It’s a Beautiful World! (Post No3382)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 23 November 2016


Time uploaded in London: 10-11 AM


Post No.3382


Pictures are taken from various sources; they are representational only; thanks.





It’s a beautiful world indeed. We may think that the world is full of bad people after reading the first page of the newspapers. They give priority to crime news. All the newspapers report murder and mayhem. London Metro is no exception. But yet it gives positive news as well. Every day it publishes one 60 second interview with a prominent person and gives some space for the good deeds done by people and Thank you messages. Another column is allocated for Love at First Sight messages. Why don’t India newspapers follow this?


Metro newspaper is read by millions of people every day in and around London. It is distributed free of cost. It has been publishing 60 second interviews and good deeds for several years. That means it has published several thousand interviews and good deeds messages.


Here are some examples taken from recent Metro issues:-


Tuesday, November 15, 2016 METRO


“THANK you to Ben, the train guard on the 10.12am Trans Pennine train from Liverpool to Newcastle for being so helpful when we forgot our rail card on our wedding anniversary trip and for upgrading us to first class. What a star!- Jo and Roy, Wirral


THANK you to the lady who helped me on Saturday night when I was ‘unwell’ near, Highbury & Islington station and got me safely into a cab. -Dimple, London



forgot our railcard on our thanks to your note. Dimple, London wedding anniversary trip and Gareth And Rebecca, Liverpool


THANK you to staff at Woking station for displaying the lovely poppy tributes made by local children. They are both moving and uplifting- Amanda, Surrey





THANK you so much to the lovely man who helped me get my car out of a really tight space on Dowanhill Road in Glasgow on Saturday evening. l was in a complete panic and your kind and helpful words calmed me down– Young and Anxious Driver, Glasgow







Thanks to all those who stopped on the bridge above Queen Street Station last Thursday when my friend had a seizure. He is now fine. Cammie, Glasgow




Friday, November 4, 2016 METRO


THANK you to the lovely  couple I met on the Sheffield tram. I was running late for the Sheffield 10k and needed to  hand in my bag to the baggage area. They kindly handed it in while I legged it to the start- Chris, Wakefield




THANK you to the wonderful staff at Wythenshawe hospital. I had a rare visit there with my mum and all I saw were incredible acts of kindness. Thank goodness for these people who are the heart of the NHS- Debbie, Manchester.





Thank you so much to everyone  who helped me when I fainted on the 7.38am train to Glasgow Central on Thursday, and to the gent for buying me much needed Lucozade tablets – Jillian, Clarkston




Thank you to the young lad who stuck up for me outside Bath bus station on Friday when I was being harassed by a drunk man and to the bus driver who stopped to let me on — Girl in The Boots Uniform



Friday, November 18, 2016 METRO


HEARTFELT thanks to police officer Gareth and hospital staff who helped save my life after my accident on the East Lancs Road on Monday night. My  calf was sliced in two and I suffered minor head injuries. My cycle helmet saved me, so please always wear one.

—-Grateful cyclist



THANK you to the person who witnessed me having a seizure carriage and then carried my Grateful Commuter somewhere between Berkeley Square and Regent Street called an ambulance and stayed to tell them what had happened– Julia, London





BEAUTIFUL brunette on the 7.38am from St Albans. I kept glancing and smiled at you as I got off at St Pancras. I was hoping you were getting off too, so we could grab a drink. May be next time?

–Guy with glasses, Luton




We smiled at the instructions. It will lead kept each other a few times and you to me.

Blonde Lady glancing and smiled at you as I wish I had asked you out. I was Guy in Red Jacket And Jeans


SMALL Blonde In Blue Jacket hoping you were getting off (Metro, Fri), l fit your description but remain doubtful. Any more details?- Guy wearing head phones.



GIRL In Red Dress (Metro, Fri) yes, I did see you on Monday and I do fancy a pint. Is Wetherspoons at Dewsbury  at 6.30pm OK? Guy In Green Jacket, Bradford.




BEAUTIFUL girl with brown hair and the world’s best smile on the Northern line at Euston on Saturday. I off Embankment Station. We smiled at each other a few times and I wish I had asked you out- Guy in Red Jacket and Jeans.

And many more like this every day!




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