Arjuna got a Surprise Gift! Krishna Angry!!


Written by London swaminathan

Article no. 1720; dated 15  March 2015

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Freedom fighter Subrahmanya Siva gives excellent stories in his Tamil book ‘Moksha Sadhana Rahasya’ (location : British Library, London) to illustrate the great merits of Anna Dhana (Giving food to the needy people).

The advantages of Anna Dhana over other Dhanas are:

a)Helping the poor

b)No harm to others; “no bad side effects”!!

c)Even if there is one good saintly person among the takers that will bring good luck to the whole town. Tamil poem says “even if there is one good person in a town, the town will get copious rains” (nallaar oruvar ularel avar poruttu ellaarkkum peyyum mazai).

d)This is the only gift that everyone will say, “I have had enough; no more please”. For all other gifts they expect more from you.

Even if you serve ambrosia (Amrta), they will beg you to stop it, when their stomach is full. They will thank you whole heartedly, no, ‘whole stomachly’!! There is a saying in Tamil, Even if the mouth does not say Thanks, the stomach will thank him” (Vaay vaazththaavitaalum Vayiru vaazththum)

Now I give a rough translation of Arjuna story from Tamil:

Krishna and Arjuna were discussing future plans for the development of the country.  Suddenly a fisherman came there and submitted a big gold bar at the feet of Arjuna! Arjuna was surprised. Krishna looked suspiciously at Arjuna thinking that he had other “business ventures” without his knowledge. But Arjuna thought that as usual Krishna is playing a game or doing some mischiefs.

Arjuna asked Krishna,

What is this Krishna? Is it your game?

Krishna: I am also puzzled. Let us ask the fisherman.

Fisherman: Arjunji, you gave me one paisa (penny) long time ago. I bought a fishing net with that money. Your hand is a lucky one! From that time onwards I caught more and more fish and I bought more and more nets. Now I am a millionaire. I want to express my gratitude to you. Here is my offering, a few gold bars.


Krishna was furious on hearing this. As soon as the fisherman left, Krishna scolded Arjuna, “Dear friend, you have done a blunder. This fisherman had killed millions of fishes during his long career. Part of that sin would come to you”. Then Krishna gave him some ideas to off load the sins!

Giving this story Subrahmanya Siva, says that Anna Dhana would not have any “bad side effects”. It is always vegetarian food served at Annadhanas. Even at Sikh Gurdwaras in London and other places serve 24 hour Langar food that is vegetarian. But certain Dhanas osuch as giving money may have something bad attached to it. ( In western countries if we give money to beggars, most of them buy cigarettes, alcohol or narcotic drugs)

பந்தி போஜனம்

Anna Dhana (Food Charity) is the best Dhana!

Let us also follow it!!

Mystery of Thirst: Karna’s Question and Krishna’s Answer


Written by London swaminathan

Article no. 1714; dated 13 March 2015

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Freedom Fighter Subramanya Siva has written a voluminous book running to 830 pages on Hindu Traditions and the title of the book in Tamil is “Moksha Sadhana Rahasyam”. The rare book is in the British Library, London. He is narrating beautiful stories in simple Tamil and one of them is about the merits of doing Anna Dhana. I am giving a rough translation of this excellent story:–

Karna was defeated in the Mahabharata war and had fallen down on the battle field. He was suffering from great thirst. No one was able to fetch him water. The all- powerful and all-knowing Krishna (omnipotent and omniscient) was passing by Karna. Krishna was smiling at Karna. Seeing Krishna there Karna begged him for water. Krishna said, “Is that all you want from me? No problem, here it is”


Water gushed out and fell on the hands of Karna. But wonder of wonders! The water turned into gold. How many times Krishna tried did not matter. All the water became gold. Karna was disappointed and Krishna was puzzled.

Karna looked at Krishna for an explanation.

Omniscient Krishna thought for a minute. He saw what went wrong through his Jnana Drushti  (Third Eye= Eye of Wisdom).

Krishna said,

“Dear Karna! You are one of the greatest philanthropists the earth has ever seen. You gave nothing but gold to all the people that came to you begging for some Dhaana! ( English word donation came from Sanskrit word Dhaana). But you denied food for a person. You showed him the Anna Chatra (choultry for food= Food Centre) nearby and asked him to go there. Don’t worry. It is not too late. Suck with your Index finger. Since you used your Index finger to point out the food centre, some merits (Punya) have stuck to your Index finger. That is enough for you to get the water at this last minute of your life”.

When he asked Karna to suck his index finger. And, behold, the water was pouring into his mouth!


Story of a Greedy Miser!

Long time after this happened a miser heard this story. He was very happy. He wondered, “Oh, My God! If one can earn this much merit (punya) with one finger, how much credits I can earn with my whole body!” At that time he heard a knock at the door. One beggar was standing there begging for food. He remembered what he planned to do. He wriggled his whole body and shown him the direction in which there was a food centre (Anna Chatra). The man went to the Anna Chatra. This miser was born as a wriggly earthworm in his next birth.

Action only won’t help you; good intention must be there!

Stories told by Subrahmanya Sivam, Freedom Fighter, in his Tamil book Moksha Sadhana rahasya.