Ambition and Abraham Lincoln anecdotes (Post No.5157)



Date: 28 JUNE 2018


Time uploaded in London –  11-57 AM (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5157


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.\



Some of Abraham Lincoln’s intimate friends once called his attention to a certain member of his cabinet who was quietly working to secure a nomination for the Presidency, although knowing that Mr Lincoln was to be a candidate for re-election. His friends insisted that the cabinet officer ought to be made to give up his Presidential aspirations or be removed from office. The situation reminded Mr Lincoln of a story :-

“My brother and I , he said, were once playing plowing corn, I driving the horse and he holding the plow. The horse was lazy, but on one occasion he rushed across the field so that I, with my long legs could scarcely keep pace with him. Oh! reaching the end of the furrow, I found an enormous chin fly fastened up on him, and knocked him off. My brother asked what I did that for. I told him I didn’t want the old horse bitten in that way
“Why”, said my brother, “ that is all that made him go”.
Now,said Mr Lincoln, If Mr ,,,,,, has a Presidential chin fly biting him, I am not going to knock it off, if it will only make his department go




  • a large farming implement with one or more blades fixed in a frame, drawn by a tractor or by animals and used for cutting furrows in the soil and turning it over, especially to prepare for the planting of seeds.


  • A horse bot-fly, Gastrophilus nasalis, possibly so called because its eggs are laid about the horse’s mouth where they can be reached by the tongue of the horse and thence carried to its stomach.


Egg Throwing!

Oliver Hereford, the well k own humourist, attended a dinner at which he was seated next to a very serious and soulful young lady.
“Tell me, Mr Hereford”, she asked, “have you no other ambition beyond making people laugh?”
In the same serious vein, Hereford replied,
“Yes I have. And some day I hope to gratify it”
Eagerly the girl asked, please tell me, “what is it?”
“I want to throw an egg into an electric fan,” replied Hereford simply.


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