A Story about Mountain of Worries!

man path

Article No. 2057

Written by London swaminathan


Date : 9  August  2015

Time uploaded in London :– 17-08

“Distance lends enchantment to the view” is the English saying and the equivalent proverbs exist in almost all the languages in the world. In Tamil “Ikkaraikku Akkarai Pachai” = The cow on one side of the river thinks the other side is greener. There is another saying in Tamil meaning “Green at a distance is cool to the eyes.”

There is a story told by Swami Ramdas to illustrate this proverb/saying.

There was a time when discontent seized the souls of men in the world to such an extent that they unitedly raised a wail to the throne of God for relief. Everyman, dissatisfied with his own lot, felt he would gladly exchange places with his neighbour.

God heard their cry and appeared before them. All the aggrieved people assembled around Him on a vast plain. God now said, “O men, in response to your prayers, I have come here. I give each of you power to throw down on this plain the particular disability or the woe which is the cause of your discomfort and misery.”

At once, in hot haste, all he people divested themselves of their burdens of sorrow and flung them on the plain. The accumulated heap of woes formed a veritable mountain. “Now, O men,” exclaimed God, “You may pick up from this heap any burden which you prefer in exchange for the one you have given up.”


Immediately, there was a furious scramble and each man grabbed the burden of woe belonging to his neighbour. The blind man exchanged his blindness for a broken leg vice versa. The poor man exchanged his state with the man of riches. The barren women became fruitful and vice versa – so on and so forth. Thus in a short time, the mountain of worries disappeared. All the people felt for the moment happy and relieved. God left them and they returned to their homes.

What happened the next day? Louder lamentations, a hundred times more than what it was the day before, rose from the people. God again presented Himself before them. Now all the people cried out “ O Lord, give me back my own woe, for I cannot endure the pains and grief which I have taken in exchange.” God granted their prayer and they returned perfectly satisfied.

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