Missing College Board (Post No.5656)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 12 November 2018

GMT Time uploaded in London –11-54 am
Post No. 5656

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Students and Class Room Anecdotes

Missing College Board

A tradition of Haverford College centers around the administration of its famous President, Dr William Wistar Comfort. On the occasion of the erecting upon the campus of a beautiful metal sign proclaiming the name of the College, an enterprising group of seniors stole the sign and concealed it. It was missing for many days, during which Dr Comfort instituted a search, located the sign, and caused it to be removed to a place of concealment of his own . There upon he announced a joke was a joke but that unless the culprits returned the sign by the following Saturday night, all privileges of the senior class would be indefinitely revoked.

The dismay of the culprits was great when they were unable to find their trophy and comply with the ultimatum. Accordingly, an extremely glum and down in the mouth body of senior s assembled in chapel the Sunday morning after the deadline. Dr Comfort stepped in to the pulpit, surveyed the faces before him, and opened the great bible for the reading of the morning text, which was,
A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh for a sign and there shall be none given unto them.


Udder Committee

A little girl who was attending a progressive school had a cold one morning and her mother suggested that she remain home from school.
But I can’t Mother, the little girl insisted.

This is the day when we started to make a clay model of a cow and I am chairman of the uddder committee.

Xxxx subham xx

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