Words hurt more than Swords (Post No.5043)


June 2018 “Good Thoughts” Calendar

COMPILED by London Swaminathan 


Date: 24 May 2018


Time uploaded in London –  21-47


Post No. 5043


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.






FESTVAL DAYS:  June-20 Ani Thirumanjanam in Tamil temples; 15-Ramadan






Auspicious Days in June -3, 4, 17


Proverbs and Golden sayings in English language are compared with Indian Wisdom; I tried to get the nearest in meaning. Some may not agree at all

June 1 Friday

No sooner said than done

A person of resolute will and efficient action achieves his objective

In the manner in which he has designed (Tirukkural 666)


June 2 Saturday

Actions speak louder than words

Easy to make a plan and speak about it, but a rarer achievement is

To accomplish the plan as stated and then speak (Tirukkural 664)


June 3 Sunday

Saying is one thing, doing is another thing

All is achieved through silence – ‘Pancatantra’

June 4 Monday

From words to deeds is a great space 

If telling the truth causes anguish, better be silent – is the saying in ‘Vishnu Purana’ 3-12-3

June 5 Tuesday

The greatest talkers are the least doers

Modes of Speech (Manu Smrti)

1.Paarushyam = harsh, 2.An rtam = untruth, 3.Paisuunyam = tale bearing

4.Asambaddha pralaapah = talking of unrelated things.


June 6 Wednesday

Fair words and foul deeds

To be unrighteous and do evil is bad, but to indulge in slander

Behind a false smile, is worse (Tirukkural 182)

June 7 Thursday

Good words and ill deeds deceive wise and fools

The learned, who explore worthy thoughts, will not utter

Anything but words of deep import – Tirukkural 198


June 8 Friday

It is one thing to promise and another to perform

If you must speak, speak purposefully;

Eschew all vain and profitless words (Tirukkural 200)


June 9 Saturday

He that promises too much means nothing

Pure speech and noble associations are the hallmark of the virtuous

Sphitaa vaacah sataam sangha laksanam  hi gunaisinaam- KALIDASA


June 10 Sunday

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh

Men’s perceptions are of their own mind

Nut their nature is known by their kind – Tirukkural 453


June 11 Monday

First think and then speak

All meanings, ideas, intentions, desires, emotions, items of knowledge are embodied in speech, are rooted in it and branch out of it. He who misappropriates, misapplies and mismanages speech, mismanages everything –Manu


June 12 Tuesday

More have repented speech than silence

A burn caused by fire may heal; but a scar caused by a fiery tongue will never heal. ( Tirukkural 129)


June 13 Wednesday

No wisdom like silence

One who has meals for a full year in silence gets respect in heaven for a thousand crore Yugas- Chanakya

Yastu samvatsaram purnam nityam maunena bhunchati

yugakotisahasram tu svargaloke mahiyate- Chakkaya


June 14 Thursday

Hear much, speak little

Even if it is just a little, listen and assimilate good instruction,

It will be productive of great benefit (Tirukkural 416)


June 15 Friday

Speech is silvern, silence is golden

The wise should observe silence –  says ‘Subhasitaratna bhandakara’

A Swiss inscription says, “Sprehfien ist silbern, Schweigen ist golden’


June 16 Saturday

Silence does seldom harm

One harm resulting from one foul utterance is enough to nullify all the good done by a man (Tirukkural 128)


June 17 Sunday

Silence gives consent

No answer itself is the answer – says ‘Ratnasamuccaya’


June 18 Monday

Kind words go a long way

Using harsh words instead of kind ones, is like going in

For raw fruits, when ripe ones are available (Tirukkural 100)


June 19 Tuesday

The lame tongue gets nothing

When a man knows that kinds words bring joy and happiness

Why should he resort to harsh words? (99)



June 20 Wednesday


Better the foot slip than the tongue

Guard your tongue, whatever else you may not guard, otherwise you will come to grief through wrong utterance– Kural 127


June 21 Thursday

Speak fitly, or be silence wisely

The many merits of the virtuous do not get diminished by his silence.

Na maunena nyuuno  bhavanti gunabhaajaam gunagana- KALIDASA


June 22 Friday

Lip-honour costs little, you may bring in much

Kind words, free from meanness, confer blessings

In this world as well as the next (Tirukkural 98)


June 23 Saturday

An ox is taken by the horns, and a man by the tongue


If one answers harshly, for instance a father, or a mother, or a brother, or a sister, or a teacher, or a Brahman, people say to him:’ Shame on you’––Chandogya Upanishad


June 24 Sunday

The bird is known by his note, the man by his words

The world will lose no time seeking performance from the able counsellors

Who can express profound ideas in orderly and pleasing language (648)


June 25 Monday

Fair words fill not the belly

When food for thought is not available through instructions from the learned

The stomach too may be provided some food – Tirukkural412


June 26 Tuesday

A honey tongue, a heart of gall

Men of clear vision, who have overcome human follies, will not speak

Meaningless and idle words, even by lapse of memory (199)


June 27 Wednesday

He who says what he likes shall hear what he does not like

A vengeful harm done even on an unprovoked wrong

will bring endless evil in its trail – Tirukkural 313


June 28 Thursday

Words hurt more than swords


Darts, barbed arrow, iron-headed spears,

However deep they may penetrate the flesh,

May be extracted, but a cutting speech,

That pierces, like a javelin, to the heart

None can remove; it lies and rankles thee- Mahabharata


June 29 Friday

There is a time to speak, and a time to be silent

He who speaks vain and graceless words in public assembly

Will expose his want of essential goodness and moral rectitude – Tirukkural 194


June 30 Saturday

Fine words butter no parsnips

The purposeless and profitless meandering talk of a man before gathering

Will proclaim to the world his own worthlessness- Tirukkural 193



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