Vakataka Queen Prabhavati Gupta (Post No.7411)

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Vakataka Queen Prabhavati Gupta (Post  No.7411)  

Written by London Swaminathan Uploaded in London on  – 2 JANUARY 2020 Post No.7411 contact – pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.     Prabhavati Gupta was the daughter of the Gupta emperor Chanragupta II Vikramaditya 376-414 CE and the Agra Makishi or Chief Queen of King Rudrasena II of the Vakataka Dynasty ruling over wide regions of the Deccan.   Rudrasena seems to have died before the close of the fourth century. He probably left three sons Divakarasena Damodarasena and Pravarasena .   Divakarasena remained the Yuvaraja or Crown Prince while his mother ruled the country at least for thirteen years. It is believed that the sons of Rudrasena were minors at the time of their father’s death. Prabhavati Devi ruled the kingdom  as regent on behalf of the minor Yuvaraja Divakarasena.   There is no evidence to show that Divakarasena ever ascended the throne as Maharaja. In a later inscription dated the nineteenth regnal year of her son Pravarasena, she is called the mother of Maharajah Damodarasena and Pravarasena and is said to have been more than hundred years old. Prabhavati’s death does not appear to have taken place long before 455 CE, which is the date of the death of her brother Emperor Kumara Gupta I.   A charter of Prabhavati Gupta was issued from the feet of the god Ramagiriswamin, identified with the deity at Ramtek near Nagpur, probably on the occasion of her visit to the holy temple on pilgrimage. In it she has been described as a devotee of Lord Vishnu and is credited with the gotra or lineage Dharana and the family designation Gupta of her father. Her husband is known to have belonged to Vishnu vridda gotra. Thus Prabhavati’ s marriage didn’t apparently involve  the usual change of gotra. There is evidence to show that this was not essential  in a popular form of ancient marriage, possibly owing to the want of sampradana ( ceremonial offering).   —subham—       Sent