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Boners (STUPID MISTAKES)  anecdotes
A woman whose husband had entered the Navy, gave the pastor of her church a note just as he was mounting to the pulpit one Sunday morning.
The note said “John Anderson, having gone to sea, his wife desires the prayers of the congregation for his safety.”
The minister in haste picked up the slip and read aloud,
“John Anderson having gone to see his wife, desires the prayers of the  congregation for his safely”.


In the early days of his career the famous writer of short stories, Bret Harte, was editor of a newspaper in a California mining town. It was his painful duty one time to write an obituary for the highly respected wife of a leading citizen.
Harte concluded his remarks with the sentence,
“She was distinguished for charity above all the other ladies in this town”.

When the proof of this was handled to him he found that the compositor had rendered his statement,
“She was distinguished for chastity above all the other ladies of this town.”
Carefully, Harte corrected the matter thinking it sufficient to refer the compositor back to the original copy by a large query in the margin .

To his horror the following day the paper appeared with the statement
“She was distinguished for chastity (?) above all the other ladies in this town.”


A freight agent on the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western received a shipment including a donkey, which was itemised on the freight bill as “1 Burro”. He checked over his shipment carefully and then filed his report, concluding with,
“Short, 1 bureau, over 1 jackass”

A cub reporter was sent to cover the annual class play of the local high school. Being new to his job he described the event in glowing terms, instead of scant few lines used by a more experienced newspaper man for such an event, and concluded with the words
“And the auditorium was filled with expectant mothers, eagerly waiting their offspring”.
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