How Many People did Indra Kill?

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Written by London Swaminathan
Post No. 1178; Dated 17th July 2014.

Foreign “scholars” have been fooling Indians for nearly 300 years because they know that lot of Hindus never read anything Hindu in original, for instance 20,379 Vedic Verses or 24,000 verses of Valmiki Ramayana or 100,000 verses of Mahabharata 800,000 verses of the Puranas. It is very easy to cheat the Hindus. So anyone can quote any of these verses and write anything they wanted. Whenever they touch anything Hindu their imagination runs riot. They won’t do it in the case of other religions because they know the serious repercussions. Moreover what other religions have got is very little. If Hindu scriptures are Pacific Ocean, theirs is just a small lake. It is no way of belittling their holiness or their importance. It is just a quantitative analysis.

Archaeological evidence for Indra and other Vedic Gods are available from 1400 BCE. Indra is mentioned in the Bogazkoy inscription in 1400 BCE in Turkey (150 kms from Ankara). He was worshipped even before this date in India. He is mentioned a few times in Zend Avesta as well.

indra on elephant

Indra has got more than forty names in the Vedic literature. He is mentioned in 300 hymns in the Rig Veda, the oldest scripture in the world. No hero or God in the world had so much coverage around 1200 BCE, the date given to Rig Veda by most of the scholars. But Hindus believe that Vedas are timeless, ageless with no beginning or no end. It is there forever and seers can catch those hymns like we catch (tune in) radio waves/broadcasts. Great Hindu philosophers Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhwa and commentators like Sayana approached it differently. They never mentioned Arya, Dravida, Munda, Mongoloid, Caucasian etc. Because they are not in the Vedas!

Word Arya occurs 34 times in the Rig Veda. It is not used with racial connotation. Dravida or Munda is not there. If I say educated or uneducated, cultured or not cultured, Hindus or Non Hindus there is no racial meaning. They used Arya to mean cultured, respectful etc. Dasas or Dasyus were criticized. Even Tulsidas and Kalidas called themselves Dasas! So we have to judge after reading the book in its entirety. Last hymn of the Rig Veda summarises beautifully well its purpose (Please see “Vedic Hymn – Better than National Anthems” for more details, posted on April 17, 2014).


Just to show how foreigners are deceiving Hindus, I have given below some mind boggling numbers concerning Indra and other Gods; In all these originals they insert words like ‘Non Aryan’, ‘Munda’, ‘Dravidian’, ‘Foreign’, ‘Iranian’ according to their whims and fancies or their concocted theories. They will hide facts like Indra’s greatest achievement was killing the “Brahmins” Trisiras and Vritra, Indra’s wife Saci was an “Asura” lady. If they reveal the words Brahmin, Asura, all their racist theories will crumble into dust. So they will tell you only half truths, which are more dangerous than lies.

I would recommend to anyone to take one Vedic hymn and see what each and every foreign, non Hindu “scholar” interprets it. I have been doing it for forty years and enjoying the Best Jokes. I would recommend in particular the book “Minor Vedic Deities”. The author (J R Joshi) has listed beautifully well the interpretations of all the western “scholars” for every minor deity. They will leave you in utter confusion. If their interpretations don’t fit their concocted theories, they will interpret them as natural phenomena!!!

Tamils are the people who fought among themselves for 1500 years without stoppage. Chera, Choza and Pandya, the three Tamil Kings killed each other and destroyed their forts. But nobody inserted any racist theories among the three. Foreigners, particularly, Christian missionaries, thought they could easily fool them because of their dark skin and convert them. But Tamils disappointed them! The lesson is: Not all the fights are racist; not all the wars are racist. They simply fought to show they were “heroic”. Those who read Sangam Tamil literature (Purananuru) will understand this.

indra kudai

Indra, the greatest Hero:

Indra killed Dhuni, Chumuri (RV 6-20).
Indra killed Tugra and Vetasu; He killed 100,000 people; killed Shambara on the mountains (RV 6-26)
Indra killed Chumuri and 60,000 enemies (RV 6-26)
Indra killed Kulitara’s son Shambara and crushed 100,000 varcins (RV 4-30)
Indra killed 10,000 Vritra (RV 1-53)
Indra killed 150 soldiers (RV 1-133)

Indra killed Arna, Chitraratha on the banks of Sarayu (RV 4-30)
Indra broke the mountain to release the captivated water (RV 2-11)
Indra found out Shambara after 40 years in the mountain hide-outs (RV 2-11)
Indra killed Vala, Brahmin Vritra and Demon Ahi who captivated the waters (RV 2-11)
Indra freed the dragon and released Seven Rivers (RV 2-12)
Indra subdued Kings Kutsa, Athigva and Ayu(RV 2-14)
Indra destroyed Shambara’s 100 ancient Puras (forts/castles/cities) (RV 2-14;1-53)
Indra killed Dhribika, Urana, Arbuda, Shushna, Pipru, Namuci, Rudhikra (RV 2-14)

standing indra - sandstone - madhya pradesh - singapore

Indra breaks the cave of Vala, rich in cows. (RV 1-11)
Indra smites Dasa and opens the caves where cows were imprisoned (RV 1-32)
Indra scattered Dasa and Dasyus (RV 1-53;5-3-34)
Indra killed Parnaya, Karanja (RV 1-53)
Indra broke the forts of Sushna, Shambara, Kuyava (RV 1-103)
Indra shattered 90 forts of Puru and brought Shambara from the mountains (RV 1-130; 3-12-6)

Indra’s Wife an Asura woman!

Indra’s wife is Saci devi, the daughter of a Daitya (asura) chief Puloma.
Jains have 64 Indras and 22 Devis.

indra-mathura-sculpture-with airavata (gupta period)


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  1. Here also the greatest distortion Everybody hides the fact that in Avesta Casas and Dasyus are mentioned but there also they have been despised. The hieroglyphics of Ramses points to an understanding between Hittite king and Ramses resulting in marriage if Ramses with daughter of Hittite king in 2300BC shattering Aryan myth. The alliance continued for three generations. Indra and Vishnu were the Chief Devas of Buddhism and from Buddhistic literature it is seen that Indra’s wife was Sachi who dies not change and the name for present era is Chairs. This is not available in original puranas since Indra did nor have more authority except as Dikpala of East and offered Havis along with Varuna, Vayu, Yama and Soma. It is to be seen that in Aupasana no havis is given tob Surya as Dikpala. Indra in puranas is different from Indra of Yagyas. The term Velvi is from word Venduthal(Viruppam) which is the transliteration of ISHTI Yagyas done for material benefits. Vedic God Indira would have been adopted from Middle East where sacrifices were practiced by all Oriental except North India. But for epics and Puranas from the dawn of bronze age till Pushyamithra Sunga(a southerner having fig tree as identification) all were Jains only for whom propiation of Indra was only through chants since India did not have worthwhile goats and cows fit for sacrifice and people did not know the art of using dead animals. Hence but for Karnataka and Tamilnadu sacrifices were completely absent in North. Moreover the influence of Darius I/Denetrius with regard to vegetarianism was immense with the emergence of Adoka who can never be considered as Idian since his edicts in Aramaic/Greek/Karoshti was replica of Darius I. In India Hindus and Buddhists are indulging in ghost war. What Buddha did was to Aryanise Brahmins who had fallen to Semitic customs of sacrifices.

  2. Dear Sri Swaminathan
    I have read Mr.M.R.jambunathan’s Tamil translations of 3 Vedas. I amreading the translation of Atharvana Vedam at present.
    You have given the references to Indra’s exploits. The details of the battles are not given in the vedas. Does it not mean that the people knew about the legends, folktales, mythologies and puranas about Indra alrerady? As far as I could see Indra and Agni seem to be the only Gods during Vedic period.

  3. Dear Iyer

    My conclusion is that the Vedas are a mystery. Nobody tried to get the meaning. They believed it it a as secret with hidden meaning. That is why Sangam Tamils named Vedas as MARAI (SECRET). Never believe what Westerners say about the Vedas. Believe what great saints like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramana, Tulsidas, Vaishnavite and Saivite Tamil saints and Shankaracharyas like Kanchi Paramacharya.

  4. Dear Swaminathan
    Though I had mentioned only about Tamil translation of Vedas by M.R. Jambunathan I did simultaneously refer to English translation by Griffith etc. The doubt which I raised was why there is no reference to other Gods and Goddesses like SiVa, Vishnu, Parvathi etc in Vedas. In couple of places Saraswati’s name appears. Is the chronological order vEda, sAstra, purANa and Agama? If so, how exploits of Indra, Agni are mentioned in Vedas?

    Another doubt I had was the following. Frequently Somarasa is offered to Agni and Indra and they are requested to kill the enemies, capture their horses, cattle and wealth and give to them. Most of the Samhita seems to be prayer for material things . Spirituality seems to be very rare.
    I am reading Kanchi Paramacharya’s Deivaththin kural (தெய்வத்தின் குரல்).

  5. In the Rig Veda, the oldest scripture in the world, Siva, Vishnu and several other goddesses are there.
    Kanchi Paramcharya has referred to Shiva in his talks. The word SHIVA is not in Sangam literature or Rig Veda. But other aspects of Shiva such as Neelakantan, Tri netran, trayambakam are there in Sangam Tamil and the Rig Veda. Vishnu is also there in both the literatures. Uma is the only goddess with the Sanskrit name in Sangam literature . Other goddesses like Durga are in Tamil name Kotravai.

    One will get the status to comment or critisize the Vedas only after one reads the entire Vedas with Indian commentators works. If someone asks some questions after reading Griffith etc it is like criticizing Shakespeare after studying English up to school final.

    It is good to read works by great people like Kanchi Paramacharya, Chinmaya, Sivanada, Chidbavananda, Satya Sai Baba, Ramana, Vivekananda, Sri Ramkrishna forclearing doubts.

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