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Fortune which merchants obtain by misappropriation of deposits, which courtesans get by deceiving their lovers, or princes through treason, is after all impermanent– Raja Tarangini of Kalhana 4-181


All profits, that makes others weep, depart with tears. Even if lost, blessings flow from good deeds-– Tiruk Kural 659 of Tiruvalluvar


Fortune moving about unsteadily, like the lightning playing in the sky, always follows the cloud of destiny. With whom does it abide permanently? Rajatarangini of Kalhana 8-1896

An adverse destiny blunts a man’s intelligence  and makes him lose his wealth, whereas when he gets good luck it quickens his intelligence and promotes prosperity- Tirukkural of Tiruvalluvar 372

When extraordinary good fortune of overwhelming glory comes to a man, retreating misfortune increases the power of its sorrows – Rajatarangini 7-795

Through the influence of fate all good means of acquiring wealth may prove disastrous, and all foul means prove helpful- Tirukkural couplet 375

Fate grants fortune to that person whom those who think themselves wise, persist in considering as unfit –Rajatarangini 8-491


Fortune like a prostitute daubed with a magic powder conquers even the strong minded, making them unlawful- 8-189

It is one thing to be wealthy, but to attain wisdom is quite another. This is the two fold nature of this world- Tirukkural 374




Destiny can be opposite if and when jackals victoriously control a lion- Rajatarangini 8-1470

Except as ordained by the Lord, who measures out each man’s meet,

Even the millionaire cannot enjoy his hoards- Tirukkural 377
The mighty are cheated by the infirm and those who hold all might in their control, are deluded by the power less- Rajatarangini –Rajatarangini 7-959


The constructive industry that produces wealth, and the destructive indolence

That brings about adversity in life, are both the outcome of fate- Tirukkural 371


A man will not be slain even by a stroke of lightning before his time but one who has reached his allotted span might die even from a flower –Rajatarangini of Kalhana 8-531


The characteristic feature of the world is the transitoriness of the life. The disappearance today of one who existed yesterday is a common occurrence – Tiruk Kural 336 of Tiruvalluvar


What is there more potent than fate? It forestalls every expedient one may resort to for averting it- Tirukkural 380



Devotion to king
Devotion to one’s sovereign does not change in honest men till they die –RAJATARANGINI OF KALAHANA 7-1322


Men of clear vision do nothing base and displeasing or take undue advantage of the leader’s (king’s) favour- Tirukkural 699

One should behave towards the leader/king as befitting his splendour, never making light of him on the score of youth or kinship- Tirukkural 698

The minister whose mind plots treason against the ruler is worse than millions of open enemies- Tirukkural 639


Diamond; Great people help
The diamond is not cut by any other precious stone but on the contrary it cuts them. Rajatarangini 4-51

The great for a few favours give much of their own. Rajatarangini 3-276

Valour, honour, a great tradition and loyalty- these are the four defences of an army- Tirukkural 766


Earth/ Heroism
The earth has been preordained for enjoyment of the valiant. 7 Rajatarangini -1288

The heroic think an object attainable by courage, the timid by caution; otherwise between them there could be little difference. Rajatarangini 6-363


Brave traditional heroes do not quail before a crisis; they hold the field; risking life – Tirukkural 762

That alone is an army which has the courage even to meet death advancing in anger and to confront him in a body- Tirukkural 765




If the banks of rivers will only smell of a lion, to elephants they will seem as though they are on fire –Rajatarangini 8-3013

It is folly not to fear what should be feared; to fear that which should be feared is the way of the wise- Tirukkural 428

The mean follow the law for fear, and sometimes, when there is hope of profit- Tirukkural 1075


The lightning of prosperity, the crane of celebrity, the thunder of boldness, and the rainbow of prowess, follow the cloud of prudence. Rajatarangini 7-1455


The world clings to the feet of the great leader who  wields his sceptre with love for his subjects- Tirukkural 544


Whatsoever a great man does, the same is done by others as well; whatever standard he sets, the world follows- Bhagavad Gita 3-21

To esteem men who are greater than oneself and follow in their footsteps is the highest of all powers- Tirukkural 444





Quotations on Wealth and Fortune


Good Thoughts Calendar — November 2014
Post No. 1377; Date: 29 October 2014.
Compiled by London Swaminathan ©

30 Sanskrit quotations from Sanskrit texts are given in November calendar.
Important Dates: November 4 Muharram; Auspicious Days: November 2, 9, 12, 13, 21; Full Moon day- 6; New Moon (Amavasya)- 22; Ekadasi – 3, 18.

Quotes are taken from Suktisudha, Chinmya International Foundation.

November 1 Saturday
Amass wealth without straining the body — Manusmrti 4-3
Akléséna sariirasya kurvita dhana sancayam

November 2 Sunday
Never make money by evil means; such money will be snatched away by others – Yuktikalapataru
Adharmaanna dhanam kuryaat tatdhanam grhyaté paraih

November 3 Monday
Earn wealth with vigour — Vikramorvasiya 4 p90
Anirvéda praapyaani sréyaamsi

November 4 Tuesday
Wealth earned unscrupulously will get wasted the same way — Kahavatranakar p.86
Anyaaya arjita vittaanaamkumaargésu vyayó bhavét

November 5 Wednesday
Loss of wealth is due to undertaking tasks without assessing one’s ability — Sisupalavadha 2-94
Ayathaabhalamaarambhó nidaanam ksasyasampadah


November 6 Thursday
Wealth earned by one is happily enjoyed by another — Kahavatranakar p 102
Anyénópaarjitam vittam sukhamanyaisca bhjyaté

November 7 Friday
Lack of money makes a woman of man and its possession makes a man of woman Mrchakatikam 3, — Carudatta 3-17
Ardhatah prushó naari yaa naari saarthatah pumaan

November 8 Saturday
Friends wary of being asked for money desist from talking – Nitisataka 1-2
Artha praarthanasankayaa na kuruté sambhaasanam vai suhrt

November 9 Sunday
Know wealth as calamitous always — Subashita ratna bhadagara p.2
Arthamanartham bhaavaya nityam

November 10 Monday
Fired by passion for wealth, one regards neither tutor nor kin — Vikramacarita 132
Arthaa turaanaam na guruna bandhuh

currency bundle

November 11 Tuesday
Stable relationships are based on economics – Canakyanitisastra
Arthaadhiina éva niyatasambandhah

November 12 Wednesday
The ways of wealth are transient like autumnal clouds — Katha Sarit Sagara
Arthaanaam saradabhrcalaa gatih

November 13 Thursday
The whole world is one big money maniac — none is dear to none -Panchatantra 1-9
Arthaarthii jiivalókóyam na kascit kasyacit priyah

November 14 Friday
In this world wealth alone is one’s kith and kin Canakyaniti 5-2
Arthó hi looké purusasya bandhuh

November 15 Saturday
The wealthy blabber incoherently like drunkards –Sarngadharapadhdhati 341
Avyaktaani ca bhaasanté dhaninó madyapaa iva


November 16 Sunday
Wealth distorts the mind –Subashita ratna khandamanjusa p 4
Rddhis citta vikaarinii

November 17 Monday
Like liquor, excessive wealth too deludes — Brhatkatha manjari
Kam vaa naabhibhavaa lakshmiih vaaruniiva vimóhayét

November 18 Tuesday
Saving is duty, but boarding is undesirable Hitopadesa 1-161
Kartavyah sancayó nityam na tu kaaryóti sancayah

November 19 Wednesday
Whom does not wealth corrupt? Brhatkatha manjari
Kasya nónmaadanam dhanam

November 20 Thursday
Of what use is money for an ascetic? Brhatkatha manjari
Kim dhanair agrhasthasya

Pot full of golden coins

November 21 Friday
Who indeed is not satisfied by wealth? —- Subashita ratna bhadagara p 6
Koo na trpyati vitténa

November 22 Saturday
Wealth is ever fickle — Kahavatratnakar p 44
Cancalaa kamala sadaa

November 23 Sunday
Riches accrue through the affection of people —- Subashita ratna bhadagara 3-869
Janaanuraagaprabhavaa hi sampadah

November 24 Monday
Wealth begets wealth — Kahavatratnakar p 150
Dhanaadéva dhanam bhavét

November 25 Tuesday
It is in the minds of the rich alone that sins breed in plenty — Kahavatratnakar p 150
Dhaninaaméva cittésu paapavrttirudétyalam

Background Money

November 26 Wednesday
Wealth increases greed — Bharatmanjari 13-73-998
Dhanéna vardhaté trsnaa

November 27 Thursday
Wealth does not follow the departed soul –Ramayanamanjari 6-2-132
Na tvaatmani gaté vittam purusaananugacchati

November 28 Friday
Neither wealth nor misfortune lasts eternally — Hanumannataka 9-21
Na bhavanti ciram praayah sampadó vipadópi vaa

November 29 Saturday
Wealth resides in the diplomatic and the heroic — Hitopadesa 3-116
Nayé ca sauryé ca vasanti sampadah

November 30 Sunday
The lord is the wealth of the poor — Kahavatratnakar p 67
Nirdhanaanaam dhanam prabhuh.