Agni Purana explains Correct Gem for Wealth and Health (Post No.3646)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 18 February 2017


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Post No.3646



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Agni Purana Explains and Helps You to Select the Correct Gem for Wealth, Health and Prosperity



The Hindu Puranas are of encyclopaedic character. The Puranas prescribe remedies for all types of human problems. There are eighteen major puranas. All are very interesting and informative in nature.

Puranas contain all types of topics. But human nature is to select the best topic for obtaining wealth, health, and an all-round success.

For this we may read Agni Purana which deals with Gems. Chapter 246 of Agni Purana gives you the characteristics of gems.

In ancient days kings are advised by the court priest to wear gems which are auspicious. Thus a king may wear diamond, emerald, ruby, pearls, sapphire, lapis lazuli, moon stone, sun-stone, crystal, topaz etc.

Gems set in gold would confer prosperity and success.

But one has to choose the correct gem suitable for him. For this one has to study his horoscope and choose the gem according to the planetary positions.

Also one has to test the gems before wearing the same.

Inward lustre, free from impurities and good formation are essential for a good gem.

Such gems could be worn.

The gems which are impure, cracked and containing pebbles inside should not at all be selected and worn.

It is commendable to wear diamond. But there is an exception also. Those who are not having child should not wear diamonds. This implies that wearing diamond will delay the pregnancy. So one has to be careful and not hastily wear anything studying the general rules.

Which diamonds are good and how to select them? For this Agni Purana gives perfect answer.

The diamond that could be carried away by water, that is unbreakable, without impurity, of hexagonal shape, has the lustre of rainbow, light and brilliant like the sun is very auspicious to wear.

The emerald possessing the hues of the plume, of a parrot, glossy, radiant, without impurity and containing minute particles resembling powdered gold is auspicious.

The rubies which are got from crystal mines may be used. The best ruby will be extremely red and spotless.

The pearls got from oysters are generally free from impurities. Pearls got from conch-shells are much superior. Rotundity, whiteness, transparency and heaviness are the good characteristics of a good pearl.

A good sapphire can be declared invaluable which shines in the milk, spreads more lustre and tinge of its own color.

The lapes lazuli of red-blue type is excellent and could be used in necklace.

One may verify these characteristics with the help of an expert gemmologist after consulting an astrologer.

It is a customary practice to clean any gem by dipping it in the cow’s milk to remove any impurity before wearing.

The gemmology is a science in itself and one has to take care to study the whole ‘Ratna Sastra’ meaning the science of gems.

Good luck to you all.



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