Priest and the Emperor (Post No.2540)


Compiled by london swaminathan

Post No. 2540

Date: 14th February 2016


Time uploaded in London:- 17-10

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Story from China

An old, lame priest was so renowned for his self-denying liberality that the Emperor Chien Lung himself paid him a visit. After some conversation the emperor presented him with a valuable pearl which the old man immediately bestowed on a beggar in the crowd.


His Majesty was somewhat taken aback at this act of rudeness and asked it was his habit to give everything away in the same manner. On receiving a reply in the affirmative, the Emperor added, “Even down to the crutch you lean upon”.


“Ah”, said the priest, “it is written that the superior man does not covet what his friend cannot spare”.

“But supposing”, said the Emperor, “he was not a superior man?”

“In that case”, answered the priest, “you could not expect me to be his friends.”




God is the Provider, but he needs a nudge (story from Persia)


In other words, God helps those help themselves. Two friends were disputing, one of them maintaining that God would provide all one’s needs, the other arguing that one had to work for one’s living. At length to settle the matter, the first man went and sat in a corner of the mosque to wait his sustenance from god. Two days passed, and then three, and still nothing came from heaven or earth.


But on the evening of third day three villagers came into the mosque to eat their bread and cheese. As they were packing up the reminder of the food before leaving, our friend, seeing his last chance about to disappear, coughed gently. The villagers noticed him and taking pity on his haggard appearance, gave him the remains of their food. The man went back to his friend in all humility “God is indeed the Provider”, he admitted, “but he needs a nudge.”





World is God (Story from India)


A man living in this world was disgusted with life, and renouncing it, went to a solitary spot and dwelt in a cave praying God to give His Darshan. He fasted and prayed for a long period and just when he was despairing of seeing God, He appeared before him saying, “Lo, I am here”. What did the man see before him? God had come to him in the form of the world itself which he had renounced in search of Him. On having this vision the man returned to the world and saw God everywhere in it and ever remained filled with bliss and peace.




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