Krishna’s List of 26 Divine Qualities!

Post No. 721 dated 24th November 2013

Who is god? RK Paramahamsa and Tamil Saint

1. That man whose hair stands on end at the mere mention of the name of God, and from whose eyes flow tears of love—he had indeed reached his last birth —-Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

2. Sugar and sand may be mixed together, but the ant rejects the sand and carries away the grain of sugar. So the holy Paramahamsas and pious men successfully sift the good from the bad —R.K Paramahamsa

3. The truly religious man is who he does not commit any sin even when he is alone, and when no man observes him , because he feels that God sees him even then—R.K Paramahamsa

Tamil Saint Valluvar (in Tirukkural)
4. Regard him DIVINE, who divines without a doubt what is passing in another’s mind (Tirukkural 702 in Tamil)

5. A man leading his life as he ought to will be regarded as one of the DEITIES in the heaven (Tirukkural 50)

(Eg. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Buddha)

6. Persons who have listened and internalised from instructions of the learned,
Will be like GODS on earth, flourishing on oblational offerings (Kural 413)
Eg. Shankaracharyas and other saints


7. The king who protects his people rendering justice, according to the laws of the land
Will be hailed s the DIVINE LORD, by his subjects (Kural 388).
Eg. Dharma (Yudhitra)

8. Those who refrain from killing animals, and abstain from eating its flesh
Will receive WORSHIP with folded hands from all creatures of this world. (Kural 260)
Eg. Mahavira

9. He who has controlled his ego and mastered him self
By doing penance, will be the object of universal WORSHIP (Kural 268)

Eg. Adi Shankara, Buddha

10. If he lives true to his inner mind
He lives in the hearts of all mankind (Kural 294)

Eg. Harichandra

Lord Krishna’s List (Bhagavad Gita 16- slokas 1 to 3)

11. Krishna gives a long list of qualities of people born with Divine Nature:
1.Feralessness (Abhayam)
2.Purity of mind (satvasamsuddhi:)
3.Wise apportionment of knowledge & concentration(Jana yoga vyavastithi)
4.Charity (Dhanam)
5.Self control (Dama:)
6.Sacrifice (Yajna:)
7.Study of the scriptures (Svadhyaya:)
8.Austerity (Tapa:)
9.Uprightness (Arjavam)
10.Non violence (Ahimsa)
11.Truth (Satyam)
12.Freedom from anger (Akrodha:)
13.Renunciation (Thyaga:)
15.Aversion to fault finding (Apaisnam)
16.Compassion to living beings(Buteshu Daya)
17.Freedom from covetousness (aloluptvam)
18.Gentleness (Mardavam)
19.Modesty (Hri:)
20.Steadiness (absence of fickleness/Acapalam)
22.Forgivness (Ksama)
23.Fortitude (Druti:)
24.Purity (Saucam)
25.Freedom from malice (Adroha:)
26. Absence of excessive pride (Na Atimanita)

—these, O Pandava (Arjuna) are the endowments of him who is born with the DIVINE nature (Daivim Sampadam).

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