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Every human being is having some inherent talent hidden within self. But many of us could neither identify it nor understand it. Those, who have discovered that skill, also, fail to use that at the right moment or at the right opportunity. Only a very few people on the earth get success in any work at any time. We lament that God is with them and not with us. We should not blame God or jealous of others, for our mistake. We should look into ourselves and try to understand the potential power of our subconscious mind.

Self – SWOT Analysis:

All the members of a family may consider a particular member of the same family, a boy or a girl as unfit for doing anything. This is not correct . Within every one of us there is some talent hiding. Every one of us should undertake a Self Analysis- We should analyze our Strengths- Weaknesses – Opportunities and Threats. Take a piece of paper and list all your strengths. Similarly list out all your Weaknesses. Ordinary people,  like us, find the Strength list small and lengthy list of weaknesses. Achievers will have it vice versa. Now think over your weaknesses. You have to convert your weaknesses into Strengths .Your strengths have to be fortified further. This will help you find Success in any situation by converting your failures into success.

Many of us wait for the Opportunity to come and knock at our doors. We think that we will utilise the opportunity at that time. Don’t wait for the opportunity to come and knock at your doors. Your waiting may become meaningless. Because, opportunity may never come or you may become too old to open the door .So try to create opportunities. Success will fall on your lap.

Next one is Threat. We are always under some threat. A businessman finds the threat from his competitor. When he fails to utilise an opportunity, that will be grabbed by his competitor. So prepare a list of all your SWOT and convert the weaknesses into strengths and Threats into Opportunities.

Conscious and Subconscious Mind :

God has given us Two Minds- Conscious and Subconscious. Conscious mind is external and rational. It can distinguish between good and bad things. It can differentiate deeds which will be praised and which will be condemned. But subconscious mind is not like that. It will be always awake whereas the conscious mind sleeps with the body and awakes with it. Your wife may follow 70 to 75 percentage of your advice and 25 to 30 percent she will take her own decision. Your children may follow your words to some more extent. But the subconscious mind obeys you totally ( 100 percent) .Saints of olden days have said “Think  good-Do Good and be assured that good things will follow & will  happen to you ”

Subconscious Mind is a fertile land:

Let us compare our subconscious mind with a fertile land. If you sow food grains in the land you will get them back manifold. If you sow some poisonous seeds that also you will get back manifold. Even if you don’t sow anything, some thorny bushes may come up in the barren land. Yes!. If you sow good thoughts in the subconscious mind it will get multiplied there and you will get a thick harvest. Good thoughts will bring you success in series.

Sky is the limit- Magic of Thinking Big !

“Life is based on your thoughts”, “As you think so will you live” are some of the adages that have shaped the lives of many successful people. They had created a mind picture of what they want to be. They had rehearsed the situation with themselves in their desired position many times. We should not underestimate anybody. For example, if a student wants to score good marks in the examination he/she should think that he/she should get 495/500 or 1190/1200 and plan their studies , work hard and get their desired objective fulfilled . If you want to become rich, you should aim to become a multi millionaire. We should have very high thoughts and goals and work towards achieving them. Our targets should not be mean. We may fall slightly short of our target. Even then, it will be a success story. 

Suggestion and Auto-suggestion :

                     Suggestion is the act of imposing our desire, our dreams and our thoughts on others. It is an act of putting something into one’s mind. A mother or father tells his son / daughter to become a successful doctor / engineer etc. On receiving such suggestions from his/her parents , the boy/girl , thinks and creates an action plan to become a doctor /engineer by giving suggestion to himself/herself .This is called as auto suggestion.

                      Now we will see how to give auto suggestion to oneself. A child or adult of any age can practice this concept and achieve success in his / her life from now onwards. This is very simple & needs no money but a few minutes of time only.

  1. First one should identify his/her number one priority in life. Example:  to buy a new big independent house with all facilities in a good locality in your Town.
  2. To buy a deluxe AC car .
  3. To become a famous Doctor/Engineer/IAS officer in life.

As given above , identify a specific goal and before going to bed tonight, sit in a relaxed mood in your bed comfortably and switch off the light . Then observe your breath in & breath out for 30 seconds. If you do this your mind will become relaxed and will be able to accept any auto suggestion given to it by you.Then give auto suggestion to your sub conscious mind 20 to 25 times with full faith, in a focused manner and with a little loud voice so that you yourself will be able to hear that suggestion given to your sub conscious mind.

  1. I can, I can and I can achieve anything and everything in my life.
  2. I will succeed and will achieve this goal.
  3. I will be able to get 100/100 in all subjects in all the examinations.
  4. I will get 1190 / 1200 or 495 / 500 in the final examinations and  will come out as State First Student.

This has to be given as auto suggestion with full faith and  concentration . It will take less than 3 minutes to do this. In order to achieve success in your life one can spend 5 minutes both in the morning and also  in the night daily. Initially one may feel shy to say this loudly & even feel ashamed of doing this . But over a period of time this will become an easy & routine activity in our day to day life.  One has to start doing this before going to bed , since your sub conscious mind will not sleep , but will reverberate  with the auto suggestion given by you before going to bed. Similarly if you do this immediately after getting up from bed, the same will reverberate through out the day. This will increase the chances of getting yourself the desired result at the earliest.

To be continued……………………..

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31 Indian Quotations on Mind!


Calendar of Golden Sayings, January 2015

Important Days:  Ekathasi Jan.1 (Vaikunda Ekathasi), 16, 30; Amavasya 20, Pournami- Jan.4

Festivals: Arudra Darsana 5; Bogi Festival 14; Pongal/Makara Sankaranti 15; Republic Day of India 26; Ratha saptami 26; Bhishmashtami 27.


Compiled by London Swaminathan

Post No.1523; Dated  27th December 2014.

31 Quotations on MIND (Manah) from Sanskrit and Tamil Literature

January 1 Thursday

If the intention is pure, everything is excellent — Kahaavatratnaakar, page 42

Ante varam cétsakalam varishtham

January 2 Friday

Difficult indeed to fathom the mind of another all at once — Valmiki Ramayana 6-17-60

Asakyam sahasaa bhaavó bóddhum parasya vai

January 3 Saturday

A still heart foretells impending misery or happiness —Malavikagnimitra-5 -p 161

Aagaami sukham duhkham vaa hrdayasamavasthaa kathayati

January 4 Sunday

Whose mind will be at ease after wilfully committing a heinous crime – Kathasaritsagara

Kasyaasvasiti cétó hi vihitasvairasaahasam


January 5 Monday

People who have done something wrong  are always disturbed – Tamil Proverb

Kutramulla Nenjé Kurukurukkum

January 6 Tuesday

The eye is the Mirror of Mind – Sanskrit Proverb

Cakshurhi manóbhaavamaavis karóti

Face is the Index of the Mind (English Proverb)

January 7 Wednesday

Alas! The minds of beings are fickle – Valmiki Ramayana 2-4-20

Calaa hi praaninaam matih

January 8 Thursday

The lotus stem high according to water depth; a man’s merit is the measure of his mental strength – Tirukkural couplet 595

January 9 Friday

All thought should be the thought of rising high though it fails; it is nature of success  — Tirukkural couplet 596

January 10 Saturday

Rare are those with insight into hearts (of others) – Kahaavatratnaakar  p.126

Cittanjaa durlabhaa lóké

January 11 Sunday

Indeed the mind itself is the divine eye Brhat Katha Manjari

Divyam hi nayanam manah

January 12 Monday

It is impossible even for the great to be continuously focussed Rajatarangini 8-234

Na citta vrttéraikagryam mahataamapi sarvadaa

January 13 Tuesday

A wounded heart seldom heals — Dhurtanartaka

Na róhati pariksatam hrdayam

January 14 Wednesday

The mind is not cleansed by water

Na vaarinaa sudhyati caantaraatmaa – Sanskrit saying


January 15 Thursday

“There is fuller’s earth for fulling clothes

And with ashes hides are cured

And gems are cut with diamond files

But to scour the mind there is naught – Tamil Poet Bharati

January 16 Friday

Though wounded with arrows, the elephant stands firm in his greatness; he who has spirit never loses heart when he fails — Tirukkural couplet 597

January 17 Saturday

Strong willed mental courage is manliness. Without it man is but wood (tree) in human form  — Tirukkural couplet 600

January 18 Sunday

A brave heart, Sweet speech, Good thoughts

Ripe fruit, Quick dividends, Dreams fulfilled

Wealth and happiness, and fame on earth

Om, Om, Om, Om– Tamil Poet Bharati

January 19 Monday

For humans, their own mind is the sacred authority in all actions – Bharatmanjari

Pramaanam hi manóvrttisarva kaaryésu dehinaam

January 20 Tuesday

If a man should utter a lie consciously, his own mind would torture him for the lie uttered – Tirukkural couplet 293

January 21 Wednesday

One who is true in thought and word is greater than even than those who perform penance (Thapas) and do charity  — Tirukkural couplet 295

January 22 Thursday

The human mind has a tenedency to do what is forfidden —  Kathasaritsagara

Praayó vaaritavaamaa hi pravrtti manasó nrnaam

January 23 Friday

Mind itself is the cause of of man’s bondage as well as liberation – Canakyaniti 2-11

Mana éva manushyaanaam kaaranam bandhamókasayóh

January 24 Saturday

The actions of the mind heed not the dictates of one’s will – Avimaraka

Manasca taavadamsmadichchayaa na pravartate


January 25 Sunday

Mind! Thy name is desire – Brhat Katha Manjari

Manasah svabhaavó hyabhitlaasitaa

January 26 Monday

Beauty strikes the pure at heart – Hanuman Nataka 14-s53

Manasi svahché ramyaanaam ramaniiyataa

January  27 Tuesday

A burn caused by fire may heal; but a scar caused by a fiery tongue will never heal — Tirukkural couplet 129

January 28 Wednesday

Mind intuits the association of even past lives! – Raghuvamsa 7-15

Manó hi janmaantara sangatijinam

January 29 Thursday

The ways of the mind are indeed strange –Kiratarjuniya 1-37

Vicitra rúpaah khalu  cittavrrttayah

January 30 Friday

When the mind turns pure, the world appears pure – Kahavatratnakar p.172

Svaanté púté jagatpútam

January 31 Saturday

Right judgements originate in sound minds — Subhasitaratnakhandamanjusa p 21

Svasthé cite budhdhayah sambhavanti

Sanskrit quotations are taken from  Suktisudha, Chinmaya International Foundation