Mahabharata Story is True! Man Gives Birth to Babies! (Post No.3932)

Amy and Chris with their two children

Research article written by London Swaminathan


Date: 22 May 2017


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The world’s longest and oldest epic Mahabharata has lot of scientific information. I have already written about the Time Travel, Nuclear Weapons, Acupuncture, Test Tube Babies, Mysterious Births, Siamese Twins, Sex Change Surgeries, Mysterious birds etc. found in the epic.


There are some unexplained stories such as man giving birth to babies and getting babies by inhaling smoke created by herbs etc. in the Mahabharata. Science has come to our help to understand them better.

Man can produce babies!



Mandhata was born out of the body of his father king Yavanashwa who unknowingly had drunk water which had been specially prepared for his queens by the seers. Not having a mother Mandhata was brought up by sucking at the ‘forefinger of Indra’. It is found in the 3rd and seventh Parvas (books) of Mahabharata.


In the 13th book (Parva) of Mahabharata we find another interesting case of male giving birth to babies. Bhangasvana was a king of ancient times. As he was childless, he undertook a Yajna (fire ceremony) and obtained a number of children. Later he was turned into a woman. Then he produced one more set of babies.


In addition to this we have a few famous transgender people who took part in the battle. So ,in the light of latest scientific facts, we may interpret these stories as males giving birth to children.


Another big revolution is coming! Artificial wombs inserted into female mice were successful in making babies. In future, all the infertile women can have babies. As newer and newer things are invented our knowledge of the epics also increase.


Following two stories appeared in London Newspapers this year:-

Amy’s daughter Hayden



Pregnant Man gives Birth to His Own Daughter! Mahabharata Story is True!


THE world’s first pregnant man was Thomas Beatie — dad of three kids.

Thomas, 42, was born a female but had hormone treatment while keeping his female reproductive organs.

He became pregnant for the first time in 2007 with triplets but lost them to ectopic pregnancy.

Thomas, of Phoenix, Arizona, US, went on to have three kids using donor sperm.

Canadian Trevor MacDonald, 31, revealed last year how he breast-fed his first child in a men’s toilet in a restaurant.

He said: “It was this weird scenario.”

Expecting his second child, he headed to a hospital at night to find a security guard demanding to know why a bearded man needed emergency access to an obstetrics unit.

Britain’s unnamed first “male mother” gave birth to a girl in 2011.

In the same year, Yuval Topper, 24, gave birth in Israel.

Spanish transsexual Ruben Noe Coronado Jimenez was reportedly pregnant with twins in 2009 before having a miscarriage.




Pregnant Man Chris


Story 1


A husband has revealed how he carried and gave birth to his own daughter – because his wife could not fall pregnant.


Pictured sporting a beard as he showed off his pregnant belly, Chris Rehs-Dupin tells how he and his wife Amy met and fell in love in their 20s, working at a children’s summer camp. They always knew they definitely wanted a family.

With Chris – who was born Christina – being a pre-op transgender  male, however, they planned for Amy to be the biological mum.


But when five attempts of intrauterine insemination – fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a uterus to facilitate fertilisation – failed, Chris volunteered to carry their baby instead.

He finally gave birth to their now two-year-old daughter, Hayden, naturally on December 20, 2014, after five rounds of IUI treatment and a miscarriage

Having Hayden made Amy even more determined to carry a baby herself and in 2016 she had Milo by caesarean section after a further round of IUI.

And while Chris lived as a man and didn’t feel female, he was willing to use his womb for the good of their family.

But, when Chris finally fell pregnant, despite their excitement, they both struggled with what was happening throughout the pregnancy.

Amy confessed: “When Chris was pregnant it was really difficult, because I always thought I would be the one to carry our children.

Being pregnant was also a confusing time for Chris.

“Some people think men aren’t supposed to carry children, that’s the world we live in. So, I feel like the world would see it as emasculating, that it would make me less trans but not the case for me. For me it was an amazing experiencing.”

The couple also knew they wanted a second child and as there wasn’t a medical reason why Amy couldn’t conceive, they decided to give it another try.

“Seeing Chris carrying our baby increased my yearning to carry a child,” she explained.

In October 2015 Chris had an appointment to start his medical transition.

Then, in January 2016, he began having testosterone injections every 10 days, while Amy fell pregnant in the same month, on her first attempt.

While the baby grew, Chris was undergoing his transition. His facial hair grew, his shoulders broadened and his features became more masculine.

And their experiences, running in tandem, brought them closer.

Amy said: “We’ve been on an incredible journey as a family, but we have two amazing kids and Chris is finally happy in his own body.”

He added: “We would love to have a third child. I hope to have breast reconstruction surgery, but will not have a bottom surgery, or have my ovaries removed, so I haven’t ruled out carrying it. We’ll have to fight over it this time.”



Pregnant Man Hayden Cross

Story 2

Another Man Giving Birth!

PROUD Hayden Cross today becomes the first British man to reveal: “I’m pregnant.” (7th Janauray2017)

The former Superstore  worker, born a girl 20 years ago, is legally male and has begun hormone treatment.

But he put his transition on hold to have a baby with donor sperm.

Hayden, who lives in Gloucester and is four months pregnant, said: “I want the baby to have the best. “I’ll be the greatest dad.”

Dad-to-be Hayden found a sperm donor on Facebook to make himself pregnant after putting his gender change on hold.

Hayden, born a girl 20 years ago, had lived as a man for three years and was taking male hormones — but was desperate to have a baby.

The unemployed former Asda worker asked the NHS to freeze his eggs before he completed his full transition, in the hope he might have children years later.

“In September I got pregnant by a sperm donation.

“I found the donor on the internet.

“I looked on Facebook for a group and found one — it’s been shut down now.

“I didn’t have to pay.

“The man came to my house, he passed me the sperm in a pot and I did it via a syringe.

“I felt I’d no choice, I couldn’t afford a proper clinic.

“I don’t know who the bloke was.

“To be honest I can’t remember anything about him.

“He wouldn’t even tell me his name.

“He didn’t want any contact.

“He said he was just doing it to help people.

“It was the first attempt and it worked.

“I was really lucky.”

Yet Hayden admits he now feels uncomfortable carrying a child and struggles with the physical changes.

He went on: “I found I was pregnant two weeks after the sperm was inserted.

“It was mixed emotions.

“I was happy but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition.

“Carrying a baby is meant to be a happy time, but in my body it feels wrong.


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