God is Wild Fire, Guru is a Lamp! (Post No.3852)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 26 APRIL 2017

Time uploaded in London:- 8-27 am

Post No. 3852

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Why do we need a Guru? A spiritual teacher. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and an anonymous Tamil poets give different answers.


An anonymous Tamil poet in the Tamil didactic work Neethi Venpa says:

God is like wild fire and Guru is like a lamp. When we need heat, and fire we don’t go to wild fire. We just use the lamp to drive darkness or light another lamp or to get fire to light the oven or gas stove. God’s grace is everywhere, but not all of us can use it. A little lamp can be used by every one. Gurus are like the lamps, easily accessible and usable.

Chess Game and Guru

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says,

At a game of chess, the on-lookers ca tell what the correct move is, better than the players themselves. Men of the world think that they are very clever, but they are attached to the things of the world – money, honours sense pleasures etc. As they are actually engaged in the play, it is hard for them to hit upon the right move.


Holy men who have given up the world are not attached to worldly objects. They are like the on-lookers at a game of chess.  They see things in their true light and can judge men better than the men of the world. Hence, in living the holy life, one must put faith only in the words of those who meditate upon god and who have realised Him. If you seek legal advice, will you not consult lawyers who are in the profession? Surely you will not take the advice of the man in the street.


Single Guru is a Must:

What is the necessity of calling a particular man our Guru instead of  calling everyone who teaches us something by that designation? When going to a strange country, one must abide by the  directions of the guide who knows the way. Taking the advice of many would lead to utter confusion. So in trying to reach God one must implicitly follow the advice of one single guru who knows the way to God.


24 Upa Gurus!

The Guru is only one but Upa Gurus (subsidiary teachers) may be many. He is an Upa guru from anything whatsoever is learned. The Great Avadhuta, (an ascetic of a high order in the Bhagavata) had 24 such upa gurus.


–Subham —

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