For a Bull Five Yards, For a Horse 10 Yards, For a bad person …………………. (Post No. 2882)

beauty bull

Article written by London swaminathan


Date: 9 June 2016


Post No. 2882


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There are two verses in Sanskrit and Tamil, almost identical that deals with bad people. The way the poets emphasize their point is very impressive.


An anonymous verse in the Tamil ‘Neethi Venba’ says:

If you see a bull stay at least five yards away from it (you will be safe); if it is a horse stay ten yards away from it. If you see an elephant (mad elephant), stay away by 1000 yards. If it is a bad person stay away from his sight.


A Sanskrit poet differs slightly, who says:-

If you see a vehicle, stand at a distance of five yards; 10 yards for a horse, 1000 yards for an elephant; and for a bad person, go as far as possible.

Saktam pancahasteshu dasahasteshu vaajinam

Gajam hasta sahasrena dushtam durena varjayet


Another verse beautifully compres a poisonous snake with a bad person:-

Hindus believe that a cobra has a ruby like red stone in its hood with which it looks for food in the night time (scientific explanation is that snakes use infrared rays to find its prey).

Durjanah parihartavyo vidyaalankrutopi san

Maninaa bushita sarpah kimasau na bayankarah

3 snakes

Even if a bad person is a leaned one, keep away from him; maintain a distance; even the cobra that has a crest jewel is considered a terrible creature!



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