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For every language speaker another language is unsweet, harsh, uncultured and uncivilized.

Vedic Hindus called the Chinese and Mongoloid people as ‘snub nosed’, ‘harsh worded’ Dasyus. Foreigners attributed it to Dravidians . But Dravidians were not in that area at all. All the skeletons discovered in Indus/Sarasvati valley have Punjabi Hindu features; none Dravidian.

Tamils called the neighbouring Telugu speakers Vadugan. It has got good and bad connotations. It meant Muttal/ Muta

 in Sanskrit. Telugus called Tamils Aravan. Noisy, boisterous lot. It has also a bad connotation- snake. So each one criticised the other.

Seth Govindadas called Tamil language in Lok Sabha as a noisy language equivalent to putting stones in a tin box and shaking. When Tamil MPs said that there is no literature in Hindi except Thick and Bulky Railway Time Table or Telephone Directory. So each one mocked at others’ languages.

This type of criticism is in every part of the world. Greeks called Turkish with a different word and Turkish used different word for the Greeks. All belittling and mocking words.

Nowadays we don’t even call a Black or Negro. In my Britain they are called a person from Afro-Caribbean community. You should not say Black. If you say Negro, you will lose your post. You will  be sacked.

Though we banned the Tamil word Pariah in Tamil Nadu, (Tamil dalit), all the English newspapers use it every day around the world to mean an ‘untouchable’. Another Tamil word with bad connotation AYYOH (alas) is also added to Oxford dictionary. Tamils must fight with them and remove both the bad words. Otherwise English newspapers will use the word Pariah for ever.

The real meaning of Arya till the Max muller gang and Caldwell gang changed it, it meant a cultured person or a civilised person or  a person equal to Himalayan saint. Kautilya used it for a man with freedom and Dasa for a slave.

Tamil Sangam poets and Devotional poets use it for saints and Lord Shiva.

Even Krishna used it in that sense in Bhagavad Gita . When Arjuna behaved like a coward Krishna did not call his attitude or his behaviour  ‘Un Kshatriya’ or ‘like a Shudra’ or ‘like a Brahman’a or ‘like a Vaisya.’

He asked him where did you get this ‘ANAARYAJUSTAM’ (B.G.2-2)?

Where did you get this ‘un Aryan attitude’?

Arya is used with brahmin, kshatriya and vaisya in Panini’s grammar.


The word  Arya meant ‘a person with courage and courtesy, nobility and straight dealing according to philosopher Dr S Radhakrishnan and others. Arya became Ajja in Prakrit and Ayyer in Tamil.

Sangam age Tamils criticised Yavanas (People from Italy and Greek) as Mlecha and harsh worded (Van Sol Yavanar); they simply copied it from Northern Sanskrit speakers. Pre Sangam age Patanjali also criticised Yavana Greeks


Greeks and Barbarians

When Kalhana used the word Mlecha in Raja Tarangini RS Pandit interpreted them as Greeks

Mlechcha , he says, literally meant the people of indistinct speech. The Greeks similarly used the word Barbarian for those  whose speech they did not understand.

The Arabs when they conquered called the highly civilised Iranians the Ajam, the dumb.

In Raja Tarangini 1-107 and 8-2763 and 2766, Kalhana used the word Mlechchas. In the 8th chapter , actually  they were the allies of Prince Bhoja .

Likewise city people mocked at villagers as uncultured, uncivilised and not mannered . in Tamil also they are called Pattikkaattan, meaning country brute.

Christians called others as Pagans and Muslims called others as Kafirs. Hindus called the entire world as one family (Vasudaiva Kutumbakam)

English always mocked at the French and the Scottish. There are English proverbs against Irish as well.

So you can always call your neighbours idiots and fools, dumb and noisy, short and ugly, but you must remember they have also got another dictionary where you are mocked at.