Chanakya and Tamil Poetess Avvaiyar (Post No.4739)

Date: 13 FEBRUARY 2018


Time uploaded in London- 20-46


Written by London swaminathan


Post No. 4739


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Who is Chanakya?

A Brahmin scholar, statesman, author of the first economics book in the world (Arthasastra), a king maker and author of several didactic works. He lived 2300 years ago.


Who is Avvaiyar?

There were at least three poetesses by the name Avvaiyar. Some people even say that there were six Avvaiyars. Most famous Avvaiyar lived 2000 years ago in Tamil Nadu during Sangam age. But the Avvaiyar who wrote Muuthrai belonged to the middle ages. Her Athichudi is taught to the infants in the school.


Chanakya says,

If people make friends with a person of evil conduct, evil eye, evil habitation, the wicked one, the person doing so comes to naught quickly.

Duraacaariivca durdushtirduraavaasii ca durjanah

Yanmaitrii kriyate pumbirnarah siighram vinasyati

Chapter 2, sloka 19

Avoid contact with the wicked, associate with the good, engage in good deeds day in day out, keep in mind impermanence all the time.

Tyaja durjanasamsargam bhaja saadhusamaagamam

Kuru punya mahoraatram smara nityamanityataam

Chapter 14, sloka 20


Tamil Poetess Avvaiyar says,

To see the vicious is bad; to give ear to the words of the wicked is evil. To voice forth the base qualities of the evil or vulgar is wicked. To associate with them as friends is sinful.

Muuthurai 9



Bull 5 metres, Horse 10 metres, elephant 1000 metres!


One should keep away from a cart to the distance of five hastas ( a measure of length equal to 24 angulas or about 18 inches) from a horse ten hastas, an elephant 100 hastas and for a wicked man even by leaving the country

Chapter 7, sloka 7

Sakatam pancahastena dasahastena vaajinam

Hastinam satahastena desatyaagena durjanam


This is in Tamil work ‘Neethi Venba:’ Keep away from horned animals to the distance of 5 hastas, from a horse ten hastas, for an elephant 1000 hastas and for a wicked man run away as long as he disappears from your sight.

Neethi Venba is by an anonymous author.




Sandalwood and Sugar cane

Chanakya says,

The sandal wood tree, even when cut, does not give up its fragrance, a lordly elephant, even when old, does not give up its playfulness; sugarcane, even when inserted in machine, does not give up its sweetness. One born in a high family, even when reduced to poverty, does not give up the qualities going with good conduct.

Chapter 15, sloka 18

Chinnopi candanatarurna jahaati gandham

Vruddopi vaaranapatirna jahaati liilaam

Yantraarpito madhurataam  na jahaati  cekshuh

Kshiinopi na tyajanti siilagunaan kuliinah


Avvaiyar says,

Though the milk be boiled, it does not lose taste. Though enemies move sociably, they are enemies. The noble-hearted be reduced in circumstances, they are ever noble. The conch shell, though burnt is white nevertheless.

Muuthurai 4

The fragrance of the soft sandal wood, even when ground down, does not abate. Though wreathed kings suffer defeats and have less revenues, will they thereby become less generous or less resolute?

Muuthurai 28




Can crow become an eagle?

Chankaya says,


One goes up by one’s qualities and not by occupying a high seat. Does a crow by sitting on top of a place turn into Garuda?

Gunairuttamataam yaati noccaira asanasamsthitah

Praasaadasikharasthopi kaakah kim garudaayate

Chapter 16, verse 6

Avvaiyar says,

The turkey cock, seeing the wild peacock dance, fancies itself to be and spreads its own unattractive wings and dances. So is the little learning of the ignorant man.

Muuthurai 14



Good are always Good!

Meru may shake at the end of the Yuga, the seven oceans may turn rough at the end of the Kalpa. The good however, would not turn away from what they had undertaken.

Chapter 13, sloka 19


Yugaante calate meruh kalpaante sapta saagaraah

Saadhavah pratipannaarthaan na calanti kadaacana



The great, though fallen, are great and those who are not great, when they fall are non-entities. Though a precious gold pot breaks it is still god (valuable). What will be mud pot worth when it is broken? –

Muuthurai 18


—- Subham—


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