A Day in Sringeri Jagadguru’s Life.


Received  via email from D Narayanan, Bangalore

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Post No 1614; Dated 31 january 2015


A Day in Sringeri Jagadguru’s Life.


He does not sleep or rest during day.

Relaxation is a word that does not exist for him.

He is constantly reading whenever he has time.


3:45 am– Arises

4:30 am– First Bath,Anushtana, worship and meditation,puja to the padukas of his guru and paramaguru,Parayana of Adi shankara Bramha sutra bhashya

7 am– visits Samadhi temples of his gurus, goshala and feeds the cows.

8 am– Conducts classes for the students-Vedanta or tarka

9:30 am-Guides religious observences in peetham-Darshan to visiting heads of other mutts.

10:30 am– Darshan to devotees

sringeri 10a

12:00– 2 nd Bath-midday prayers and meditation

2:00 pm– Bhiksha(Lunch)

3:00 pm-Teaches a class for scholars and guides research activities.Brainstorming intellectual sessions on various subjects.

5:30 pm– Darshan to devotees.

6:30 pm– Discusses math affairs with administrator

7:30 pm– 3rd Bath-Evening worship and meditation.

8:15 pm– Sri chandramouleeshwara puja

10:00 pm– retires to his chamber and continues his personal study.

Food: A Glass of Milk in the morning and Night and one meal a day.


No fruits, snacks or other food.

On Ekadasi, observes silence and does not even partake water.

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