My Violin Never Fails Me-Paganini (Post No.4441)


COMPILED by London Swaminathan 


Date: 28 NOVEMBER 2017 


Time uploaded in London- 18-27



Post No. 4441

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


Instrumentalists Anecdotes

Dull wit becomes a Genius!

Once when Paderewski played before queen Victoria, the sovereign exclaimed with enthusiasm,

“Mr Paderewski ,you are a genius !”

“Ah, Your Majesty, perhaps, but before I was a genius , I was a drudge.”



Violin and Guitar

Sam Ward told this story of Paganini,

The master held a guitar across his lap,

Your young friend is musical?,enquired he.

Fanatico!, replied Gear.

Then he shall hear me practice for tomorrow night’s concert

Taking the guitar he converted that little understood instrument into an orchestra of bewildering and harmonic sonority. Now it seemed a battle, with the clash of swords, shouts of combatants, the roll of the drum. Then wails of pain and grief appeared to emerge from the sounding board over which his fingers flew like what the westerners call greased lightning. The performance lasted perhaps half an hour, and the dampness of his dishevelled locks indicate d the intensity of the emotion and the exertions that expressed it.

When the mastero received, with a sad smile, our frantic applause, I inquired whether he was going to rehearse on the violin for the morrow. He shook his head, I never rehearse the violin. My practice is the gymnastics of the guitar, to be sure of my suppleness of finger and delicacy of touch. My violin never fails me.



Who is a good pianist?

Paderewski was once traveling incognito through Germany. He stopped for the night at a small in the Black Forest. In the main room of the inn was an old battered piano. Paderewski asked the landlord if he might try it. Upon doing so he found that the instrument was not only badly out of tune but that a number of the keys were stuck and would strike no sound at all. He remarked upon this to the landlord. The latter, offended  at the criticism of his piano replied, if you were a good pianist you could skip over those keys so it wouldn’t matter.



Get Married!

A young lady called one day on Rubinstein,the great pianist, who had consented to listen to her playing.

What do you think that I should do now?, she asked when she had finished.

Get married, was Rubinstein’s answer.

Xxxx Subham xxx



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