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Boners (STUPID MISTAKES)  anecdotes
A woman whose husband had entered the Navy, gave the pastor of her church a note just as he was mounting to the pulpit one Sunday morning.
The note said “John Anderson, having gone to sea, his wife desires the prayers of the congregation for his safety.”
The minister in haste picked up the slip and read aloud,
“John Anderson having gone to see his wife, desires the prayers of the  congregation for his safely”.


In the early days of his career the famous writer of short stories, Bret Harte, was editor of a newspaper in a California mining town. It was his painful duty one time to write an obituary for the highly respected wife of a leading citizen.
Harte concluded his remarks with the sentence,
“She was distinguished for charity above all the other ladies in this town”.

When the proof of this was handled to him he found that the compositor had rendered his statement,
“She was distinguished for chastity above all the other ladies of this town.”
Carefully, Harte corrected the matter thinking it sufficient to refer the compositor back to the original copy by a large query in the margin .

To his horror the following day the paper appeared with the statement
“She was distinguished for chastity (?) above all the other ladies in this town.”


A freight agent on the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western received a shipment including a donkey, which was itemised on the freight bill as “1 Burro”. He checked over his shipment carefully and then filed his report, concluding with,
“Short, 1 bureau, over 1 jackass”

A cub reporter was sent to cover the annual class play of the local high school. Being new to his job he described the event in glowing terms, instead of scant few lines used by a more experienced newspaper man for such an event, and concluded with the words
“And the auditorium was filled with expectant mothers, eagerly waiting their offspring”.
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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



Marse Henry Watterson used to tell with pleasure of his favourite typographic al boner (Stupid Mistake= Boner) in newspapers. It happened that a New York newspaper transposed, one day, the headings of its obituary column and the marine and shipping news which has chanced to fall on the same page. As a result a number of respected and diseased citizens were listed under the disconcerting heading, “Passed through the Hell Gate today”.


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

When Julia Ward Howe died, memorial services were held at San Francisco. The local literary colony attended practically en masse to pay their tribute. The mayor was asked to preside. Advancing to the edge of the platform, he said, Your attendance here, ladies and gentlemen, in such great numbers, shows San Francisco s appreciation of good literature. This meeting is a great testimonial to the immortal author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin– the late Julia Ward Howard.



Mozart’s Massachusetts!

This was one of Cardinal Gibbbon’s jokes

Patrick Gilmore,  the bandmaster, famous for his rendition of Mozarts Twelfth Mass, once presented his favourite number in a small North Carolina town. The reporter of the one newspaper in the town, who was assigned to “cover ” the performance evidently thought that the occasion was that one called upon him to avoid any undignified abbreviation s in his write up of the concert. He began with this statement

Gilmore’s band rendered with great effect Mozart’s Twelfth Massachusetts .




A young lady, who had recently acquired a large fortune, invited Paderewski to give a private concert at her home. Her knowledge of music was by no means as large as her newly found wealth.

Commenting on one of his selection s, she exclaimed, What a beautiful piece. Who composed it?

Beethoven, madam, was the reply.

Ah, yes, she said knowingly, ‘and is he composing now?

No, replied Paderewski gravely, he is decomposing.


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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.

Boner = Stupid Mistake


Cockroach on your time!

While shown the sights of Chicago by the Mayor of that city, M Cambon, the French ambassador of another generation, expressed his thanks for the Mayor s kindness.

But, he added, “I am sorry so to cockroach on your time”.

“Oh ,answered the Mayor, don’t think of that. But you don’t mean cockroach M.Cambon; it is ‘encroach’, you mean” .

“Oh, is it? I see a difference in gender”.


Oath and Bath!

As is usual, during public events of any kind, the newspapers hurriedly set up their front pages to describe the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt .

The evidence of this haste was shown by a New York newspaper which described the event as follows,

I”t was a scene never to be forgotten when Roosevelt before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and a few witnesses, took his simple bath”.



Cold and Coed!

Every newspaper makes its more or less amusing or more or less disastrous typographical errors in headlines or stories. Usually, when this occur, they must be corrected, if caught, in subsequent editions. It is said recently one of the most important newspapers in Washington reported on its front page a mild a disposition of President Roosevelt with the headline

President kept to Rooms by Coed.

Most of the run had been printed and had to be destroyed.

The President, however, heard of the matter and procured from the paper in question several copies to distribute to his friends.



Hiliad and Hodessey of Homer

A man stopped at the shop of a Cockney book seller and asked for Omar Khayyam.

Sorry sir, said the cockney, we ‘hve ‘is  Hilliad and ‘is Hodessey but not ‘is Kayyam.



President’s French!

Benjamin Franklin, being present at the meeting of some literary society in Paris where many pieces were read, and not well understanding the French when declaimed, but wishing to appear polite , resolved to applaud when he should see a lady of his acquaintance, Mme d. Bouffiers, express satisfaction.  After the reading was over, his little boy said to him, But, Grandpa, you always applauded, and louder than anybody else, when they were praising you.