Mahabharat names Vs Indus Valley Names

Research paper written by London Swaminathan
Research article No.1392; Dated 5th November 2014.

I was going through the names of Mahabharata characters in “Who is who in the Mahabharata?” by Subash Mazumdar. An approximate list of suffixes or surnames is as follows:

Sena — 24 names, e.g Chitrasena, Shursena, Dhumatsena, Sinsena, Bhimasena
Ketu – 9 names, E.g.Shvetaketu
Varman –13 names, E.g Ketuvarma , Kshatravarma, Kritavarma,Dhritavarma ,Satyavarma
Pati+Vati — 11+3 names, Madhravati, Mayavati, Prabhavati
Datta — 6, Vygradatta, Bhanudatta, Bhagadatta
Dyuman – 6, Dhrstadyuman
Ratha – 5 e.g.Chitraratha, Jayadratha (Indus Valley area), Bhagiratha
Mana – 5 Anshumana, Shrenimana
Ayudha/Yudhdha -3, Halaydha

Vasu – 5
Asva – 6 E.g. Brhadasva, Vyusistasva
Wana – 6 E.g. Sharadwana, Rumanvana
Ayana – Krishna Dwaipayana
Deva—Sahadeva, Vasudeva, Shrutadeva,Shakradeva

Sena ending, Ketu ending and Pati/Vati ending names are in the Vedic literature as well. This shows that these names are being used for thousands of years. Even in the Kathasaritsagara and Vikram and Vetal we come across same suffixes like Sena and Varman and Datta. So if at all we look for some names in the Indus valley it should be Sena, Varman, Ketu, Pati, Vati, Mati ending names. If we keep it in mind and identify these suffixes in the Indus valley script, we can succeed in the deciphering it.

I have already written an articles about Pati, Mati, Vati ending names in Vedas and Epics.
We have to prepare a list of Vedic names and epic names and compare it for further research.


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