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Date: 9 JULY 2018


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There is a good article written by S P Caturvedi of Nagpur in the Woolmer Commemoration Volume published in 1940. I am attaching the pages for verbatim report.

Following are the interesting points in the article:

1.Sanskrit was a Spoken language; even Sudras spoke Sanskrit.

2.Age of Panini is closer to Mahabharata; he lived before ninth century BCE.

3.Panini lists 2000 roots; but only 900 were used in Classical Sanskrit.

4.There is a big time gap between Panini and Patanjali.

  1. Panini did not use the word Samskrtam for the language.

6.Panini’s vocabulary was ancient.

  1. The vocabulary of Ashtadyayee was vast and rich; almost all conceivable topics in the world are covered.
  2. There is no force in the argument that Sanskrit was refined or adorned by Panini. Grammarians don’t create languages. They only write grammar for the existing language.

The article is very crisp and interesting: –