Oh, My God! Ramayana is Very, Very Heavy! (Post No.7609)


Post No.7609

Date uploaded in London – 23 February 2020

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Venkaesa! Venkatesa !

There was a man in a village with moderate wealth. One night a thief had climbed and hidden himself in his loft. The owner of the house had got a hint of it but behaved as if he didn’t know it. He made a ruse.

Looking at his wife, he said,

My darling! You are pregnant; when the child is born whose name shall we give to it?

It may be as you like , said she.

Then we will give him the name Venkatesan and call him thus! My boy! Venkatesan!

So he called out the name loudly.

As this was his neighbour’s watchman’s name , he came quickly with his weapons and said,

Why did you call?

He made a sign that there was a thief in the loft.

The watch man seized him and bound him. In the meantime, the wealthy man called the police.


Weight of Ramayana

In a bazaar street a person was discoursing upon Ramayana. Near by there lived a man who spent most of his time playing cards and gambling. He was very lazy to do any exercise. He was huge but stupid. At that time his wife, who is a devotee of Lord Rama,  thinking that wisdom would come to her stupid husband if he listens to the Ramayana discourse.

She asked him to go and attend the Ramayana talks. Accordingly he came and listened to the talk in the open ground of the temple. The breeze and the melodious songs in the musical lecture made him into fall into sleep. He started snoring. There was a good for nothing fellow who was among the listeners. He  saw him sleeping and snoring. His huge body attracted him to use it as a cushion seat. He slowly climbed on the man and sat comfortably. The lazy man carried him till the end of the discourse and after wards went home.

His wife saw him in the morning and asked him how the talk was. ‘Did you like it ? How was Ramayana?

“Oh dear. It was not at all light, it was very heavy; as heavy as a man, said he.

She asked him to explain.  He said, I slept halfway through the talk. Then when I woke up , I had severe body pain as if someone sat on my back all through the night. Immediately his intelligent wife realised what happened at the discourse. When she heard the full story, she was grieved at his stupidity.

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