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Date: 4 JULY 2018


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Latest research shows that Indian history begins in 250,000 BCE. Bhimbetka caves in Madhya Pradesh has 40,000 year old paintings. If human beings live in the heart of India amidst thick forest, deep inside India, far from the sea coast, they must have been there several thousand years before that date. it raises a question about the popular belief that human beings slowly migrated from Africa about 60,000 years ago. We have older evidence to prove that the theory is wrong.


The Yoga Tradition author Georg Feurstein gives the New Chronology of India. It shows that the India is the oldest country with human occupation. Famous archaeologist H D Sankalia in 1974 has shown the paleo lithic and neo lithic stone cultures with dates. But current discoveries take us to very early periods. Indian history must be rewritten immediately. All the history books written by British and Marxist historians must be dumped into Indian ocean.

I have given below the chronological tables from Georg and Sankalia:–