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 We criticise some people with ‘animal’ behaviour. We condemn them as ANIMALs. But animals are more human than animals

Here is a human-interest story item from yesterday’s newspaper

Bull, cow reunited after a video of their affection goes viral in Madurai

A moving video of the bull circling the lorry, sticking his head in and finally running after the lorry carrying the cow which was sold by her owner in Palamedu surfaced online.

People broke into celebrations here after a bull, who refused to be parted from cow and doggedly chases the vehicle in which the latter was being transported were finally reunited.

A moving video of the bull circling the lorry, sticking his head in and finally running after the lorry carrying the cow which was sold by her owner in Palamedu surfaced online. the visuals showed the black bull running after the lorry for about a kilometre.

Muniandiraja a resident of Palamedu, who runs a tea shop in the area said he had reared his cow Lakshmi along with a temple Bull, named Manjamalai.

Muniandiraja said he sold his cow and had loaded it to his truck for transportation. However, the Bull could not bear the separation and followed the vehicle for about 1 km and attempting to stop it.

Seeing this incident the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, O Panneer Selvam’s son, O. Jayapradeep, recovered the cow by giving money to the person who bought the cow.

He donated the cow to the temple and reunited the bovines.



In Tamil literature and Mahavamsa we have a story where a cow got justice from the Choza king after losing its calf under the wheels of a Choza prince’s chariot.

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For a Bull Five Yards, For a Horse 10 Yards, For a bad person …………………. (Post No. 2882)

beauty bull

Article written by London swaminathan


Date: 9 June 2016


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There are two verses in Sanskrit and Tamil, almost identical that deals with bad people. The way the poets emphasize their point is very impressive.


An anonymous verse in the Tamil ‘Neethi Venba’ says:

If you see a bull stay at least five yards away from it (you will be safe); if it is a horse stay ten yards away from it. If you see an elephant (mad elephant), stay away by 1000 yards. If it is a bad person stay away from his sight.


A Sanskrit poet differs slightly, who says:-

If you see a vehicle, stand at a distance of five yards; 10 yards for a horse, 1000 yards for an elephant; and for a bad person, go as far as possible.

Saktam pancahasteshu dasahasteshu vaajinam

Gajam hasta sahasrena dushtam durena varjayet


Another verse beautifully compres a poisonous snake with a bad person:-

Hindus believe that a cobra has a ruby like red stone in its hood with which it looks for food in the night time (scientific explanation is that snakes use infrared rays to find its prey).

Durjanah parihartavyo vidyaalankrutopi san

Maninaa bushita sarpah kimasau na bayankarah

3 snakes

Even if a bad person is a leaned one, keep away from him; maintain a distance; even the cobra that has a crest jewel is considered a terrible creature!



True Story: Everything happens for good


Article No. 2068

Written by London swaminathan

Date : 13  August  2015

Time uploaded in London :–  20-04

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A poor devotee of God was a householder, had his hut near a forest. In his house, besides his wife, there was a bull which was used as a beast of burden. It was the soul means of livelihood for the couple, for on its back articles were carried out for sale by its master. There was also in the house a dog which was useful for keeping guard and protecting them in the woodland. The devotee had in addition a parrot of which he and his wife were very fond, as they had no children. The parrot when the night passed and the day dawned, used to wake up the couple by calling out, “Awake, and pray to God!”

One day, it so chanced, a lion from the forest came and killed the bull belonging to the poor householder. The dog, being afraid of the lion, ran inside the house and hid himself. The householder got up in the morning and when he saw the dead body of the bull, he exclaimed, “It is well done, God does everything for the best. This has happened by his will. Therefore it cannot be but for our good.”


Hearing these words, his wife was greatly displeased, but she did not say anything. Misfortunes, however, never come single. Later on, that day, the parrot somehow came out of its cage and was killed by the dog. When the master of the house heard of the incident, he repeated, “God does everything for the best. This has happened by his will. Therefore it cannot be but for our good.”

On hearing these words, this time his wife became desperate and beat her own head. She became so distressed over these remarks that she did not even try to express her feelings to her husband. A short time afterwards, somebody told them that their dog was rolling in agony in the street. It died soon after.  The master of the hose again said, “God does everything for the best. This has happened by his will. Therefore it cannot be but for our good.”

Seething with anger, his wife now was unable to control herself and told him, “What do you mean by repeating such senseless words? Without any means of livelihood, now remain in the house and starve. Take to your bed and sleep till morning. The bull that gave us food, and the parrot that was waking us up in the morning have both gone. The faithful dog also died.  This night someone will send us also to the cremation ground.  Then you will realise the God’s goodness”

lio buffalo 3

“What has happened cannot be changed,” said the man, who was perfectly calm and cheerful. He took everything as god’s grace. He was quite unperturbed by his wife’s ironical outburst. But his wife was feeling very miserable. She was worried as to how they would eke out their livelihood.

The day passed and the night came. Both slept. When they woke up in the morning and went out, they saw in the whole town dead bodies scattered lying everywhere. In the night, a gang of dacoits had entered the town and had left not a single person alive.  They had looted every house and taken vessels from the homes. A house near the jungle, without a dog, is generally taken to be unoccupied. So, thinking, that the cottage of this couple was vacant and deserted, the dacoits did not enter it. Thus the God had really saved them in his mysterious way.

parrot 4

The man said to his wife now, “if our dog was there with us, the dacoits would have entered the house and surely killed us also. Even if the bull had been seen by them, they would not have spared us. The parrot too would have been a source of danger to us. If it had shouted before dawn to wake us up, the dacoits would have heard it and got scent of us. God, who in all kindness, had arranged the death of all these three beforehand in order to save us. It is on account of this that we are alive today. Do you now doubt that all that happens is for good?”