Fishing Anecdotes (Post No.7378)

Fishing Anecdotes (Post No.7378)   Compiled  by LONDON SWAMINATHAN Post no. 7378 Date 24 December 2019 Uploaded from London Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks  


Mr Jones and Mr Glover were lunching together. As their various friends passed the table, Mr Jones would stop them and, in glowing terms, describe his success on his recent fishing trip.
Glover amused by the enthusiastic Mr Jones finally said,
“Say, I notice that in telling about that fish you changed the size of it for each different listener.”
“Yes, sure, I never tell a man more than I think he will believe.”


If I catch three, I will have three

An old coloured man was sitting by the side of a stream patiently waiting for a bite.  A youngster, ambling along the banks, stopped to watch him.
“Say, uncle, how many you caught?”
“Well, sonny, ef I ketch dis heah one I am after and two mo, I will have three.”
Loafs and Fishes
During the course of the Sunday school session, the teacher called upon one of the  pupils to recite some parables .

“Do you know the parables, Johnny? She asked.”
“Yes, Madam.”
“Well, I want you to tell us about the one that you like the best.”
“That is easy, Madam. I like the one where somebody loafs and fishes.”

Xxx   Icy Road
For the first time in their long married life, Mrs Smith had persuaded her husband to take her fishing with him.

Seated by the side of the stream, Mr Smith was silently doing his best to make a catch. The guide with them was engrossed only in the business at hand.  But Mrs Smith kept chattering away, asking all the questions she could think of.
Suddenly she spied a step of oily water, seeming to cross the lake like a broad smooth street.
Oh, guide, guide, , what is that streak over there?
Where, Madam? Asked the guide, endeavouring to bait a hook.
Right over there, what is it?
Why that,Madam, drawled the guide, that is just where the road went across the ice last winter.

Climb up the Pole

A seasoned old fisherman found his neighbor on the bank of the stream one day to be a rank green horn at the art of angling. This personages fished for some hours doing practically everything wrong. Not withstanding this, from the sheer operation of the law of averages, the beginner finally got a bite. Feverishly he reeled and reeled and reeled until at last, some miracle having saved his line, he had wound his small catch,  all the way up to the tip of his pole.

Overcome with the excitement of it all, , he turned to the experienced fisherman and said,
Now what shall I do?
“Looks to me”, said the old timer laconically, as though there was nothing left for you to do except climb up the pole and get him.