Who are Dravidians?


By London Swaminathan

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‘’Every town is my town; all are my kinsmen’’ (Pura. 192, Poet Kaniyan Punkunran)


This is the principle of the Tamils; this is my principle as well. I have written the following article to explode the myth of Aryan and Dravidian race theory; the Tamil political parties are cheating the people for long in the name of Aryan –Dravidian divisive politics. This will expose them.


Dravidians are Brahmins! Brahmins are Dravidians!!

I wrote about most misunderstood words earlier and gave the meaning of Ayas/Iron and Asva/Horse. There are two more words Aryan and Dravidian which are misunderstood only after foreigners gave them a wrong meaning. They distorted the meaning deliberately and gave racial connotation to it. They did this to spread their religion and stabilise the British rule. Divide and Rule is a well known policy followed by foreigners who wanted to deprive the natives of their freedom.


The word Arya occurs in seven places in the 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature. Nowhere itwas used as a racial term. The word Dravida was not found anywhere in the Tamil Sangam Literature of 30,000 lines. But later day literature gives very interesting information. The Anti Brahmin movement used this word as their trump card. The surprising thing about this word Dravida is, it was used only to denote Brahmins in the early days!!


Dravida meant Brahmins in Sanskrit hymn Saundarya Lahari. It was composed by Adi Shankara. Some scholars used the reference of ‘’Dravida Sisu’’  (Dravidian baby or boy) in the hymn as a reference to the Tamil Boy Wonder, Child Prodigy Thiru Jnana Sambandhar. He composed poetry at the age of five and changed the course of Tamil religious life in the seventh century AD. So scholars thought Dravida Sisu was Sambandhar, who was a Brahmin. Religious Heads like Kanchi Paramacharya rejected it and said it may be Adi Shankara referring to himself. ( I have argued that it may be a reference of Abhinava Shankara to Adi Shankara in my Tamil article The Date of Adi Shankara through Tamil Literature). But everybody is in agreement that it referred to a Brahmin boy. So Dravida was used for Brahmins.


Pancha Dravida

Tamil encyclopaedia ‘Abhidana Chnthamani’ by Singaravelu Mudaliyar gives more interesting details. He says ‘Pancha Dravida’ means the Brahmins of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Here again the word was used only for Brahmins.

India was divided in to 56 states in the olden days. The list of 56 states or countries of India listed Chera, Cholza, Pandya, Kerala, Konkana and Dravida meaning Dravida was not Tamil Nadu. So it was out of Tamil Nadu and was not a part of it. Dravida may be a small geographical area adjacent to Tamil country. But atheistic Tamils projected Dravida as Tamil land and named their political parties on the basis of it. Here Dravida meant an area in the South.


Dravida Veda

Divya Parbandham is an anthology of 4000 verses composed by 12 Vaishnavite saints called Alvars. Not all the 12 Alvars were Brahmins. But it was called Dravida Veda denoting the Veda of the South.

Dravida Bhupathi was a king of Agastya’s time according to Abhidana Chintamani. Dravidachari was a Brahmin commentator of Vedanta Sutras. Dravidan was another king of Surya Kula ( Sun Clan).


Cricketer Dravid

Famous cricketer Rahul Dravid was a Maharashtrian Brahmin. Brahmins who migrated to north were called Dravids. Brahmins who migrated to Gujarat were called Pandyas. Brahmins who migrated from Tri Linga Desa (Telugu=Triling) are called Dhillons. Brahmins of Chola Desa were called Soziyas. This gives another fact that Brahmins did not come from North to South, but migrated from South to North. Mahavamsa also speaks of Brahmins present in Sri Lanka from time immemorial. Probably Tamil Brahmins went everywhere like Adi Shankara and Ramanujan. Both of them were from Tamil speaking areas of the South. Even today we have Tamil priests in the North including Nepal.


Agastya’s March to the South

Tamil scholars of olden days wrote that Brahmins came from north with Agstya. But Tamil literature gives contradictory information. Tamil commentators of Purananurau anthology said Agastya led 18 clans including Velirs, not Brahmins. Even before Agastya came to the south,  Brahmins were there in Tamilnadu. Indus Valley ‘’Scholars’’ also said Dravidians ran to the South fearing for their life, not Brahmins. Indus valley excavators projected Dravidians as a cowardly people running helter skelter fearing invading barbaric Aryans!!! Now we know Dravidians were not cowards and Indus civilization came to an end because of geological changes.

Tamil= Dramila=Dravida

Even the word TAMIL came from Dravida according to some scholars. Some others say it was vice versa ( Dravida= Dramila=Tamil). Even here it is only the language and not any race!

I have written an article about a Dravidian Queen who ruled in the north in 1320 BC. It is only one interpretation of the queen Idavrida= Ilavrida=Dravida by one of the scholars.


To add to confusion, foreign scholars said that the Dravidians came from Mediterranean region. They even said there was similarity between Finnish, Turkish and Tamil. But I have shown elsewhere the closest language to Tamil is Sanskrit. Turkey was the place where the oldest inscription with Sanskrit names was found. Vedic Gods are there in the Bogazkoi inscription of 1400BC. Mitanni nearby have kings with Sanskrit names. No one has explained satisfactorily how Finnish and Turkish had link with the Tamils. On the other hand Tamil enthusiasts say that they had their origin in Kumari Kandam situated beyond Kanyakumari–the land’s end.


Foreigners misled the entire scholarly world by saying that the invading barbaric Aryans drove out all the Dravidians from the Indus. If it is true Indus Valley must have hundreds or thousands of Dravidian skeletons! Sixty years ago some scholars even said the language of the Indus was Dravdian in structure and till this day not a single word was deciphered! They always mislead the scholars and general public. Sangam Tamil literature knew Ganges and Himalayas very well, but they never knew INDUS!!! There is no reference to the river or Punjab region. If there was a prize for Fiction in those days,  Indus valley excavators would have got it for discovering Dravida Shiva and Dravidians running for life!!


The above examples show that the words Aryan or Dravidian never had a racial connotation in Indian literature till the foreigners imposed it and misinterpreted every walk of life. India was one with one culture. If different languages are an indication of different races, then no one can explain why New Guinea Island has 700+ languages. They can’t even explain why so many languages are in India.

Dravida denoted the South of India. So anyone from the south was a Dravidian, not necessarily Brahmins. It is like North Indians calling all the South Indians ‘’Madrasis’’ (Madras men).

todaToda Tribal; calssified as Dravida by foreigners



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  1. Brilliant article!

  2. sidd ps

     /  July 11, 2018

    The source of the English word Aryancomes from the Sanskrit word ārya,

    Toh fhir barambar aryan sabd kyu use karten ho

    ।।कृपवन्तो विश्वआर्यम।।

    आर्यव्रत:-अर्थआत श्रेष्ठ एव उच्यत्म कोटी राष्ट्र।

    kaafi study karne ke baad arya shabd par re-search kea hai jisse maine ek chota se nishkarsh prapt kea hai ki arya shabd ek gudsuchak {गुणसुचक} hai.

    Aur hinduism se lekar buddhism mai sanskrit se lekar pali mai n tamil mai arya ka aarth kya hota hai jaane ka pryas kea.

    Arya ka aarth kresth vyakti ya mahila hota hai is shabd ka prayog kisi samananiya jan ya nagrik ko dea jaata hai.

    For example:-ithihaas mai kai aaise mahan log huen hai society mai jinhe arya shabd ka honour mila hai aur pracheen kaal mai maae aapne putron ko arya putra keh kar sambodhit kea karti thi.

    👉 Bhagwan ram ko bhi 9 lakh saal purav is title se sammanit kra gaya tha.

    👉Shri krishna ko bhi arya putra keh kar unki maa devki sambodhit karti thi,same for arjun

    👉Sughreev n bali ji ki mata ji bhi aapne putron ko arya ki upadhi dekar sambodhit kra karti thi.

    👉Ashoka the great ko bhi log arya putra keh kar sambodhit kea the.

    👉 Kyuki arya ki upadhi paane waala mahan ev 3eeno Gudo
    Par niyantran rakhte hai.

    Arya (Sanskrit, also ārya; Pāli: ariya) is a term frequently used in Buddhism that can be translated as “noble”, “not ordinary”, “valuable”, “precious”,[a] “pure”,[2] etc. Arya in the sense of “noble” or “exalted” is frequently used in Buddhist texts to designate a spiritual warrior or hero.

    Translations of
    not ordinary
    preciousPaliariyaSanskritarya, āryaTibetanའཕགས་པ་
    (Wylie: phags pa;
    THL: pakpa)Glossary of Buddhism.

    Arya is a Sanskrit word that used to be used to show respect to others. This is one of the first origins of the word before it started to be given as a name. In the beginning it was frequently used as a male name, but that has been shifting over the decades and it has become a more popular girls name instead. Arya with a long final vowel ‘a’ is the feminine form of the name, and a name of the Goddess Parvati

    Language In Local Arya means noble person
    Bengali আর্যা Honored; Noble Boy/girl
    Kannada ಆರ್ಯಾ Honored; Noble Boy/girl
    Marathi आर्य Honored; Noble Boy/girl
    Gujrati આર્યા Honored; Noble Boy/girl
    Malayalam ആര്യാ Honored; Noble Boy
    Telugu ఆర్యా Honored; Noble Boy/girl
    Tamil ஆர்யா Honored; Noble Boy/girl
    Punjabi ਆਰ੍ਯਾ Honored; Noble Boy/girl

    The word Dravidian is not a sanskrit word neither tamil it is an english term which was firstly used by Robert Caldwell.

    Sanskrit n tamil varnamala contains only 3 types of word only.

    1:-{dravin/dravin}:-which means wealth any valuable possession a mountain a common sir title found in South Indian bhraman community specially in maharashtra because the region of maharashtra also come in dravida{द्रविदा}region.
    Also a common name kept in hindu faimiles.

    2:-dravinam{द्रविनम}:-has only single meaning”wealth”.
    👉For ex:-{ganesha aarti}
    ।।त्वमेव व माता च पिता तुमेव।।
    ।।त्वमेव व विध्दया च “द्रविनम्”तुमेव।।

    In this stanza dravinam word is used for wealth for praying lord ganesha.
    Because he is symbol of
    {Wealth/शुभ व लाभ/द्रविडम}

    N (dravida/द्रविदा):-is a geographical identity in society and a sanskrit word.

    The Sanskrit word drāviḍa is used to denote the geographical region of South India.[6] It was coined by Adi Shankaracharya (504B.C) when he was questioned as to where he had come from by locals in Mandhata, to which he proclaimed himself to be a “Drāviḍa Śiśu,” with shishu meaning ‘child’ or ‘child of’ and dravida being a sandhi word combining the elements dravya, meaning water, and vida, meaning meeting place. Therefore, drāviḍacould be interpreted as meaning “the place where the three waters meet” with those “three waters” being the Indian Ocean, theArabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal.[7][8]Southern Brahmins are known as Pancha Dravida while northern Brahmins are known as Pancha Gauda, denoting geographical region

  3. sidd ps

     /  July 11, 2018

    Well when any one asks me what’s the language of madras presidency {tamil nadu}.

    Then it’s definitely tamil. Tamil Is a language born from 60%Bhramhi lipi n 40%of devnagri lipi which date back according to historians 2500 years ago.

    But according to me n holy vedic sanatana dharma books tamil it is dated back to 5000 years back n the holy purans of vedic dharma claims that lord shiva is a creator of tamil language.

    The devnagri lipis time period is 1 arab 96 crore 5lakhs 114 thousand years according to Yuga’s n the chaturyugis which contains 1000 years each.

    Kaliyuga life spam is 4 lakhs 32 thousand years.

    From which 5000 years have been passed.

    {And from 1000, 451 chaturyugis have been passed away}.

    So,it means that tamil language has been created in the last stage of dwapar yuga n the stating time period of Kaliyuga.

    Many of the great vedic sanatani texts such as the great history of treta yuga ramayana also have many verses in bhramhi lipi also.

    The time period of ramayan is 9 lakhs years

    {In treta yuga}

    So that means sanskrit is the most oldest language in world n till the end of dwapar yuga n the starting time period of Kaliyuga sanskrit was the greatest of all lipis n after end of dwapar yuga tamil taken birth 5000 years ago.

    From southern part of india many people’s n historians have accepted that tamil language was firstly being used in sri lanka then from their it has spread in the southern part of india.

    But everyone need to understand that sanskrit n tamil are just a language not a culture. Cultures are being made from dharma granthas for ex:-vedas,18 darshan upnishads, history books such as ramayan n mahabharat some pure purans{history books}not crypted puranas.

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