Tamil – Sanskrit Relationship – Lecture by Sastri- Part 7 (Post No.8055)


Post No. 8055

Date uploaded in London – 27 May 2020   

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tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com

Here is part seven of P S Subrahmnya Sastri’s lecture in Trivandrum in early 1946 under the auspices of University of Travancore.

Page 82 – Sri Sastri illustrates the Karma theory in Sangam Tamil literature

Page 83 – Brahmins’ Fire sacrifice

Page 84 – Garudacayana sacrifice in Purananuru

Pages 86-89 – Skanda explained with the help of Upanishad

Page 90 – Birth of Brama in Tamil

Page 91 – 95 Birth of Skanda

tag Tami and Sanskrit Relationship, part 7

to be continued…………………………….

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