31 Quotations from Valmiki Ramayana

ramayan aranyakanda

31 Quotations from Valmiki Ramayana

Good Thoughts Calendar 2014 (August)

Post No. 1204; Date: 30 July 2014
Prepared by London swaminathan (copyright)

31 important Quotes from the Valmiki Ramayana are given in this month’s calendar; Source for quotes: Valmiki Ramayana Quotes from Suktisudha, Chinmaya International Foundation, Ernakulam, India

Important Dates: August 8 Friday Varalakshmi Vrata; 10 Sunday Upakarma, Raksha Bandan; 11 Gayatri Japa; 15 Friday Indian Independence Day; 17 Sunday Janmashtami; 19 Krishna Jayanthi (Tamil Nadu); 29 Friday Ganesh Chathurthy.

Auspicious Days: August 20, 22, 29, 31; Full Moon day August 10
New Moon (Amavasya) August 24; Ekadasi August 7 & 21

August 1 Friday
Like a flowing river, what has gone will never come back 5-20-12
Yadatitam punarnaiti srotah srotasvinaam iva

August 2 Saturday
Surely, destiny is hard to supersede 2-24-33
Nuunam kaalo duratyayah

August 3 Sunday
There is no deity powerful than time 2-88-11
Na nuunam daivatam kincit kaalena balavattaram

August 4 Monday
At the time of doom, one seized by fate disregards good advice 4-15-31
Na rocate tadvacanam hi tasya kaalaabhipannasya vinaasakaale

August 5 Tuesday
He who does not repay a favour is a stigma to humanity 4-38-26
Krtam na pratikuryaadhyah purusaanaam hi duusanah

ram puja

August 6 Wednesday
Never make fun of the cruel and ignoble 3-18-19
Kuurairanaayarino kaaryah parihaasanah kathaancana

August 7 Thursday
Duties not performed, invite the wrath even of the good 5-1-97
Kartavyam akrtam kaaryam sataam manyum udiirayet

August 8 Friday
No life is expunged before the appointed hour 2-39-5
Na tvevaanaagate kaaledehaaccyavati jivitam

August 9 Saturday
No burden is too heavy for Providence; not even death 6-48-19
Na kalasyaatibhaarosti kraantasca sudurjayah

August 10 Sunday
Bygones are gone forever 6-63-15
Gatantu gatameva hi

ram and hut

August 11 Monday
Time is indeed inviolable 3-68-21
Kaalo hi duratikramah

August 12 Tuesday
A night lost cannot be regained. 2-105-19
Atyeti rajani yaatu saa na pratinivartate

August 13 Wednesday
It is my confirmed conviction that desire grips one more than wealth or righteousness 2-53-9
Kaama evaartha dharmaabhyaam gariyaa niti me matih

August 14 Thursday
The doings of the wise should never ever harm the world 7-83-20
Lokapiidaakaram karma na kartavyam vicaksanaih

August 15 Friday
The inspired do not shirk work 4-1-122
Utsaahavantah purusaa naavasiidanti karmasu

ram viswamitra

August 16 Saturday
How can a bird, shorn of its wings, accomplish anything?
Apakso hi katham paksii karma kincitsamaarabhet

August 17 Sunday
The discerning should not give away their daughters to warriors 4-23-8
Suuraaya na pradaatavyaa kanyaa khalu vipascitaa

August 18 Monday
Those whose endeavour has been foiled and purpose thwarted cannot gain their object of pursuit without exertion 4-1-120
Artho hi nastakaaryaarthair ayatnenaadhigamyate

August 19 Tuesday
Without danger knocking on the door of one’s benefactors, where arises the chance to reciprocate ? 7-40-24
Narah pratyupakaaraanaam aapatsvaayaati paatraanaam

August 20 Wednesday
All the worlds are cast by the Creator 4-24-41
Loko hi sarvo vihito vidhaatraa

August 21 Thursday
Where there is Rama , there is neither fear nor failure 4-49-15
Yatra raamo bhayam naatra naasti tatra paraa bhavah

August 22 Friday
Which living being is free from danger? 3-66-6
Praaniah kasya naapadah

August 23 Saturday
People are as repelled by a liar, as they are of serpents 2-109-12
Udvijante yathaa sarpaannaraad anrta vaadinah

August 24 Sunday
Deities happily partake of the very food that a man eats 2-103-30
Yadannah puruso bhavati tadannaastasya devataah

August 25 Monday
Having hewed a mango tree, will anyone nourish a neem tree instead? 2-35-16
Aamram chitvaa kuthaarena nimbam paricarettu kah

ram ahalya

August 26 Tuesday
Despise not others in haste 6-9-12
Paresaam sahasaavajnaa na kartavyaa katanchana

August 27 Wednesday
Show no disrespect even when impelled by desire or anger 1-13-15
Na caavanjnaa prayoktavyaa kaamakrodhavasaadapi

August 28 Thursday
No one is ever infallible
Na kascinnaaparaadhyati

August 29 Friday
To retaliate against him, who has earlier inflicted harm, is no sin 2-96-24
Puurvaapakaarinam hatvaa na hyadharmena yujyate

August 30 Saturday
A guest, though he be ill mannered, deserves to be welcomed by the discerning 5-1-119
Atithih kila puujaarhah praakrtopi vijaanataa

august 2

August 31 Sunday
O, good one! Overdoing anything leads to sorrow 5-24-21
Saravatraatikrtam bhadre vysanaayopa kalpate.

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  1. I am unable to understand the significance of 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in a month. Any month having 31 days will have 5 days in three consecutive days because (4×7) + 3 = 31. Please see the list for the year 2014.
    January- Wed, Thurs & Fri
    March- Sat, Sun & Mon
    May- Thurs, Fri & Sat
    July- Tues, Wed & Thurs
    Aug- Fri, Sat & Sun
    Oct- Wed, Thurs & Fri
    Dec – Mon, Tues & Wed
    Indian calendars follow either Chandramana or Sauramana. The western calendar has no rational system to determine the duration of months. Depending on the whims and fancies of kings and religious leaders the calendar had been changed frequently.

  2. A correction in my posting. (4×4) +(3×5) = 31

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