Rolling on road behind the Goddess Chariot in London

Written by  London Swaminathan

 Date: 11 AUGUST 2019  

British Summer Time uploaded in London –  19-

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Kanaga Durga Temple in Ealing, London, celebrated its Annual Chariot festival also known as Car Festival and Rath Yatra. Ealing in London became another Jaffna (Sri Lanka) today. Sri Lankan Hindus showed that they are  second to none in following Hindu rituals. I have seen many Rath Yatras in London and Tamil Nadu (India). But today’s one was unique.

The unusual scene today was the rolling of scores of Hindu Tamil devotees on the ground, literally on the roads. Hindus take vow and do several strange rites to fulfil their vows. Fire Walking, Carrying Fire Pots in hands or heads, Carrying Milk Pots or Pots with young /germinating plants on their heads, rolling on the left over food leaves/plates and rolling on the ground etc.

The meaning behind all these rituals is thanks giving to the god for fulfilling their wishes. Several people do it with newer demands as well; “Lt me get married soon; let me get a good wife or husband, let me pass in the exams, let my troubles be over, let me get a child, let me get good health or wealth” are some appeals. Several mothers do it for their children. That is why Manu and other Law makers made Mother superior to God in Hinduism.

Today I saw scores of people rolling on the hot, rough roads following the Ratha/ chariot of Goddess Durga. Kanaga Durga (Golden Goddess of Protection) is a famous temple in London. Every year the Rath Yatra is held.

Hindus believe that the dust of the devotees is more powerful in healing than the Prasad of Gods. So they roll on the ground where the Bhaktas/devotees and Gods walked. That is why they came at the far end of the procession.

The whole of Jaffna descended upon Ealing area of London this morning giving colourful scenes. Hundreds of young volunteers led the procession peacefully for four hours. Several thousands attended and had free food. They waited patiently with  young children with smiling faces to get the Darshan (viewing of the Goddess) and the Maha Prasad (sumptuous food).

Another beautiful scene is the Kavadi Dance (Kanwaria in North India). They take the semi circular, decorated wooden arch on their shoulders and dance and chant the names of Gods. Kavadi carriers put hooks behind their backs or insert sharp spade shaped Vel in their mouths to show their intensity of devotion; another interpretation is that by punishing themselves like this they atone for their sins.

Hundreds of women carried the Milk Pots on their heads. These are the things that give them great mental strength. These serve as shock absorbers and tackle all sorts of family problems.

Sri Lankan mothers brought their children in large numbers. It is not only fun for the children but also memorable events in their life. Todays’ mothers and fathers were trained on the job (of understanding Hinduism) by their parents in the same way.

Hinduism is unique in the world with hundreds of colourful rituals and foods. The more they celebrate such festivals the more faith they get. Their faith gets more deep rooted.

In addition to Rolling men, Milk Pots, Fire Pots, Kavadis there were music troupes playing on traditional pipes and drums. Three Rathas/ chariots took nearly four hours to reach the destination and people walked all through the route. They broke thousands of coconuts and offered them to Goddess Durga along the route.

I have taken scores of pictures- please see the attached pictures.


carrying Milk pot (paal Kudam) on head.

Aryan Chapatti and Dravidian Dosa!

B_Id_406817_kawadiyan,delhi haridwar

March with Kavadi towards Ganges in Haridwar.

Aryan Chapatti, Dravidian Dosa; Aryan Rangoli, Dravidian Kolam; Aryan Halwa, Dravidian Sakkarai Pongal; Aryan Hindustani Music, Dravidian Carnatic Music; Aryan Laddu, Dravidian Puttu; Aryan Sanskrit, Dravidian Tamil ;Aryan Kajal and Dravidian Theru Kuthu—I can go on and on like this for ever. This is how foreigners divided India. If we apply the same theory to Papua New Guinea, then we have to invent more than 700 races, because the islanders speak over 700 different languages!


I have already written how Hitler used Aryan Race Theory and caused the deaths of 60 million people in Second World War. Nazi even printed leaflets saying that pure Aryans will have blue eyes, sharp nose and slim body!!

(For more details, please read Aryan Hitler and Hindu Swastika)


If anyone likes history jokes, one can open any book written by a foreigner and start highlighting wherever he or she uses the words Aryan or Dravidian.  The best example is ‘’A comparative study of Dravidian languages’’ written by Robert Caldwell. After some time you will get confused because no two scholars agree on those points! The knowledge of the so called scholars was so shallow that they did not even know that the customs they mention as exclusively Dravidian or Aryan existed throughout India from ancient times.


In a vast country like India, because of the climatic conditions there will naturally be different clothes, shelter and food. Even in a small place like Tamil Nadu, Kovilpatti is famous for its Kadalai Mitai (peanut cakes), Madurai is famous for its cotton saris, Manpparai is famous for its Murukku ( a snack) and Tirunelveli is famous for its Petti Vellam (squared jiggery pieces); It does not mean they belonged to different races. Tamil kings Chera, Choza and Pandya fought for 1500 years without stopping, killing each other, fighting wars which involved arson, destruction of palaces and massacres. Nobody said that they belonged to different races!


Picture shows an nomadic acrobat using Kavadi

Kavadi Worship from Indus valley to Tamil Nadu

Following few examples will show how shallow was the knowledge of people who study Indus Scripts and Indian History:

Kavadi was dubbed as a Dravidian custom by some scholars. People carry a wooden pole on a shoulder with decorations on top towards a shrine. In some places they carry the wooden pole but water pots or offerings tied on both sides of the pole. This is a balancing technique to carry heavy items for a long distance. Tamil devotees of Lord Skanda (Murugan) do it on festival days. Millions of North Indians also do it in the month of August. They march towards Haridwar or wherever they see holy River Ganges and carry water from it in pots tied to both sides of the pole. It is done by Saivite devotees like Tamil Nadu.


Kavadi has been used in China, West Indies, Italy  and other places to carry water or food. Nomadic acrobats even carried their children this way. Indus scholars suddenly jumped to conclusion that they used this ‘’Dravidian ‘’ symbol in the script! One of the Indus symbols is interpreted as Kavadi symbol.


Picture shows Indus Kavadi Symbols

First of all those ‘’scholars’’ did not even mention about millions of Shiva devotees march towards Haridwar every year. Millions of Ayyappa devotees in Kerala also use the same technique but with a small pack called ‘’Iru Mudi’’ ( two Pockets or bags). They are supposed to live an austere life during those forty days. They have to climb high hills through thick forest. That is why they carry small bundles. So there is nothing Dravidian or Aryan here. Indus symbol of Kavadi or water carrier was used for convenience and comfort in the days when there was no road transport.


Cousin marriage

Marrying first cousin or second cousin is practised in Tamil Nadu. Some of the Gruhya Sutras written in Sanskrit did not approve it. Immediately it was dubbed as Dravidian! Actually it is practised even in Pakistan and the Middle East by the Muslims! One tenth of the world population follow this custom. Though Queen Victoria and other royals followed it, now the western world do not like it. But it is legal in several counties including India. Arjuna married his cousin Subhadra with Krishna’s blessing. Bodhayana of fifth century BC said it was followed in South. Actually it is followed in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Orissa. American and Australian aborigines also followed this practice. Hindu law books said a lot of things in theory which were not followed by the public. But those who wanted to impose their racist theory never missed an opportunity to interpret X ,Y,Z as Aryan or Dravidian.


Differences exist in nook corner of the world, even among small communities .Foreign scholars do not impose their concocted race theories such as Aryan –Dravidian race theory into it. They knew very well another Hitler will emerge!

kavadiya march

White Mustard Smoke

White mustards are called AIYAVI in Tamil. 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature says that it was used to drive away the evil spirits and ghosts. When they bring the wounded soldiers home, they produced smoke from white mustards seeds. This custom is also mentioned in Sanskrit texts.

A text ascribed to Amoghavajra mentions this custom. It said that the ritual at the altar with the use of white mustard seeds cause great difficulties for all malevolent Devas and Yakshas. This drives the enemies far away.

I will deal with other customs such as ancient Tamils marrying on Rohini star day, Hare in the Moon belief and Peepal Tree worship in a separate article.


Picture of River Ganges.

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