Miracle Cure for Eczema! (Post No.3316)

Compiled  by London Swaminathan


Date: 3  November 2016


Time uploaded in London: 18-38


Post No.3316



Pictures are taken from various sources; they are only representational.



Arthur Miles narrated the following anecdote in his book The Land of the Lingam (year 1933):–

Another of my friends in south India had much happier experience with her bearer.  For thirty-five years her husband had been the victim of eczema, and had spent unavailingly a small fortune on doctors and cures.

One day, however, when she was having tea alone in the compound, her bearer said to her: “Memasahib, I can cure master”. With a smile, she told the man she was sure he could not succeed where all the doctors had failed. Nevertheless, the servant quietly insisted in his assertion, and produced a small phial containing some thickish red fluid. A crop of sores on her husband’s body the following morning reminded the memsahib of the phial the boy had given her, and more in desperation than in any belief in the of the remedy, she applied the contents of the bottle to the new eruption.


To her amazement the sores not only healed, but they left behind no scar on the skin. For some time my friend was unable to get the bearer to tell her how his medicine was prepared, and it was always he and the maali (gardner) who went off together to get fresh supplies. During the early stages of the treatment it seemed that supplies could be obtained within her own compound, but later the men had to go farther afield.

Picture of Agamidae lizard

Like a wise woman, however, since all was going well, she concealed her curiosity, and paid the bearer well for his trouble. Ultimately, it turned out to be blood from the throat of the Agamidae lizard which was providing the so magical cure. When I last heard from my friends they were making a leisurely trip around the world. Knowing my interest in the matter it was specially mentioned in a letter that no return of the eczema had occurred.



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