Clairvoyant predicted Middlesbrough woman’s £12,050 Postcode Lottery win(Post No.11,873)


Post No. 11,873

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clairvoyant :

a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.


How much is postcode lottery per month?

£12 per month

Players sign up with their postcode and pay £12 per month. They are automatically entered into every draw and prizes are announced every day of the month. As 33% of the ticket price goes to charities, our players know that they are helping amazing causes every single day.


Miracles do happen everyday; here is a news item that was flashed by almost all British newspapers


A clairvoyant predicted that a Postcode Lottery winner would win, according to a woman from Middlesbrough.

Neighbours were over the moon when they found out they’d won a sizeable fortune on the Postcode Lottery.

Seven people living on Britain Avenue have scooped £379,418 each, a total of £2,6million, thanks to playing with the full winning postcode, TS5 7AT.

A total of 572 Teesside neighbours shared a £10.2 million prize pot at a special event at Centre Square in Middlesbrough on Saturday, April 1.

The win has been described as ‘life changing’.

Picture: Postcode Lottery (Image: Postcode Lottery)

The lottery winners with the postcode TS5 7 were all invited and had been told they’d won at least £4,000.

One lucky winner was Elaine Thompson, who thanks her clairvoyant for predicting the win.

In a spooky prediction, Elaine was told she was due to win money, just weeks after she’d cancelled her subscription to the lottery.

The superstitious 58-year-old quickly signed up again and bagged a £12,050 prize.

Elaine, a former foster parent, said: “The fortune teller predicted I was going to come into a significant amount of money.

“I’d just cancelled the Postcode Lottery. A few days later I reinstated the ticket.

“I can’t thank the clairvoyant enough, without her I would have missed out.

“I will be spoiling my family and taking my daughters to Fuerteventura.”

Another of these lucky people was Mark Baker who first thought he had won £12,050, which he was very happy with. He later realised though that the real sum he had won was a huge £379,418.

The local truck driver said: “You only dream of money like this, it doesn’t actually happen to working people but I guess it’s happened to us. It’s life changing.

From Aja Dodd, yahoo life website

This news item appeared in almost all England newspapers.


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