Kashmir Minister’s Sacrifice Saved the King! (Post No.3872)

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 2 May 2017

Time uploaded in London: 21-35

Post No. 3872

Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.

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We have read about the great sacrifice of Dadhichi Rishi (see) who sacrificed his backbone to make Vajrayudha weapon to kill the bad people. We have heard about the sacrifice of eyes by Tamil saint Kannappa Nayanar and Mahavishnu. We also know the sacrifice of head by Dadhyank in the Rig Veda. But not many people know the great sacrifice of Devasarman the minister of Kashmiri King Jeyapida who ruled Kashmir around 750 CE.

Kalhana gives a graphic account of his sacrifice in his book Rajatarangni (River of Kings) in Sanskrit

From the Fourth Taranga (Chapter):

Jayapida invaded Nepal; but the King Aramudi did not fight with him. He was skilled in magic and statecraft. He retired to a great distance from his army. Jeyapida also followed him. Aramudi went to the other side of a river and beat the war drums. Jeyapida’s army crossed the knee-deep water in the river. Suddenly the water level rose from the tides of the sea. Aramudi was waiting for this moment; He caught the king from the middle of the flooded river. Jeyapida did not know the territory but Aramudi skilfully drew him to a place near the eastern ocean. Jeyapida’s army was washed away into the sea.


Kashmiris use Drti (Inflated skin) to cross the river; it was the primitive method to cross a river or stream. it is inexpensive because they use the buffalo skin to make this skin bag.


Jeyapida was imprisoned in a stone building on the bank of the River Kalagandika. The natural sceneries were so beautiful, Jeyapida composed slokas (couplets) on it. Kashmiris were reciting those slokas, at least until the days of Kalhana. Rajatarangini says his slokas were melting hearts.

Jeyapida had a very wise minister called Devasarman. He sent emissaries to the Nepalese King Aramudi. Devasarman told the Nepalese king that Jeyapida’s treasure would be given to him. Since the army is holding the war booty he had brought the entire army to the other side of the river bank. Nepalese King Aramudi believed all these things.


Devasarman had a different plan. After getting the permission of Aramudi, he went and saw Jeyapida.


Devasarman told Jeyapida:

“I hope you have not lostyour personal bravery; for it exists like mural support for frescoes, the plans of perilous adventure will be successful”

Jeyapida replied to him: “O minister! thus segregated and without arms what wonderful act could I do even if I were possessed of courage”

Devasarman said: Are you capable of, after falling into the waters of the river from this window, of going to the further bank? For your own army is there.”

The King said to him: “After falling from here one cannot come to the surface of the water without an inflated skin (Drti) and in this place even the inflated skin would burst owing to the distance of the fall.”


Then after consideration the minister said to him: “Stay out side for two nalikas (48 minutes). Then the minister entered the room alone and killed himself; He has written with his blood:

I am the inflated skin for you; the body is filled with breath, it having been destroyed just now, mount me and cross the river; to serve as a hold for your thighs when mounted, the turban has been tied by me around my own loins, get into this and jump at once into the water”.

Such was the direction tied to the neck with a strip of cloth, written in blood, torn with the nails from his limbs, which he saw and deciphered.


At first the king was surprised and shocked, but later without wasting time jumped into the waters and reached his army. His army went into Nepalese territory and defeated Aramudi. Thus, the minister sacrificed his own life and saved Jeyapida.



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