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Chateauneuf, keeper of the seals of Louis XIII, when a boy of only nine years old, was asked many questions by a bishop, and gave very prompt answers to them all. At length the prelate said,

“I will give you an orange if you will tell me where God is”.

My Lord, replied the boy,

I will give you two oranges if you will tell me where he is not”

This story reminds us of the anecdote regarding Tamil poetess Avvaiyar and another saint.

The person was stretching his or her feet towards god’s statue in a temple. When someone criticised the person for such a blasphemous act, Avvaiar or the saint concerned told the complainant,

“Please show me the direction where god is not”.


Look backward and forward!

When John Jay was asked how it was possible for him to occupy his after retirement from public life, he replied with aa smile,

“I have a long life to look back upon and an eternity to look forward to”.


Money counts

Parson Paten  was so much averse to the Athanasian Creed that he would never read it. Archbishop Secker having been informed about his recalcitrance , sent the archdeacon to ask him his reason,

 I do not believe it, said the priest.

But  your  metropolitan does, replied the archdeacon.

It ma be so, rejoined Mr Paten,

And well he can afford I; he believes at the rate of seven thousands pounds a year and I only at fifty



Four gentlemen – a Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and Roman Catholic – met by agreement to dine on fish. Soon as grace (prayer before meal) was said, the Catholic rose, armed with a knife and fork, and taking about one third of the fish, including the head, removed it to his plate, saying with great satisfaction: The Pope is the head of the church”.

Immediately the Methodist minister arose, and helping himself with to about one third, embracing the tail, said: “The end crowns the work”.

The Presbyterian now thought it was time for him to move, and taking the remainder of the fish to his plate, exclaimed, “Truth lies between the two extremes”.

Our Baptist brother had nothing before him but an empty plate, and the prospect of a slim dinner, so seizing a bowl of melted butter, he dashed it over them, exclaiming: “I baptize you all”.


Is God Omnipresent?


Once a saint, to test his disciples to find out if they are conscious of God’s presence everywhere, called a few of them, gave them a mango each and asked them to eat it in a place where nobody could see them. They all went with their mangoes and, except one, returned and reported that none saw them eating the mangoes. But the disciple who was an exception came back with the mango and told the Guru that he could not find a place where he was not watched by God, who is an eternal and all pervading witness. God is omnipresent.

—From Stories as told by Swami Ramdas


Avvaiyar’s Wisdom

Ancient Tamil poetess Avvaiyar dedicated her life to educate the people. She was a preacher of simple yet profound truths. Her teachings have the validity for the whole world for all time. She has a permanent place in Tamil literature and her name is a household name in Tamil speaking parts of the world. Several poetesses had this name Avvaiyar. The most famous one was the Sangam poetess. This Avvaiyar  was said to be the sister Tiruvalluvar, author of Tirukkural, according to an old legend.


‘’An interesting story offers an insight into Avvaiyar’s mind. After long wanderings the poetess arrived at a temple and, sitting down to rest, stretched her legs in the direction of the sanctum (Garba Gruham). The temple priest came to her shouting, ‘’how dare you stretch your feet towards god. Get up and get out’’.


Avvaiyar pointedly replied, ‘’Sir I am dead tired and I am urging the ache in my legs to seek relief from god. If you think this is blasphemy, please put my legs in the direction where there is no God. Please, learned priest show me a direction where God is not found ’’.

The priest was nonplussed; soon he acknowledged her wisdom and admitted his ignorance.


Story as told by Sri Suddhananda Bharati from London Sri Murugan Temple Consecration Souvenir, year1984.

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