth) of those we cast away those which leads us to sinful acts. O God, the knower of entire creation please let us have those fortunes which will prove blessings to us AV 7-115-3
(Eka satam laksmyo…………………….7/115/5 AV)

5.Fame and glory, power and managing capacity, spiritual splendour, nourishment and other means of subsistence belong to him who knows this Divinity as Simple and One AV 13-4-14-5
( Kirtischa Yasascha …………………. AV 13-4-14-5)

6.May the power of speech remain in my mouth, may the vital air ever exist in my nostrils, may the power of sight ever exist in my eye, may the power of hearing remains in my ears, let not my hair become gray, let not my teeth become dirty and let my arms possess much strength AV 19-60-1
( Vang me asan ………………………… AV 19-60-1)


7.May I have strength in my thighs, swiftness in my legs and firmness in my feet; may all the organs of my body be healthy and may my soul be ever alert AV19-60-2
( Urvorojo …………………… AV19-60-2)

8.May all the different parts of my body remain in good condition and may the power of endurance ever exist in me against the enemies. May I attain the full length of life. May I attain the happiness and fullness in all respects and purifying myself, may I attain the state of perfect bliss AV19-60-1
(Thanusthanva me …………………. AV19-60-1)


9.May all the constellations, in the absence of sun, the sources of its light! Which are in the heaven, all those in the sky, in the waters, on the earth and on the mountains and in all directions as well as all the regions wherever the moon goes, prove the source of happiness to us. AV 19-8-1
(Yani nakshatrani………………………. AV 19-8-1)
AV bloomfield

10).O mankind! I ordain for you to have concordance in your heart, unanimity in your minds and freedom from hatred. Every one of you ought to love one another in every way just as the cow loves the calf just born AV 3-30-1
(sahrudhayam samanya………………… AV 3-30-1)


11.Let the son be obedient to his father and in accordance with the mind of his mother. Let the wife speak to her husband calm, gentle, sweet words as honey AV 3-30-2
(anurbratha: pitu: ………………………….. AV 3-30-2)


12.Neither a brother should hate his brother nor a sister unkind to her sister, you ought to speak with another most gently being united in your mind and keeping the same ideal before you AV 3-30-3
(Ma Bratha bratharam…………………….. AV 3-30-3)

13.That path of the Vedas I ordain in your home against which the enlightened persons never go nor do they bear hatred towards one another, so that it may serve as leading principle for all men AV 3-30-4
(Yena Deva viyanti……………. AV 3-30-4)


14.O Mankind! Who are respectful to the elders possessing noble hearts, friendly, in your undertakings of acquiring wealth and walking in the same path bearing the common yoke together, be never disunited with one another, come, I make you one intentioned and one minded and each one of you speak sweetly to the other AV 3-30-5
(Jyayasva…………… AV 3-30-5)


15.Let your place of drinking water be common and your food be together as I yoke you to a common yoke; worship Agni, all of you together, just as the spokes are attached to the navel of the chariot from all around AV 3-30-6
(samani prapa saha………………… AV 3-30-6)

16.O Mankind! I enjoin on all of you to be mutually helping one another, to be united in your mind and to have common ideal of life for benefitting one another. Like the enlightened persons whoever take care of immortal principle (in their life) may the friendly feelings amongst you increase morning and evening AV 3-30-7
(sadhdni chinan va: ……………………. AV 3-30-7)


17.These five senses with the mind as sixth which abide in my heart are made sharp by means of prayer. By which all the awful works are done, may we attain peace by them AV 19-9-5
(Imani yani panchendriyani………………. AV 19-9-5)


Atharva Veda

18.O Lord! Make me an object of love among the enlightened persons, and make me beloved among the rulers of the world; Make me dear to all who happen to see me whether they be ordinary labourers or noble persons AV 19-62-1
(Priyam ma krunu Deveshu…………………. AV 19-62-1)

19.O Indra! God of Supreme Power! Make us fearless of all such things whereof we are afraid of AV 19-15-1
(Yath Indra Bhayamahe……………………….. AV 19-15-1)

20.May the atmosphere give us peace and safety and may both these heaven and earth be secure for us. May we be free from danger from west and east and may there be no fear from north and south AV 19-15-5
(Abhayam Na: ……………………. AV 19-15-5)

21.May we be fearless of our friends and even of those who are unfriendly to us, may we never fall in dread of those whom we know and even of those we don’t know: May we remain free from any apprehension by night and in the day time, and may all the quarters be friendly to us AV 19-15-6
(Abhayam mitradha bhayam ………………. AV 19-15-6)

22.My homage to the Almighty God who is the ordainer of all that existed in the past and of that which will exist in the future in the form of eternal bliss AV 10-8-1
(Yo Bhutam cha Bhavyam Cha ……………………….. AV 10-8-1)


23.He is the Creator, the Ordainer, the Source of all types of motion and energy. He is the highest feeder AV13-4-3
(Sa dhata sa …………………. AV13-4-3)

24.He is called neither the second, nor the third and not yet the fourth also. He is called neither the fifth, nor the sixth and not yet the seventh also. He is called neither the eigth, nor the ninth and not yet the tenth also AV 13-4-16/18
(Na dweethiyo na thrutheeya ………………………… AV 13-4-16/18)

25.He takes care of all that breathes and of all that does not breathe. He has got all this conquering power. He is the one and one alone and the only one. All these luminous forces of nature become one in him AV13-4-19/21
(Sa sarvasmy …………………………………. AV13-4-19/21)


26.If a man stands, walks and deceives other person, whether he does these in private chamber or publicly; and whatever two persons sitting together whisper secretly? The Imperial Ruler Varuna knows it all, being present there as the third one amongst them AV 4/16/2
(Yasthistathi charathi …………………….. AV 4/16/2)


27.Even this earth belongs to the Imperial Ruler Varuna and the mighty Sun too, situated at the farthest end in His possession. The two oceans (ocean of earth and atmosphere) are as it the two cavities of his abdomen and he is wholly pervading even this single drop of its water AV 4/16/3
(Uteyam Bhumir Varunasya …………………… AV 4/16/3)

28.If one should run away for beyond the heaven, even then he cant get rid of the vigilance of the Imperial Ruler Varuna. Because of his thousand eyed luminous powers of circumspection are ever watchful over this earth AV 4/16/4
( Utha yo Dhamathi sarpath…………………… AV 4/16/4)

29.By whom has this earth been made? By whom has the heaven been placed over it? By whom has this expansion of atmosphere been raised upon high and stretched across? AV 10-2-24
( Keneyam Bhumirvihitha ………………………….. AV 10-2-24)

30The earth has been made by Brahma – The Supreme Being and it is Brahma again who has placed the heaven above it. It is Brahma by whom has the atmosphere been raised upon high and stretched across AV 10-2-25
( Brahmana Bhumirvihita ………………… AV 10-2-25)

31.The Supreme Being manifests himself in the innermost chamber of our hearts, all that which move or not move and all living creature have wholly taken shelter in Him AV 10-8-6)
( AAvi: sannirhitam guha ……………………… AV 10-8-6)

32.I know the all spreading cord wherein are interwoven all these creatures.
I know the cord of the cords, hence I know Supreme God AV 10-8-38
( Vedaham sutram vivarthatham ……………………… AV 10-8-38)


33. God the Pillar of support is holding both the earth and the heaven and the pillar of support is holding the vast atmosphere. The Pillar of support is holding the extensive six directions and the Pillar of support is pervading the entire universe AV 10-7-35
( Skambo dhatara dhyavam ……………………… AV 10-7-35)

34.Wherein the earth, the atmosphere and the heaven live, wherein the fire, the moon, the sun and the air have taken shelter; say He is the Pillar of support; verily he is the most Blissful Being AV 10-7-12
(Yasmin Bhumir antariksham …………………… AV 10-7-12)



35.O Myself! The first attack of jealousy together with that which follow the first appearance of it, is the fire which is filled in your heart (source of constant sorrow). I drive away completely the same from your heart AV 6-18-1
(Irsyaya……………… AV 6-18-1)


36.Just as the earth is dead in consciousness yes, it is more dead in consciousness than the dead, just as the spirit of the dead is, similarly the spirit of the jealous man is dead (within himself) AV 6-18-2
(Yatha Bhumir mruthamana ……………………. AV 6-18-2)

37.O Myself! That thought which is sheltered in your heart, the low-mindedness which hovers therein. I drive away jealousy from that, just as one drives away hot air from the bellows AV 6-18-3
(Adho yath the……………………….. AV 6-18-3)


38.May the heaven be peaceful,
May the earth be free from disturbance,
May the vast atmosphere be calm,
May the flowing waters be soothing
May all the plants and herbs prove beneficial to us AV 19-9-1
(shanta dyau shanta…………………….AV 19/9/1)


39.May all the foretelling signs of coming events be free from turmoil and may all that has been done and that which has not been done prove the source of happiness to all: May past and future be peaceful and may all be gracious unto us AV 19-9-2
(santanu purva rupani……………………………AV 19/9/1)

40.May he is full of splendour, the holy, pervading the sun and averts all the sufferings caused by objects natural laws from us. He is the only one lord, who supports all creatures of the universe. The friendly god is the only one object of worship bless us AV2-2-2
( Div sprushte yajatha ………………………….. AV2-2-2 )

From “The Gems of Vedic Wisdom” by Kamlesh Sharma, Standard Publishers (India) , New Delhi 59. Year 2006 Rs 495


Gems from the Atharva Veda


Hindu Vedas are the oldest religious books in the world. Even conservative estimate of foreigners dates them between 1500 BC and 6000 BC. Hindus believe they are eternal and timeless. Of the four Vedas, Atharva Veda conceals many mysteries. But here are lot of golden sayings in it which anyone can easily understand them. There are 750 hymns and around 6000 verses. If they can give us such golden advice, they must have lived on this land for several thousand years before this date. Following are some of the gems from Atharva Veda:

(1).“O, Mother Earth! We are your sons. My we thrive. Make our bodies as firm and strong as rocks May we be charitable. May we be free from hatred, and may all our enemies be banished.
Tirukkural which is at least 1500 years old is considered the Tamil Veda. One of the contemporaries of the author Tiruvalluvar, praised it with the following words: Sanskrit is great because it has got Vedas and Tamil is great because it has got Tirukkural. The above quote of Atharva Veda is reflected in Tirukkural as well:

‘May we be charitable’:Giving to the poor is real charity, says Valluvar under Charity in verse 221
‘May we be free from hatred’: The poverty stricken may sometimes prosper, but those without the grace of compassion will be ruined without redemption, says Valluvar in verse 248
‘May all our enemies be banished’: The remnant of an action and of an enemy will be found as ruinous as the remnant of a fire’. Enemies must be rooted out, says Valluvar in verse 674.
‘Make our bodies as firm and strong as rocks’: Swami Vivekananda echoes this thought in one of his lectures: “ What makes a man stand up and work? Strength. Strength is goodness and weakness is sin. If one reads this one sloka (in Gita)– “Yield not to unmanliness. Cast off this faint heartedness and arise–. He gets all the merits of reading the entire Gita; for in this one sloka lies embedded the whole message of the Gita”.

(2).”O, Water! You bring us happiness. You increase our strength and bring us health and wealth. Water is full of the juices that increase our welfare. Bring us welfare and nourish us the way a mother nourishes her children”.

Tamil Veda Tirukkural has one entire chapter on rain and water.”Duties of life cannot be performed by any person in the absence of water” –Verse 20.

(3). May enemies who try to pierce us with their weapons not be able to reach us. May the enemies who try to attack us from the four directions not be able to reach us.

(4).”O, Varuna! I bow down before your anger. O,God! I know well the various sins that mankind falls prey to. This man has sought refuge with you and will live for a hundred years.
(All the above quotes are from Kanda 1 of Atharva Veda)
Supreme God

(5).The entire universe is merged in the identity of supreme godhead. But the supreme godhead can be visualised only in the innermost recesses of the heart and it is there that a true devotee sees him.
(6). I have roamed all over heaven and earth. Having become acquainted with all the objects, I have realised that the Paramatman alone is truth. I worship him. As speech originates with the speaker, so the universe originates with the Paramatman. He is the preserver and nourisher. He is Agni.


(7). “ O, Agni! The sages are the ones who follow the righteous path. May they light your flames every month, every season and every year. May your flames rise in their divine radiance. Bring radiance to the four directions.

(8). “ O, Agni! Enable us to triumph over hatred and enmity. May we not be violent and may we not fall prey to temptation. Your presence here is wealth to us.
(All the above quotes are from Kanda 2 of Atharva Veda)

The King

(9). O, King! You have been crowned as the lord of this kingdom. May your ascent be blessed with energy. May you be the emperor over all your subjects. All the directions are summoning you here. You deserve to be a king. Come here and be revered.

(10). Your righteous and prosperous subjects have come together to prepare this throne for you. They have summoned you so that you may become their king. May you have a good heart and body and may you rule for a hundred years.

(These verses show that the king was crowned with the consent of public, particularly men of character).

(11). O, Parna Mani! Bring to me all those who are intelligent. Bring to me the makers of chariots. Bring to me workers in iron. Let such people gather around me.
(Even a magical talisman like Parna mani was used only to attract good men).

Unity is Strength

(12). May the minds of the subjects function as one mind. May all their acts be driven by the same desires. May their motives be identical. May those amongst them who acts against one another be united.
(All the above quotes are from Kanda 3 of Atharva Veda).

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