Mystery of Einstein’s Brain! Smaller than ours!


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Written by London swaminathan

Date : 26  July 2014

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The first part of this article was posted yesterday under the title “Einstein’s Hindu Connection.”


1.Greater than Einstein!

At a gathering of mathematicians, someone undertook to discourse upon the meaning of Einstein’s theories. After he had run on tediously for nearly an hour, someone interrupted to say, “I think you are greater than Einstein himself. Twelve men understand Einstein—but nobody understands you.”


2.I am NOT a good mathematician: Einstein

Sir William Rothenstein was in Berlin doing a portrait of Einstein. The mathematician was always accompanied to the studio by a solemn, academic looking individual who sat in a corner throughout the sittings. Einstein, not wishing to waste any time, was putting forth some tentative theories, to which the silent companion replied only by an occasional nod or shake of the head.  When the work was concluded, Rothenstein, who was curious, asked Einstein who his companion was. “That is my mathematician”, said Einstein, who examines problems which I put before him and checks their validity.  You see, I am not myself a good mathematician.”



3.Success Formula

Asked one day for a mathematical formula for success in life, Albert Einstein gave the following:

“if ‘a’ is success in life, the formula is,  ‘a’ equals ’x’ plus ‘y’ plus ‘z’. x being work and y being play.”

“And what is ‘z’?” he was asked.

“Z”, he said, “is keeping your mouth shut.”



4.Einstein’s jibe at Nazis

The sculptor Jacob Epstein tells this story”When I was doing Professor Albert Einstein’s but he had many a jibe at he Nazi professors, one hundred of him had condemned his theory of relativity in a book. ‘Were I wrong’, he said, ‘one professor would have been enough!”


E= mc2

5.Brain of Einstein

Charles Saatchi, author of the book   “DEAD: A Celebration of Mortality” gives lot of interesting information about Einstein’s brain.

Einstein’s brain was smaller than our brains

During Albert Einstein’s autopsy his brain was cut into 240 blocks and tissues were taken on slides from all the blocks. The slides were distributed to some of the world’s best neuro pathologists. The autopsy revealed that Einstein’s brain was a great deal smaller than average.

Years a later lot of people asked for his brain samples. The researchers noted a uniquely formed pre-frontal cortex and concluded that this would explain the kind of abstract thinking Einstein would have needed for his experiments on the nature of space and time – such as imagining riding alongside a beam of light.

The advances he ushered into the first half of 20th century – quantum theory and relativity are still the twin pillars of physics, encompassed in the vast sweep of modern science. However, Einstein abilities did not always make themselves clear.



6.Einstein’s childhood

As a child Einstein struggled to speak, and his worried parents took him to see doctors who misread his lack of interest in taking as a sign of someone of below average intelligence. He also displayed stunted social development, was stubborn and preferred to play alone.

At supper when he was about five years old he surprised his parents by breaking his silence to explain in perfect German: “This soup is too hot.” His parents asked him why he barely uttered a sentence before and he replied: “Because up to now everything was in order.”

Many exceptionally intelligent people have displayed similar slow development at a young age, causing social theorist Thomas Sowell to name the behaviour as Einstein Syndrome.



7.Belief in God

Einstein’s radical scientific leaps convinced many that they left him with no room for a belief in God.

He explained his position simply:

“Imagine a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books but does not know how, or the languages in which they are written.

“It may dimly suspect a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvellously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws.”



  1. Top Ten Highest Earning Dead People!

There is a Tamil proverb about elephants:

An elephant is worth 1000 gold coins whether it is alive or dead.

Even in death Einstein has been prolific.  He is one of the top ten highest earning dead people and generates an annual revenues of $20 million spreading his teaching through educational materials including Disney’s Little Einsteins.



9.Anagram of Albert Einstein!

“Albert Einstein” is anagram of “Ten Elite Brains”!

If you rearrange the spelling using each letter once, you will get new words TEN ELITE BRAINS.

DWGDN2 Two Mongolia postage stamps featuring Albert Einstein. In one he is sitting in a chair, holding a pipe; the other is a portrait.

DWGDN2 Two Mongolia postage stamps featuring Albert Einstein. In one he is sitting in a chair, holding a pipe; the other is a portrait.

Source: Thesaurus of Anecdotes

News Paper Book Review

stamp_einstein2india eistein

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