Children and Fools have merry lives (Post No 2811)


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Date: 14 May 2016


Post No. 2811


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Following are some of the proverbs and sayings on Fools and Foolishness in English, Sanskrit and Tamil


1.A fool may ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years.

2.Doesn’t even know the alphabet, yet competes with the scholars (Kahavatratnakar)

3.I can address walls rather than fools- from a famous speaker

4.A clot who considers himself wise acts obdurately and perishes (Katha sarit sagaram)


5.Wise men have their mouth in their heart, fools their heart in their mouth

6.Fools are wise as long as they are silent

7.Inimical to alphabet, but bears the name Vidhyaadhara (bearer of knowledge)- (Kahavatratnakar)

8.None is so wise, but the fools overtake them

9.The learned give up but a half, while the fools forsake all–(Kahavatratnakar)

10.What the fool does in the end, the wise man does in the beginning

11.A fool is the one who sitting on the top branch cuts the bottom of the tree(Tamil saying)

Laurel and Hardy

12.Riches serve a wise man but command a fool

13.A wise man changes his mind, a fool never

14.Dialogues with dunces turn out to be hollow

15.Children and fools cannot lie

16.Experience is the mistress of fools

17.Wise men learn by other men’s harms; fools, by their own

18.A dimwit whose tongue is scalded by milk, sips even buttermilk after blowing it cold – Hitopadesam


19.Better be fool than a knave.

20.Children and fools have merry lives.

21.Fools rush in where angels fear to tread –Alexander Pope

22.A fool glows only from a distance – (Kahavatratnakar)

23.Wise men propose and fools determine.

24.Fools and crocodiles never lose the grip (Tamil saying)

25.If you agree with a fool, you must be ready for insults and disgrace (Tamil saying)


26.A fool and his money are soon parted

27.A nod from a lord is a breakfast for a fool

28.A fool believes everything

29.A fool’s tongue is long enough to cut his own throat

30.Fools uproot the mountains to eliminate rodents – Sanskrit proverb

31.Fortune favours fools

32.God sends fortune to fools

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33.Fools and madmen ought not to be left in their own company

34.Don’t fight with the fools (Tamil saying)

35.Foolish king and foolish minister are doomed (Tamil saying)


36.Children and fools must not play with edged tools

37.Take heed of fools in a narrow place

38.Fools will be tricked by clever intruders – Sanskrit proverb

39.When the moon is in the full, then wit’s in the wane

40.He that is born a fool is never cured

41.Fools will be fools still

42.Counsel not a fool – (Satopadesa prabanda)

43.Once wood, never wise

44.Fools grow without watering

45.Whom Heaven at his birth has endowed as a fool , it is a waste of instruction – Chinese Proverb

46.The world is full of fools

47.Friendship with the fools is like the feet trapped in the wedge (Tamil Proverb)

48.Have fools as friends; danger will follow suit (Tamil Proverb)

ghost laurel


49.Fools get angry quickly (Tamil Proverb)

50.Foolish Turuk and Rough Nayaka are fit for battalion (army work) only (Tamil Proverb)

51.We have all been fools once in our lives

52.One fool extols another, and one scholar appreciates another

53.Everyman a little beyond himself is a fool

54.If all fools wore feathers we should see a flock of geese.

55.The fool asks much, but he is more fool that grants it.

56.A fool exerts little and expects much -(Kahavatratnakar)

57.Make not a fool of thyself to make others merry

58.He is a fool that forges himself

A barber learns to shave by shaving fools

59.Fools live poor to die rich

  1. It is foolish to sell two eyes to buy a painting (Tamil poet Bharati)

Laurel and Hardy card

61.No remedy for stupidity – Neeti sastra

62.Wise men make proverbs and fools repeat them

63.He that talks to himself, speaks to a fool

64.A fool’s heart is null and void – Canakya Neeti

65.There is no fool like an old fool

66.A fool at forty is a fool indeed

67.An idiot’s advisor is his enemy – Canakya Neeti

68.It is foolish to seek fireflies ignoring the sun (Tamil poet Bharati)

69.Catch a crane (or a peacock) by putting butter on its head (the idea is that it will melt and blind the eyes or obscure the vision of the bird)


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