WRITTEN by London Swaminathan 


Date: 20 May 2018


Time uploaded in London – 13-47 (British Summer Time)


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There are many folk tales in Tamil Nadu about astrologers. If one is lucky all his predictions will come true. Here is an interesting story about a lucky beggar turned astrologer.


There lived a person in a village in utter poverty. He tried all the tricks to make a living but failed miserably. One day he was very hungry and went begging for food. He could smell something nice from one of the houses in the street. He went there and sat on the pial outside the house, because the door was shut. He was listening keenly to know what was happening inside the house. He heard the sound of someone making Masala Dosa (famous Tamil dish). Every time lady of the house poured oil and the dough on the heated pan it made the sound ‘Soyyyyn’. He said to himself, ‘Oh my god the lady of the house made one Dosai now”. Then he heard Soyyyn again. He counted two. It went on like this until he counted ten ‘Soyyn’ sound.

He knocked at the door and the lady opened the door and asked why he was standing there. He told that he was very hungry and he need something to eat. The lady wanted to drive him away and said ‘Sorry man, there is no food in the house to spare’.


Then the beggar told her, “Look Madam, you have ten Dosas in the kitchen. Can’t you spare me a few?”


She was astonished when he said TEN dosas. Anyone could smell dosa and easily could have said you have dosas. But this person said TEN dosas! She asked him how did he know this.


He gave a simple answer: ‘I know everythin’g. She thought that he must be a saint or an astrologer. But without inquiring much about it, the gullible woman simply fed him and said ‘Good Bye’. He thanked her and went his way. She spread the news of a ‘Famous Astrologer’ visiting her house, who can predict 100% percent correct.


As the days went by people went to the poor man’s house and started donating good clothes fit for an astrologer so that they can also use him in future. A lazy waterman also heard the story of this astrologer went to seek his help to find his ‘missing’ donkey. The astrologer heard from his own mouth he didn’t even go round the village looking for the donkey. This fact gave the ‘astrologer’ some confidence. He assured the waterman he could find the donkey’s whereabouts after  that night’s puja. At the dead of night the poor beggar turned astrologer went looking for the donkey. When he found it he tied it in a pole outside the village and came home. The worried washer man came next day to see the ‘astrologer’. He told him that the donkey was just outside the village tied to a pole. The washer man ran towards the pole and found his donkey. He told all his customers about the great astrologer. He used to serve the palace as well. So the king also got the news.

At that time the king had a problem too. He lost his valuable jewels in the palace. He sent word for the ‘astrologer’. When the king’s servants went to the ‘astrologer’s’ house he was shaking and sweating. He knew that the king would chop his head if he found out that he was a fake astrologer.


While he was riding along with the servants, he was mumbling ‘thieves’, ‘thieves’ ‘jewel thieves’. Since the servants who came to see him was the real thieves they started shivering and shaking. They fell at the feet of the ‘astrologer’ and told him the truth. ‘Astrologer warned them to return the jewels to him that night so that they can escape execution. They agreed to his proposal.


When he met the king he warned the astrologer that if he failed to locate the stolen jewellery he would be severely punished. But the ‘astrologer’ put a brave face and said that there was nothing to worry because he would find it very next day.


In the night, he received the stolen jewels from the servants and then instructed them to bury it in a particular place. The astrologer met the king next morning and pretended doing lot of calculations and gesticulating spelling many mantras. Then he said,

“Aha! the ghosts have taken them and buried them under the tree in a place”. He revealed the location. Same servants who stole and secretly returned them the previous night were sent on the mission. They easily located after getting ‘instructions’ from the ‘astrologer’.

The king felt immensely happy and made him the Royal Astrologer as soon as he got back his stolen jewels.


If you are lucky whatever you say will be 100% correct!!


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