Feet are ruled by Brahma, Heart is ruled by Rudra (Post No.3511)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 3 January 2017


Time uploaded in London:-  19-14


Post No.3511



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Medical Astrology says which planet rules which part of the body. Though there is no scientific evidence for that, astrologers believe in it and ‘treat’ their customers accordingly. In the same way Hindu scriptures gives details about the body parts and their rulers and the respective mantras.

The following chart gives the details:

1.Region in Body –   Elements—  Deity—  Bija Mantra

Feet to Knees –                  Earth —        Brahma—lam

Knees to Generative organ-    Water –   Vishnu—vam

Generative organ to Heart    —  Fire      —  Rudra – ram

Heart to Eye Brows          — Air          — Maruta  — yam

Eye brows to Head         — Space    — Sankara  — ham


2.Five Jnanendriyas  – Sense Organs

Naasikaa-Nose, Jihvaa- Tongue, Caksuh- Eye,

Tvak- Skin, Srotra- Ear


3.Five Karmendriyas- Motor Organs

Vak-Tonge, Paani- Hand, Paada- Feet, Paayu- Organ of excretion, Upastha- Organ of Creation

4.Pancha Bhutas – Five Elements

Prithvii- Earth, Ap- Water, Tejas- Fire, Vayu- Air, Aakaasa – Space

5.Five Tanmatras – Subtle Elements

Gandha- Smell, Rasa- Taste, Ruupa – Vision/colour, Sparsa – Touch, Sabda- Sound.

Source: sankhya sanketa kosa (Encyclopaedia of Numerals) , Volume-1, The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute, Chennai-600 004, Year 2011



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