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Operas and concerts

In Boston, the famous tenor Beniamino Gigli was singing ‘Faust’. The stage of the Boston Opera House was not adequately equipped as that of the Metropolitan. There was a trap door which sank down in order that Mephistopheles might conduct Faust to Hell. As Gigli stepped on this and began to sink, something went wrong and he became struck midway and could not get any further, though he made every effort to squeeze through. In the midst of the predicament which was now clearly evident to all the audience, the voice of a slightly inebriated Irishman roared from the top gallery,

“Thank God. I am safe at last! Hell is full!”



Brahm’s kindness often revealed a finely imaginative quality. During his concert in Hungary with Joachim, the audience one evening consisted of a solitary man. The violinist was all for giving him back his money and closing before the start.

“No, said Brahms, our unique partisan does not deserve such disrespect. Let us go on with the program”. So they began, and soon were enthusiastically playing whatever their fortunate solo audience suggested.



A story is told by Deems Taylor about the first performance in Carnegie Hal of the extremely modernistic Ballet Mechanique, by George Antheil. The composition may be classed as an extreme of extremes; and among unorthodox instruments augmenting the orchestra were ten grand pianos, six xylophones, a player piano, fire alarm siren, an airplane propeller and several automobile klaxons.

The audience, which had been attentive and quiet previously, began to fidget after the start of the music. The general excitement and consternation mounted, until finally, after eight minutes of the composition, a man in one of the front rows raised a white handkerchief tied to his cane. Where upon the entire audience burst into laughter.

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