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Jesus Christ visited India and died in Kashmir!

Santhanam Nagarajan

I have come across many articles on this subject. Jesus Christ visited in India and actually he died in India.

I was wonderstruck with this new revelation. I started collecting all the points.
Here are some of the points, I have collected.
First there is a book titled ‘ Naked They Pray’ by Pearce Gervis. In that book he has given :

“I know that there was a belief, now among many peoples, that Jesus Christ, between the age of twelve and twenty-nine was in India, his years there being recorded in Hindu and Buddhist Shastras as well as in certain Yoga manuscripts; that he went to Puri, to South India, and Banares to study the Vedas and Laws of Manu, to the Himalayas where it is said that he studied in the solitary places the different paths of liberation, the art of contemplation and meditated there until found the perfect realization of this oneness with GOD.”

Madam Annie Besant also has revealed this fact in one her books.
Nicolai Notovich a Russian research scholar has also started his research on this. He visited India many times for his research work about India. While he was in India in 1887 he stayed as a guest in a Buddhist monastery at Zoji la pass. A lama described about Jesus Christ teachings and explained how all these sayings are in concurrence with Hindu Scriptures. Niclolai Notovich was astonished on getting these details.

The Persian Scholar, F.Mohammed in his book Jami-ut-tuwarik says that Jesus travelled with Mary to Nisibiss which is now called as Nusaybin, in Turkey.

The same point is being stressed by Imam Abu Jaffar Mohammed in his book ‘Tafsi-Ibn_i-Jamir-at-tubri’.

Holger Kersten, a German author has also agreed with both of these scholars in his book. Kersten also says that Jesus stayed at Kashmir and died there.

Many interested scholars started visiting Kashmir to find out the Tomb of Jesus. And they found the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

A writer by name John Noel corroborates the discovery of the tomb of Jesus in Srinagar, Kashmir. He has written an article entitled, ‘The Heavenly High Snow Peak of Kashmir’ in which he says as follows:

“ Immensely strong are those picturesque, brod-shouldered Kashmiri peasants, and yet docile and meek in temperament. One thing about them strikes you with enormous force. They seem more perfectly Jewish than the purest Jews you have ever seen.”
He also continues, “ Of recent years certain explorers have also come upon traces of this story of the sojourn of Jesus in these regions. In one version of the story he is said to have come to confer and agree with Buddhist monks on the doctrine of reincarnation during the years of his young manhood, the period of which there is no Biblical record in regard to his whereabouts.”

The tomb of Jesus has been found ultimately in Srinagar with the inscription ’Yus Asaf’. Yus Asaf could be none other than Jesus says the studies.
It is quite interesting to note the above findings from renowned scholars.
But one thing is certain. This, in no way affects the teachings of the great Jesus nor defame him in any respect.


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On Marxism, Jesus and Advaita

Hindu Thinker on Marxism, Jesus and Advaita
D.B.Thengadi’s (1920-2004) Quotations


Dattopant Bapurao Thengadi was born at Arvi (Maharashtra) on 10th November 1920. He studied up to BA.,LLB. He was a thinker, linguist, writer, parliamentarian and a trade unionist. He was the Founder of Baharatiya Mazdoor Sang, Bharatiya Kisan Sang and Swadeshi Jagran Manch. He was a full time RSS worker (pracharak).

Advaita Summit
All religions lead to Advaita Darsan. One can climb a mountain from any side. But once the top is reached the pathways merge. In Hindusthan our seers started from the Dvaita, proceeded through the Vishsitadvaita, and reached ultimately the summit of the Advaita The spiritual journey of Jesus has also been along the same path.

First he said, “Our Father which are in Heaven, hallowed be thy name”. This is Dvaita.
In the second stage, he said, “ I am in my Father. He in you and You in me”
Finally he said, “I and My Father are one. I am the way, the truth and the life” (This is Advaita).

Two Hours Bible
According to Houston Smith, “All the words of Jesus as reported in the New Testament can be spoken in two hours”.


Shankaracharya in Arab Land
Had Shri Shankaracharya been required to address the Arab tribes of the sixth century, he would not have delivered the message to them through the Shankara Bhasya. The oft quoted “ Padma Patram iva ambasi”( Like a Lotus in the Water) is the most appropriate simile to illustrate the ideal of Detachment. But it would convey no sense to those who have seen neither a lake nor a lotus. To an average European mind strength is symbolised by Hercules—not by Hanuman. Had Lord Buddha appeared in Palestine before nineteen centuries, his teachings would have been clothed in different imagery, different similes and different metaphors. But such superficial differences in the form of expression notwithstanding, the Message essentially would have remained the same.

True seekers care only for the gold; they do not indulge in superfluous controversies over the nature of the dross.


Teachings of Jesus
Ethics is an integral part of religion. Christian ethics is in no way different from the ethics of the Hindu sages. There is no teachings of Jesus that cannot be found in the Hindu scriptures.
A true Hindu is automatically a true Christian, and a true Christian is already a true Hindu.
Bharatiya Christians must study Christ through the seers and sages of this Dharma Bhoomi, if they aspire to understand him correctly and completely.

The late Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Shri Bharati Krishna Theertha observed, “ We may note that the Bible does not devote much space to this question (metaphysics); and we are compelled to infer that this because the persons, to whom the biblical teachings were given were Adikaris, not for metaphysical disquisitions but only for elementary ethical precepts and were consequently given only the latter. But, in those rare passages where the Bible does touch hereon, we find it too, preaching in reality, the same doctrine, i.e., the Advaita (Monism); for example, we see Christ himself saying:

‘The Kingdom of God is within you’!
‘Ye are Gods’
There are some other similar passages, especially in St.John’s Gospel, his Epistles and his Revelation that clearly show, what a lot of Greek and Roman historical records too prove, that it was India’s Advaita Vedanta which Christ carried from India and preached in Palestine………. It is interesting to note that it was only his favourite disciple St.John who could assimilate such Philosophical teachings.”
—The Perspective by D.B.Thengadi

On Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Religion)
Sanatana Dharma is the Universal law. It is not man made. It is described as Hindu Dharma because the Hindus were the first to ‘see’ it, even as in the West, Newton was the first one to ‘see’ the Law of Gravitation or Einstein the Law of Relativity. Hindus ‘saw’ the Dharma and based their socio economic order on the foundation of its tenets.


On Marxism
Events have proved that the data upon which Marx worked was insufficient, his information inaccurate, his attitude unscientific, his conclusions incorrect, his predictions untrue, his theories untenable…… Marxism is an intellectual parasite on Newtonian science, Darwenian evolutionism and Hegelian dialecticism…. Those who try to compare Marxism with Hinduism betray their ignorance of both.
If workers succeed communists would fail; prosperity of the former is the adversity of the latter; failures of the proletariat are the pillars of communist success.

On Muslims
Fanatical Muslims assert that Islam does not permit of any kind of nation-worship and that Muslims must fight against nationalism. But the nationalists in the so called Muslim countries successfully combated this evil. The original tenets of Islam are quite combatable with the spirit of patriotism.

On Hindu Laws
Various are the sources of Hindu Law. Firstly Four Vedas and their six subsidiary sciences. Then, the Dharma Shastras. The compilers of Dharma Shastras flourished during different periods. They were Manu, Atri, Vishnu, Harita, Yajnavalkya, Usanas, Angiras, Yama, Apastamba, Sambarta, Katyayana, Brhaspati, Parasara, Vyasa, Sankha, Likhita, Daksha, Gautama, Satatapa and Vashishta. Other ancient sources being the Meemasa, the Nyaya and the Puranas. The Smritis, the current usage, good conscience—in absence of any other guide—and desire resulting from thorough deliberation are also important as sources of Hindu Law.

It is curious to note that the above authorities have been considerably overshadowed by subsequent commentaries or digests (Nibandhas). The work of compiling Nibhandhas was going on from the ninth to the nineteenth century.

Hindus never formulated any Code of Law. The Smritis are not the codes. One Smriti does not exclude the other, nor does One Smriti repeal the others. They are like the American Restatement of Law or English Digests of Case law. All the Smritis are sources of Law.

Another interesting feature of Hindu Law is the fact that in case of any inconsistency between the usage and the Smriti, the usage is supposed to carry with it greater validity.

Brhaspati, who founded the School of Materialism in India thousands of years Demokrites, the Father of Western Materialism, was accepted by even the theist Hindus as their preceptor. Kapila who challenged the authority of previous scriptures was also a Hindu. According to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, at the time when Gautama took Parivraja, besides the Brahmanic philosophy, there were as many as sixty two different schools of philosophy (in India).

The Hindu Law can embrace the entire mankind with the exception of those who denythemselves its magnificent benefits. It is significant Manu described his Smriti as the ‘ Manava Dharma Shastra’ (Law Book for Mankind).

Complied by London Swaminathan

Were Moses and Jesus ‘Aryans’?

By London Swaminathan

‘‘Aryan Hindus worship Dravidian Gods!’’

Why do Hindus worship a ‘black Dravidian God’ Krishna? How can Aryan Hindus accept a black Dravidian’s book Bhagavad Gita as Hindu’s holy book? Why do Hindus worship a black Rama, black Kali, black Yama , black Sanaiswara and bluish black Vishnu? If their skin colour is black, can they be an Aryans? Why did white Arjuna marry a black Draupadi? Lord Krishna means Mr.Black. Draupadi’s other name was Krishnaa (black). More over Krishna belongs to Yadava  (cowherd) caste according to Puranas! Can we worship a cowherd?


Aren’t these questions stupid? Yes they are stupid. But if you believe in Aryan Dravidian Race theory everything is ‘meaningful’! This is how the so called scholars confused us and made us stupid.


Of the birds Crow is black and crane is white! I am confused. Which one is Aryan, which one is a Dravidian bird? Both are Indian birds. Thank god! Foreign scholars did not enter this area with coloured glasses; otherwise crow would have become a Dravidian!


Once we drop this fictitious, malicious and mischievous Aryan Dravidian theory, Indus Valley script will be deciphered. Indian History will be pushed back beyond Babylonian and Egyptian history. Mahatma Gandhi, great Harijan leader BR Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda and Kanchi Shankaracharya all blasted this foreign origin theory.


Were Moses and Jesus Aryans or Dravidians?

In the places where Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were born there were no Aryans or Dravidians. But different races were there. But nobody made any issue about their races. Though their religious scriptures mention various races and clans, we don’t bother about their races or their skull types. They were few of the greatest prophets the world has ever seen. We salute them for their great work. But the so called scholars did lot of mischief with Hindu Gods and Hindu prophets. They identified each Hindu God with their skin colour and classified them as Aryans or Dravidians. They knew Indians were stupid and Hindus are simpletons. They know they can easily find some ‘Chumchas/Jalras/second fiddling’ and bootlickers among Indians. First they wanted to devour the intellectual class- the Brahmins. So the white skinned ‘’scholars’’ identified themselves with Brahmins and said we were all Aryans. When they realised not all the Brahmins accepted them, they sowed the poisonous seeds of Aryan Dravdian Race Theory. Even before the excavation of Indus cities it was debated hotly. As soon as they excavated Indus cities, they declared to the world that they got proof. They misinterpreted Vedas and Ramayana. They never touched the scriptures of other religions such as The Bible, Koran etc.. They justified all their holy wars. But in Rig Veda and Ramayana, they invented races, violence, murder and mayhem.

Rig Veda has more than 470 poets or seers. It would have taken at least 500 years to produce so many verses. This is nearly equal to the production of Tamil Sangam poets which took 400 years for composing 2000+ verses by 470+ poets. We have got lots of names in Rig Veda touching Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan and Indian subcontinent-the largest geographical area for any single scripture in the world. Then a big chunk of materials in the name of Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads came even before Homer started writing in Greek!! Tamils started still later!


No one can cramp all these things within a period ranging 800 BC to 1200 BC. If any one believes in Mahabharata date (1500 BC or 3100 BC) and previous Ramayana, then it becomes more difficult. It is like trying to put a pumpkin inside a mustard seed!!


All ‘’scholarly magic’’! They escape without answering these questions because different writers sow the seeds of division in different places at different times in small doses. They knew how to destabilise and destroy the country and its religion. If anyone puts together all Aryan Dravidian colouring of every aspect of India, those who read such writings will be admitted to hospital for mental patients. So confusing! These are deliberate attempts to destabilize India and destroy Hinduism. How? (read in Second Part)

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Haloes are Real: New Scientist

Picture of halo around Adi Shankara


People who have good thoughts have an aura around their heads in bright colours. People who have bad intentions have black circle around their heads, say aura researchers. For long this has been dubbed as Para normal which does not come under science. But now scientists have confirmed haloes around people are true. But yet their interpretation differs from the spiritualists.

Spiritual leaders say that the auras are one’s spiritual signature. Children up to five, can easily see the aura. If it doesn’t match with their parents’ auras children won’t go to them. They will scream the minute someone touches the child. If it matches the same love and affection of the parents,  child smiles at the person and jumps from the lap of his/her mother to the stranger.

Picture of halo around Buddha

Saints favour someone at the very first glance. For others they simply turn their face away to show their disapproval. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa did shower his grace on an atheist like Narendra (later known as Swami Vivekananda) This is because we have an aura which they can easily see. If ours is good then they simply shower their grace on us without any rhyme or reason. If our past karma is bad and strong, they won’t even look at us.

I myself have this experience with some saints. My father took a person from Madurai to a Swamiji (Guru) who was a great Ganapathy Upasaka, for some favour. He was contesting a ward election. Every time my father tried to introduce that gentleman to the Swamiji, he deliberately turned his face away. My father couldn’t believe it, because that Swamiji will do anything for my father. My father felt very awkward because it happened three times during an hour audience. Just before leaving that place for Madurai my father said the same thing for the last time: This gentleman is contesting an election……. Even before my father finished the sentence, Swamiji said that he would win the election. My father was extremely happy and the gentleman won the election. Months after the election my family met Swamiji again on another occasion. He told us, “you know why I turned my face three times. He is a papatma/sinner. I had to fight with Ganapathy to secure his victory. This I did for Santanam (my father’s name). He never asked me any favour even for his family. So I fought with Lord Ganesh for his victory”.

Picture of halo around Guru Nanak

Sri Kuthanoor Singara Subramanya Shastrigal was a Rig Vedic Pundit. He did memorise a whole Shaka and received a gold medal with a shawl, a house and a cow from Kanchi Paramacharya/Shankaracharya. Because of his knowledge in scriptures he was invited by the TVS Company (Bus operators) every year to do religious discourses. He used to tell me lot of incidents. One of them was an encounter with an atheist. He wanted to test him by giving a horoscope of a dead person. As soon as the Shatrigal touched it, he got a shock like an electric shock. Then he threw it on his face warning him not to do such a thing. This shows even a paper has such an effect if it is bad.

Picture of halo on heads of Jesus’ disciples

My eldest brother who does face reading and predictions as a hobby had similar experience. Lot of people from the film world and political fields approach him for future predictions. When he takes in his hand certain horoscopes he couldn’t even see them because he feels tired, yawning and tears started rolling down his cheeks. He will simply tell them that he did not sleep last night and so was very tired. After they left he used to tell us “Oh, my God, the minute I touched the horoscope, I see only darkness. I can’t even read the letters”.

When he came to London, I introduced him to my work colleague who gave me lot of trouble at work. This I did as a mark of respect, because he visited my office. He started giving her very good predictions and promised her bright future. When he came out I asked him why he did this to my sworn “enemy”. He told me that person’s mother was praying for her from the day she left her country for UK. That prayer is around her. Just because she did something wrong to me it wouldn’t change. So our forefathers’ prayers also develop some good aura around us.


Aura specialists say inanimate objects also have some aura around it. That is why we worship holy man’s relics like tooth (Buddha), Hair (Mohammed Nabi’s hair in a Kashmir shrine) Jesus’ clothes (Turin shroud) and Padukas/ shoes of great Hindu saints.

My father used to read us from a book about Chitra Gupta, who was Yama’s assistant. Yama was god of death in Hindu mythology. The very word Chitra Gupta means “secret/hidden picture”. He is the accountant of Yama and maintains our account of good and bad deeds. The meaning is very clear. Our word, thought and deeds (Mano, Vak, Kaya) are kept in picture forms i.e Chitra Gupta=secret drawings! So after our death this decides our fate. Science will slowly prove it and accept it.

Now read the Halo story from the famous science magazine:

New Scientist, January 5,2013

IT MAY sound like folklore, but a handful of people really can see colourful “haloes” around others.

Some people claim to experience a form of synaesthesia – a crossing of the senses- that makes them see a coloured light around other people that varies in hue with emotions.


A 23-year-old man with Asperger’s disorder, identified as T. K., says he has the condition and it helps him with emotional reciprocity. To explore this claim, Vilayanur Ramachandran at the University of California, San Diego, and his colleagues put a volunteer – who T. K. said had a blue halo – in front of a white screen. T. K. was slower to identify blue letters when they were projected onto the volunteer’s blue halo than if they were projected elsewhere on the screen. He had no difficulty identifying orange letters, wherever they were on the screen.