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Cultural Denigration

It is reported from New Delhi under the caption, “Conspiracy to show Hindus as inferior and glorify minorities in CBSE’s textbook” as follows :

A lesson on degrading Hindus as inferior and  glorifying Muslims and Christians is included in the KG textbook of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). A conspiracy of brainwashing Hindu children has been hatched, thus, creating misunderstanding in them about Hindu Dharma and Hindus. 

In this textbook, a denigrating image of Hindu Brahman has been printed, and the children have been asked to paint it. This Hindu Brahman is shown falling on the ground after slipping on a banana peel. This textbook

not contain any objectionable image of Christian clergy or Muslim moulvi. 

The textbook contains quizzes on a subject such as identifying good and bad habits. It includes examples such as ‘Raja does not bathe every day’. ‘Karan does not brush his teeth every day’, ‘Gita dresses in unhygienic clothes’, ‘Hanif plays in open-air’, ‘Paul sits straight in the classroom’, etc. In these examples, attempts have been made to convince children that Hindu boys and girls have bad habits; whereas, Muslims or Christians have good habits. 

Some devout Hindus said that such a book is creating hatred in the mind of Hindu culture, sanskars and traditions from childhood in a 

systematic manner. (Sanatan Prabhat 1-15 July 2019) 

  1. Such knave tactics to display Hindus in culturally poor show was pursued by the British before independence. Unfortunately the same trend to denigrate Hindus continues to be followed by the secular anti-Hindu institutions and bodies. Non Hindus must be pampered and Hindus humiliated and insulted. This is the so-called secular spirit, a Hindu is supposed to appreciate and inculcate amongst children. The Articles 28,29 and 30 of our constitution also permit teaching of scripture of minority segment in India in educational institutions, but prohibit study of Bhagavad Gita and other books on Hindu Dharma. Unless Bharat is established as a Dharma Rashtra such nefarious tactics to denigrate Hindu culture will continue to prevail.

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